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  1. niranjan1998

    Chemistry HL Retake - Urgent Help Required!!!

    Thankyou very much, I'll go through all the Thornley videos I can in the time I have. I guess trying to read up on the text or guide might take a bit longer and considering it isn't one of my most enjoyable subjects at present reading might be harder than i think at this point. I was wondering, if for some reason I perform worse than the first time will this new grade be shown in my IB diploma . Like I blanked out the day before the exam due to stress and couldn't recall anything even though I studied everythign and had continuous 7s through the year. I'm really afraid if somethign like that happens and I jut end up sitting in the exam room completely blank.
  2. Hi everyone, This might sound very retarded and I know I messed up a bit. I got my IBDP in May 2016 with a 35/45 with a 3/3 for TOK+EE. My 2 best subjects were Bio and chem HL throughout the 2 years as I had continuous 7s. Unfortunately I had a surgery a few months before the final exams which cost me 2 months of classes missing out on time to do my IAs, EE and I also missed a lot of the portion for the exams. My 2 best subjects ended up having the worst grades in my finals. (I know i hate my luck) I got a 5 in bio (missed a 6 by 1) and Got a 4 in chem (I WAS HORRIFIED). I'm applying for medschool so even though my 35 is way above the avg ib score I needed better scores in bio and chem. I am retaking them to improve my scores. I had to give my UKCAT in between and did exceptionally well in that and IELTS. I jut wrote my bio test and am expecting a high 6 or a 7. I was always more interested in bio than chem so i spent all my time reading and preparing for that. I also feel like I didn't like IB chem after my chem teacher changed for some reason. It felt more hard to read and concentrate on. Now i have 4 days till my IB Chem retake and I haven't revised anything. I'm petrified and every time i touch the huge textbook i get a flashback of my results and the night before the original exam when i realized I blanked out completely. It would be amazing if anyone can help me by telling what I can do in these 4 days to make my 4 atleast into a 5. I have a good IA score. I just need to make it a 5. I feel like the textbook is too big and I will jsut be demotivated to read even a bit if i try to use the textbook. Are there any youtube videos or revision pages you could suggest which would help me meet the Grade 5 boundary? Thanking you. ( I hope no one else has to ever go through this. I know its my fault as well as I didnt equally divide time for both bio and chem)
  3. niranjan1998

    IB 2016 Chemistry Option A or B

    Hey, I'll be writing my IB retakes in a few days and I'm kinda behind already and I'm retaking them cause i only got a 4 in my May boards due to a mitigating circumstance. Guess Im a bit late to prep already but I wanna increase my score by atleast a point or two. I wan wondering if the study guide along with a few past papers would be enough to assure me a 5 or low 6. Mainly I'm not sure of which option to chose for paper 3. I did materials in the May paper but only got around 22/45 in Paper 3. I am retaking bio as well and so many of the option B topics seems similar. I wanted to know which is a more scoring section and would be able to get me enough marks to get a 6 atleast. I know this seems like an irresponsible question with the last minute cram prep but with the time left any help would be appreciated. I have around 2 complete weeks left for my chem exams. Thanks
  4. niranjan1998

    Opinion on IB retakes for Med School

    Im hoping to reapply to med school in UK in 2017. I finished my IB course in 2016. I had a predicted 41/45 but due to medical conditions such as a surgery which cost me 2 months of classes and a few unfortunate circumstances I wasn't able to perform to my best and only secured a 35/45. I had A in my Psychology EE and a B in TOK. I somehow (no clue how- kind of blanked out on the day of the chem exam as i missed a lot of classes) only got a 4/7 in chem and I got a 5 in Bio missing a 6 by 1 point. I had an offer which i missed and so will have to reapply this year. I am resitting Bio and Chem HL in November and hoping to get a 7/7 in both as I was predicted earlier but since applications to med schools are to be done by Oct 15th I am not sure how I can address my issue to the universities as most of them apparently do not accept resits. I will also be taking my UKCAT this year and am preparing hard for it. I hope someone can help me regarding my applications and what I should do to be a worthy applicant to med schools in UK as I was already devastated once after missing a chance. I also have perfect grades till grade 10 and have trinity guitar certificates along with volunteering work, clinical internships and experience at animal shelters. I was also the school Head boy/ captain in grade 10. I am worried these resits and the score i submit will greatly decide a lot. Thank you.
  5. Guys, I have to start my IA experiments ASAP and I decided to calculate the Vitamin C content in different stages of a Banana but I am struggling to figure out how to obtain the banana extract to test in the DCPIP solution or iodine Vitamin C test. I need a liquid extract and I could not figure out how to make the extract. Please help me THanks
  6. niranjan1998

