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  1. Sriram Siddarth

    Pass in IB

    Is one grade 3 allowed in HL subject for passing (assuming that I have scored 12 or above with it)
  2. Sriram Siddarth

    Pass in IB

    My score is English - SL - 5 Physics - SL - 5 French - ab initio SL - 3 Math - HL - 3 B&M - HL - 5 Economics - HL - 5 Am I still pass according to 2015 IB conditions
  3. Sriram Siddarth

    Singapore requirements

    Does SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) and MDIS (Management and Development Institute of Singapore) require SAT. What are the IB requirements
  4. Sriram Siddarth

    EE query

    Should Business and Management Extended Essay be forward looking or backward looking?
  5. Sriram Siddarth

    Need help with Extended Essay

    I have decided an extended essay topic in Business and Management. Can anybody say whether this is appropriate, and how shoul I proceed. Can anybody suggest me some tools.please. My topic: "To what extent has ITC's diversification from its core business (Tobacco) in to FMCG led to de-risking of the product portfolio?"
  6. Sriram Siddarth

    All about EE

    As few supervisors say. Why can't we get above C in EE, if we just follow the rules?...Then what are the common misatkes many students do on their essays.
  7. Make everyone as a VIP and eradicate discrepancy in gaining knowledge....Why can't IB survival think of it...
  8. Sriram Siddarth

    Chemistry HL vs Math HL

    Although i am not interested in Chemistry, i have a grumbling feeling of making a mistake as I have taken Math HL. Most pf them say Math is tougher and i also got mixed response, so can anyone tell the advantages and disadvantages of taking Math HL and Chem HL
  9. Sriram Siddarth

    College requirements

    On the other hand i amsimultaneously working on my SAT, can any tell the colleges that requires subject SAT and TOFFEl for US,Singapore and Australian colleges.
  10. I am being active for past few months, but i don't have any credits. What should I do to gain credits??
  11. Sriram Siddarth

    College requirements

    I am planning to go into management and accounts stream.I am not able to find out the exact subject and score requirement for most of the colleges. Can anyone help me to find the requirements for SMU (singapore) or any other singapore or australian management college.I willl be writing my exams in November 2015. Is SAT required for singapore colleges.
  12. Sriram Siddarth

    College requirements

    Hi, i am sriram from India studying in TIPS. I have mentioned my subject choice below, could anyone suggest me colleges in abroad- my marks would probably be 75% and my choice of country would be singapore and US. Can anyone say the exact requirements for SMU (singapore). math - hl economics - hl business and management - hl english - sl french -ab physics - sl

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