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    Psychology Extended Essay - Sources

    I'm doing my extended essay based on the research question, "to what extent to biological and environmental factors effect personality?" I have found 12 sources, but I decided that two of them are redundant and useless. Would 10 be too little an amount of sources? I have three or four websites. One of them is a blog post, but it references real theories and studies and is by a reputable author, so I think it will be okay. Then I have two books and four or five studies. Within the studies, more specifically the background research they provide, there are a lot of references to other studies, so I got a TON of information from that. Do you think that I have a good variety/enough sources for a psychology EE? The books and studies are obviously very lengthy, so I figured it would be fine to have less than 12, but I would like a second opinion on it. Also, is the blog post fine to use? Here's the link to it: http://blog.bufferapp.com/6-powerful-psychological-effects-that-explain-how-humans-tick

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