    Add a sentence, make a story :)

    Stannis comes in a limo wearing tight leather pants and a few hula hoops around his neck. He gets out and tells Tyroin, " I told you so".
  7. niranjan1998

    Grade 12 super improvement stories

    Uhmm my situation is kinda similar. Even though i got a 39/42 in my first term, i slacked off a lot in term 2 because of gaming and social networking and ended up getting a 35. I was really worried about this and so, i did some research. UCL requires a 39 and i was really scared after i got my 35 but then after talking to the school career counsellor i found out that not only UK colleges but almost all colleges mostly look into your predicted scores. After talking to my teachers they said that my 11th grades scored don't completely determine our predicted scores but also improvement that they see in class and how we do work on time and interact in class all matters. So even if you got a 33, work hard for the coming months and show your teachers that you can easily do way better than what you did. DO well on your class tests, submit all your homework on time and get on their good side . They'll give you good predicted scores. Hope this helps.
  8. niranjan1998

    how difficult is it to get 32 ib points?

    TBH i kinda slacked of during my second term and hence, the 35 but ive decided to make some changes and put in a minimum of 3 hours per day as well. If possible 4. In the first term i just had 1 or 1 and a half hours of study a day and maybe that was cause the portion was less too. Since you're half way through, maybe 3-4 hours of actual studying a day should be fine.
  9. niranjan1998

    how difficult is it to get 32 ib points?

    I think getting a 32 should be easy with some effort but it honestly depends on the persons capability. If you pick subjects which you liek and think you can do well in, you should be fine. The average score in my school was 35 last year and since i just finished IB 1, according to what I've seen, if you work hard and so well in class, a 32 should be pretty easy to get. good luck
  10. niranjan1998

    Predicted Grades stress

    Even i was concerned about this but i talked to my teachers about this and they told me that our predicted grades first of all matter on when we are applying to univs. For early action and UK Applications, we need our predicted grades by September and in my school that 12th grade first mock is in november/december. So, for me, my predicted grades will be based on the first two mocks (trials) and mainly abotu how the teacher thinks you can do. All the class tests and our performance in class plays a huge role in our predicted grades. Basically the teachers gives us our predicted grades based on the what thye think about our capability. Like people said here, this is kind of helpful too as it can still help you if you mess up one of your mocks. In my case, I got a 39/42 in my first term and a 35/42 in the second but my predicted will be aroudn 39-40-41 on 42.
  11. I was quite confused when i saw the grade requirements for UCL. Even when someone mentioned that they called up the admissions office and found out that a 38 is the required predicted grade, I was still not sure if they required a 38/42 or 38/45 for predicted scores. Even though i scored pretty well in the first term with a 39/42 i did kinda mess up my second term because of various reasons such as being sick during prep and might end up getting a 35 or 36 on 42 . UK admissions are before the 12th grade first trials and this scares me as i'm not sure what the predicted grades will be based off of. Is there a way i can still increase my predicted grades by doing well in the next few months in class? So, i really wanted to know if the required predicted scores in all these UK universities are out of a total 42 or 45 and if I could still increase my predicted grades. I know that the teachers are aware of the fact I could do much better than how i did in the second term and even told me not to worry much as they were sure I'd increase my scores. But, Im still really worried as I feel like My reach for college is gettign further and further away. Really concerned and worried here . Thankyou
  12. niranjan1998

    Do you think I can get into UCL for a medicine course?

    I will need the IELTS right? Anyone know how hard the test is or anytips to get through it?
  13. niranjan1998

    Do you think I can get into UCL for a medicine course?

    omg thankyou soo much so i guess having 7s in all my HLs should help me quite a bit yayy
  14. niranjan1998

    Would you rather...?

    Sibling siblings get over it way faster than friends Would you rather play League of Legends or World of Warcraft?

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