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  1. Abdullah Aljobouri

    IB student Organisation

    I have some friends that take IT courses. They'll help with making a web page.
  2. Abdullah Aljobouri

    IB student Organisation

    Good day fellow homo sapiens of the IB program. Recently me and other IB students started a small organisation. It is an organisation that works with students regarding social gatherings, IB projects and events. The organisation was founded by Tu Phan Le Anh, Abdullah M.A. Aljobouri (Me) and Ung Sup Kim in 2014. I would appreciate if you could visit our page on Facebook and show some support by liking. If you have any suggestion or question about the page, please ask. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Too-Expensive/1522808958006500
  3. Abdullah Aljobouri

    Ib chemistry HL

  4. Abdullah Aljobouri

    Ib chemistry HL

    I was wondering if you know where i can find solutions for the exercises for the IB chemistry HL new syllabus 2014
  5. Abdullah Aljobouri

    Tips for new IB student

    After summer vacation I will be starting with the IB. What are the most important things I need to know to survive IB.

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