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  1. If I were you, I would drop Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences to accommodate both History and Psychology with Psychology at SL. Your programme will turn out to be a tad more challenging but better rewarded and personally enriching.
  2. Hot, because of your random apology/confession in you signature
  3. Knight

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  4. Sorry for the late reply (Exams in less than a week) First of all, I think its quite weird and over the top for Forbes to critique a web comic like that. And it isn't surprising Forbes would take the side of the industrialist over the futurist. True, the unit of magnetic field is named after him, but that is because his work was unparalleled in this field, way more than Faraday whose name hogs the limelight in chapter in the textbook. Tesla's contributions are WAY more than that As for Edison, from his two notable inventions, the phonograph and the light bulb, only one was original. Secondly, The editor of The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, is quite well known for supporting Nikola Tesla. In fact, about 2 years back, he famously started a campaign to raise finds for to prevent the Wardenclyffe Tower, from being used as office space and instead be used as a museum in honor of the scientist who built the tower, Tesla. The campaign was wildly successful of course. The fact remains that Tesla was terribly unfortunate to be born in an era where incremental practical ideas were more appreciated than revolutionary epic ones, and that after all AC system is still several times more efficient and faster (AND safe) than DC system. It seems to me that Edison was a great business man. He was an intelligent man and new how to capitalize on his good fortune. Nikola Tesla was a sheer Genius. He bordered insanity. Of Edisons 100 plus patients how many were ORIGINAL ideas? Of Tesla's 112 I can bet they were all original ideas. Edison believed that fossil fuels were the future and that there were enough resources in South America to provide for the next 50,000 years. On the other hand, Tesla believed that renewable energy sources like hydroelectric, solar, and wind power were the future. This is remarkable because in the 1890s there was no such thing as "going green," so Tesla's ideas even on conservation were very forward-thinking at the time.Tesla didn't care for the mundane things we ordinary people take for granted.. He had a grand vision of what the future would look like and he tried to make it a reality. The Edison-Tesla comparison along with the Musk-Jobs comparisons are what I like to call the Businessman-Engineer tussle. However smart a money-making businessman Edison might be, calling him an "inventor" or a "physicist" is irrational. I am glad to see that more people are being aware of Tesla's enormous contribution to electricity, radio, electromagentism and wireless technology.
  5. I recently stumbled upon a comic online: www.theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla (while you're at it you might want to check out The Oatmeal's response to Forbes critisism of the comic: www.theoatmeal.com/blog/tesla_response) I've been doing a lot of research on Tesla's work and accomplishments. And right now I am compelled to feel that he just might be the most genius person in the field of science after Galileo and Einstein. Isn't it a freaking conspiracy how his name rarely ever comes up in any physics textbooks?
  6. Dare You - Hardwell ft Matthew Koma
  7. Physics HL is necessary for engineering. Probably drop English HL for Physics?
  8. No matter if you want to take engineering or theater, I would highly recommend you not to take Math studies. It is really a joke of a subject to be frank. Math SL is really nothing to be afraid about and I think you should not be finding it tough as such. If you really can't keep up with Math SL, then engineering may not be the right career choice for you.
  9. What do you mean by entertainment industry? Because in this seemingly limited career choice there are lots of different skill sets required for the myriad aspects of this industry. For gaming, you might want to take Math and Comp Sci at HL because of the loads of coding and programming you will be doing.
  10. Drop Visual Arts. At HL it is a huge burden and SL VA will make your life easier. On top of that there isn't much difference between English HL and SL.
  11. Yes, you can take Bio, Chem and Physics at HL and drop Econ all together. It's rather strange that your coordinator hasn't informed you of this. Talk to your coordinator about this. IBO needs to be informed if you are going to do an irregular diploma.
  12. Why haven't you considered doing an irregular diploma without a group 3 subject? I mean, if your first two career choices are engineering and medicine, i doubt there are any group 3 subjects that would complement these career choices with the exception of perhaps ITGS for the former and psych for the latter. As for Math HL, doing it in the school with my classmates is hard for me as it is. But don't take my example. If you are really geared up for Math HL, it should be easy for you even if it is not in your school. Hope I helped
  13. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. It can completely change your outlook towards life.
  14. Philosophy is really the right choice to make. There is hardly any memorization when compared to psychology and is extremely fascinating if you have a inquiring and curious outlook to life. PS- I'm actually surprised your school offers philosophy standard level.
  15. If you start assignments and IA's the day they are given and limit procrastination to an understandable level, 6-7 hours of sleep everyday is guaranteed. (I am talking about junior year)
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