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  1. Jpcrema27

    Further Mathematics HL

    After 11th grade. I have thoroughly enjoyed it (keeping in mind I like mathematics in general), and would do it all again.
  2. Jpcrema27


    Yes I definitely agree with this, how you deal with a given topic is much more important than the topic itself and any score above 15 is very good. Just make sure the topic chosen has mathematics that is neither too hard nor too simple in comparison to what you have done in HL. I unfortunately cannot send you my investigation as I have not yet finished IB (nov2016 session), but would be happy to answer any doubts.
  3. Jpcrema27

    Further Mathematics HL

    I am registered for the may 2017 session.
  4. Jpcrema27


    -The Geometrical structure of the universe? Not sure how this one would work out-The Minimal surfaces and soap bubbles-What is the best way to π calculate? Maybe but not if ur shooting for a 20/20-Model Of a system of optimal lighting-the mathematical model behind the carbon-14 (radiocarbon), might be a little simple-The Prediction of an eclipse with maths-The Multidisciplinary design optimization I think these are the best. I did mine on satellite dish optimization and it went pretty well.
  5. Jpcrema27

    Further Math HL in 6 months?

    Are the options harder than the other topics? Or are they just increments to the volume of knowledge you need for the exams? Furthermore, have you heard of a good Further Math book? I think I will buy the hearse and harris HL options book and their linear algebra+geometry one. Are these good choices? Thanks
  6. Jpcrema27

    Further Math HL in 6 months?

    I want to do engineering at university and I will probably apply to unis at the US and UK. I know further maths isnt required but wouldn't doing it boost my chances of getting into a good university (if I managed to score well -6/7)? my other subjects are physics hl chem hl math hl sbs (brasilian geography and history)sl portuguese a2 sl english a2 sl
  7. Hello, I am doing math HL and i am not really finding it hard. I scored well on the last couple tests (86%,91%,100%,93%), in sequences, complex numbers, differentiation and logs (in this order). As a result, I am thinking about doing further maths. However, the further math examination only occurs in may/june, so I will only have about 6months to learn the entire syllabus. Further on, my school does not teach further math so I will have to teach myself. I have done well at mathematics in the past, and scored well in my math igcse(a*,a*) and i also got a silver medal in a a national math competition/olympiad. So, what do you guys think about doing this? Thank you very much!
  8. Jpcrema27

    Further math HL book

    Hello, Which book/s do you guys recommend for the IB Further HL course? Thanks
  9. Jpcrema27

    Is this Physics HL IA question good?

  10. Jpcrema27

    Maths HL and Physics HL continuation

    I think you are fine with Physics HL, but Math HL is considered as being extremely difficult and, at least in my school, they only let students achieving A*s at their IGCSEs to do MathHL. I got 100% at my IGCSE exam and i am fine doing Maths Further HL. I would advise you to start taking MathHL in IB, but also do a backup HL course, in case you decide to drop MathHL later on. Cheers and Goodluck, sorry for my English, i live in Brasil.
  11. Hi guys i learned english as a second, but i am fluent. I want to do english language and literature SL because i dont like english and i suck at it (languages are my worst subject). Is eng lang&lit decent and do universities respect it? Thanks
  12. Jpcrema27

    Math HL or Further

    Link: http://poti.impa.br/
  13. Jpcrema27

    Summer Math HL Study Group

    I would like to participate in this study group. I live in brasil but can speak english properly (GMT -3). What time is the study session? I am preparing for Math Further HL and maybe the IMO. Cheers!
  14. Jpcrema27

    Math HL or Further

    Getting into IMO would be really, really great. Even if you didn't necessarily make it onto the national team, the process of preparing for it and any potential training/camps that you would attend would be excellent to talk about in any of the many essays that you have to write for any application. " I am doing the POTI (Polo Olimpico de Treinamento Intensivo) which is an extra course (free) from the government directed to olympic level math and to get in it you have to apply and to do a test. Is it enough or should i try the IMO. Also, do you guys think i should do Math HL for me to have more time to train for getting into the IMO??
  15. Jpcrema27

    Math HL or Further

    I have also already done logarithms and trigonometry, but i dont know if i have covered it all. What do you have to know from trig ? Cosine Rule, Sine Rule, SOH CAH TOA (sin=opp/hypo, cos=adj/hypo, tan=opp/adj)- is this enough? And what exactly is exponential functions?

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