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  1. For the second point, I asked my teacher after class when would be a good time to meet to get some help on my essay writing. I thought I was getting better at adjusting based on her written remarks, but it didn't really help. We met during lunch a few times, realized there had been a communication error on my part in figuring out what to fix, and she really helped me. Hopefully your teachers are just as nice I know history essays are pretty different, but if you're a good enough writer to get 30s on your history essays, you clearly have the writing skills, and really there has to be a technical or an analytical error. Also, stupidibkid's advice about timing your own writing at home and asking for feedback later at school really helped me as well, after my teacher told me what to focus on. Practice makes perfect!
  2. Here is what Urban Dictionary says the definition of IB Exams is: 1. The culmination of 4 years of self induced blood, sweat, and tears experienced by kids who thought they were smart until they joined IB. 2. Stress in its purest form.Example:Nick- Why are you pulling your eyelashes out with a clothespin? Lukas- IB exams start tomorrow.
  3. How is everyone getting ready for school to start? I've been reading all summer, updating my resources on ExamTime, and setting my schedule up on ExamTime's planner (link below) https://www.examtime.com/guide/study-planner-ib-courses/ What are your tricks for preparing for school? When do you start reviewing for classes to start again? My IB exams are next May, but this year is going to be a tricky one! How do you prepare? Ready... Set... Go!
  4. I'm in Spanish, so I don't know much about Latin, but using Flashcards has saved me! I use an online tool to create them to save myself from hand cramps and wasting paper. ExamTime has really good Flashcards, check them out here: https://www.examtime.com/flashcards/ The Flashcard decks also allow you to say whether or not you knew it before you turned it over, so that you can see what percentage you know, etc. They really helped me get my Spanish vocab down. As far as sentence structure goes, it seems like flinquinnster knows exactly what she's talking about Good luck!
  5. Was And the Mountains Echoed good? I love Khaled Hosseiny as a writer
  6. https://www.examtime.com/guide/ib-courses/ This website pretty much completely reiterates what Mr. Bankole said above, and it gives you a place to do all of those things, as well as keep them in the same place. I keep all the notes for all the books I've read in Mind Maps and Notes on that site, and it has saved me numerous times. Definitely read and re-read the books, take notes on page numbers, and stay prepared ahead of time. Good luck!
  7. I agree with what veregudmen said about not writing your school off. You never know what they'll be capable of. I definitely self-study quite a bit, but IB Survival is a really good place to get certain questions cleared up. Also, yet again, I come to the secret of all my school success: ExamTime.com . Maybe I'm really technology driven, but I know for a fact if I didn't have all my stuff on ExamTime.com , I would not be doing as well as I am in school. Their resources are really easy to make and transfer over to other resources, and they already have hundreds of IB resources created for reference. SO. I would say as far as the structure and basic advice goes, definitely ask away on IB Survival, and look up syllabi for your courses on Google. For your own personal upkeep of information, and to stay organized, ExamTime. Check them out here: https://www.examtime.com/guide/ib-courses/ Good luck! Welcome to the IB fam
  8. I'm pretty sure you can go back through and check the answers for the ones you got wrong! It should be an option at the end of the quiz Mine had explanations, too.
  9. Sydney, Australia Sao Paulo, Brazil Cairo, Egypt
  10. Yeah, my grades in math aren't exactly where I would like them to be, so I can't really speak to those But with the other subjects... I've mentioned this site examtime.com at least every other post I've made, because they really help me... Their Notes app and their Mind Maps are especially good for English and Geography, and I use their Flashcards tool to study for exams when they come around. It's totally free and it's honestly what's kept me organized these past couple years. They just came out with an IB set of pages that are amazing, and will probably let you know if they'll work for you or not: https://www.examtime.com/guide/ib-courses/ So with that being said, my personal advice for getting better grades and getting ahead is to review stuff you've already done, and get it down even better. I know at my school they really expect us to know everything we've been over before (in pretty serious detail), so I have to constantly review to make sure I can remember everything. Go over stuff you maybe didn't get so well, and practice it all. I also like to re-read books I've been assigned for English, and make sure I really grasp what's happening and the themes, etc. Mind Maps help for that, too. I had to get a tutor for my math classes because my grades were doing pretty bad... But other than for math, really ExamTime saved me. It's the perfect place to keep all my study tools and notes so I never forget anything Good luck!
  11. Crazy everyone is getting 43s! I can't believe I somehow miraculously pulled out a 79...
  12. I only knew some of the harder ones because we had a day in my IB History class where we talked about some of the most common misconceptions in American history, and some of the facts about the Declaration were on there. I also knew that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day on the 4th... I have no idea where I heard that, though. Honestly, I feel like 75% of my education is memorization of random facts haha
  13. I thought it would be fun to have everyone take this fun quiz about the Fourth of July to test your knowledge of America's Independence Day! The link is here: https://www.examtime.com/en-US/p/1049909 Good luck! Share your scores in the comments, let's see who knows America the best! I got a 79%
  14. Oh wow... Maybe I should talk to my counselor and see what the deal is! I think maybe my school just hosts practice exams that our IB teachers then grade for us to get used to the format or something, but if it's actual exams, I'm definitely going to wait. Thank you for telling me that!! I was kind of confused and I was wondering why everyone wouldn't just take them in November so if they wanted better grades, they could take them again in May. I guess all the curriculum wouldn't be completely covered, though, and the whole record showing re-sit thing seems kind of bad. Thanks a million!
  15. Just out of curiosity, who takes their IB exams in November usually? I'm taking some practice exams in November, but I know most schools require that their IBs are taken in May, so where in the world do they take them in November?
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