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  1. StevenRStephens120690

    Abnormal Behaviour Notes

    Detailed notes on Abnormal Behavior
  2. StevenRStephens120690

    Classical Conditioning

    Key concepts of classical conditioning
  3. StevenRStephens120690

    Cognitive Notes

    Cognitive approach notes
  4. StevenRStephens120690

    Empirical Study Worksheet

    Empirical Study Worksheet: How Depression is Different in Men, The Genain Quadruplets, and Depression in Women
  5. StevenRStephens120690

    Behavioural Perspective Table

    Chart with key concepts, people, etc
  6. StevenRStephens120690

    Operant Conditioning

    Principles and key concepts
  7. StevenRStephens120690

    Biological Perspective Table

    Chart + The Biological Approach: Chapter Summary
  8. StevenRStephens120690

    Evolution of Humanism

    Evolution of Humanistic Approach Two paragraphs.
  9. StevenRStephens120690

    Humanistic Notes

    Humanistic Approach Detailed Outline
  10. StevenRStephens120690

    Early CW and Korean War

  11. StevenRStephens120690

    Mexican Revolution

  12. StevenRStephens120690

    US Foreign Policy in Latin America

  13. StevenRStephens120690

    Spanish American War

  14. Um, my school offers Spanish SL and HL, French SL and HL, and Latin SL.
  15. StevenRStephens120690

    Should I do my EE in Psychology

    Personally, if my school did not offer psychology as an ib course, then I would not do my EE in psychology. On the other hand, if it is something that you really enjoy then go for it!

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