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  1. Thank youuu @Blackcurrent! OwO I think The Tale of Genji is classic, isn't it?
  2. I'm interested in Japanese literature lately. I've been reading Murakami the whole time but now I want to explore more on other Japanese writers, in any era. Any suggestion for Japanese literature books/novels that are already translated to English? So far I know that Natsume Soseki and Akutagawa Ryuunosuke are well-known Japanese writers.
  3. I don't have anything to add as Djsporting gave you a really good advice. Nevertheless, I have some BM resources that I can share it to you. I don't really use it anymore since I'm done with IB. Feel free to PM me if you're interested
  4. I have to say that it would be better if you're taking both Physics HL and Chemistry HL if you want to take engineering. Well yes, taking 2 Language Bs would make your score higher but in my opinion, 2 language Bs would be useless. It may not make your life easier but engineering universities would prefer students with Physics HL and Chemistry HL rather than 2 Language Bs.
  5. Are you going to take Indonesian B as a replacement for group 6? I think it will make your life easier?
  6. I have to agree with IB'ez. It's not necessary to take your first language as Language A. It is cool to get Bilingual Diploma (I got it haha) but it doesn't do anything I guess. It is easier to take Indonesian B (especially if that is your mother tongue, surely you can get 7 easily). I took Indonesian A because I love it and my other friends were forced to get Indonesian A because they didn't have any other choice. It's okay if you rarely read Indonesian books. Most of my friends got 6 in Indonesian A SL. You just have to be diligent and read more from now on
  7. I need help. My IA is about demographic in a certain country's crime rate and analysis of what factor which likely cause the change of the crime rate. I need help on the mathematic application on this one. The only thing that I could think of is regression line and find the most similar trends out of the factors. But isn't too easy for a Math SL IA? Anybody can help me any other mathematical application which I could use? Thanks!
  8. Only taking notes in Math, ToK and Chemistry. But sometimes I forgot where I wrote it haha. Well, I don't take notes usually.
  9. That is absolutely terrible. It is definitely not appropriate for your coordinator to do this and it is super unprofessional. Tell her to not let it get to her too much even though it's easier said than done. He's also terrible to the rest of you guys. See if you can report to the principal and show the principal what he said on the report card. He should NOT be saying those things on a report card honestly. All the best and sorry to hear about the situation. I'm quite shocked too. I mean he has never done this before. He never even guide us with our IAs or EEs. I think we all know more about IB than he is. We're tired of him. Oh not to mention, we only meet him at least 2 hours in a week. I don't think he is qualified as an IB coordinator and I think I'm more quilified in this job haha. We only have 8 students in the first batch. We are like family because everyone gets along pretty well. It really makes me sad. Sorry for telling you this long complicated story Thank you btw
  10. Okay. I know someone from my school here will gonna kill me but I'm seriously pissed off. I don't care if anybody from the school actually read this. But I think the whole world should know this. Yeah, I don't care because this is the truth and I'm sick of it. So my friend got a comment in her report card this term. There's a special section called "a comment from the IB Coordinator". Nobody in my class got this section except for my friend here. He, my IB coordinator, wrote: She is not capable to complete IB Program. First of all, my friend here is not a genius. But actually she is improving. She has done her work a lot faster than me and she is being more productive this year, compared to the first year. I'm amazed with her transformation. She is just GREAT! I mean there are a lot of people in class who is more lazy and doesn't even do their work. To be honest, I haven't done my BM IA and she already got 1000 words. Second of all, my IB coordinator is also my Theory of Knowledge teacher. I doubt that the reason why he wrote this is because my friend's lack of participation in the class. Well, let me tell you. This guy here (a.k.a the IB coordinator and Theory of Knowledge teacher) may politely say that there is no right answer in ToK but whenever I answer his question differently from what he expected, he will frown and looks unsatisfied as if I said something wrong. So yes, maybe because of favoritism? I mean I participated a lot in ToK class even though I answer things not in the way that he wanted but I think he likes me? (I still hate him, btw) he wrote some bull**** comments in my ToK comment section like I improved in both essays and whatever (Uh, we didn't even have an essay this term. what the heck). Last but not least, everybody here had at least a problem with him, including me. We are the first batch. One of my friend quit IB last year because she had a fight with this guy. Seriously, just because of Math SL and Math Studies. Not to mention, he acted so sweetly and asked her, "why are you leaving? we are gonna miss you!" Yeah, like hell you will. I don't know why but I'm confident that I can be a better IB coordinator than him. Why? As an IB coordinator, he doesn't do anything. He only has maybe 8 periods of teaching with my class and the first year. He doesn't do anything except for sit back and I don't know... being with his preschool son. How can he be a qualified IB coordinator?! About my friend? Now she is being so pessimistic after he wrote that in her report card. Imagine her mom was there with her and read this. I heard this from other people and I tried to comfort her. She told me, "Maybe he is right. I don't think I can complete this program." Seriously, I wanna hug her right now but we are having a term break so nah. She told the teachers about this and they were like shock. I think they already reported this to the head principal, I don't know. I was quite shocked too. What kind of a teacher write this things on their student's report card?! I don't understand why my head principal acknowledged him as "our world class IB coordinator". I'm still thinking he is the worst teacher and IB coordinator alive. Maybe this guy brainwashed my head principal who doesn't even know anything about IB. Back to the question. Is it appropriate for him to do this as an IB Coordinator? Report card is permanent. I mean the universities will see this! Oh God. What do you think? sorry for the profanity and stuff. I'm pissed off. Thanks for reading btw
  11. This is so ToK but my question for you all; Is it ethical to eat vegetables? They were used to living organisms too.
  12. Every numbers look so complicated and hard But I guess 5 and 6 interest me the most. Thanks for sharing :D this way, I don't need to wait for my ToK teacher to give us the topics.
  13. You can choose any particular local company. It doesn't matter as long as you can get a lot of secondary data. Remember, Extended Essay is different from Internal Assessment whereas we have to make a primary research.
  14. You can use Force Field Analysis too.
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