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  1. peterwilliam

    Mathematics in My School

    You must talk to your teacher. I do not think he is a bad teacher but I think he is willing to teach. As he is new teacher so he is little bit lack of experience.
  2. peterwilliam

    Some problems with statistics. HELP!

    Very helpful thing I have found here.
  3. You should take help from expert. Just ask to any good teacher for it as it is related to the course.
  4. peterwilliam

    What to expect from English B Course

    Yes reading books is also a great thing to learn English.
  5. peterwilliam

    Problems with memory. Help please.

    Well good practice work all the time.
  6. peterwilliam

    General Math Examination Tips

    Very helpful thing about math examination tips. Yes students can get lots of benefit from it.
  7. peterwilliam

    Biology or English

    It depends on you what you want.
  8. peterwilliam

    Math ia Need topic ASAP

    Math is really need much. All the time help required for it.
  9. peterwilliam

    Economics EE help

    Economics help is important now days. I recently found a helpful source for it http://support.acadsoc.com/economics-homework-help-6-226-778.html you can get the full help form here I am sure.
  10. peterwilliam


    Yes nice details here about the experts.
  11. peterwilliam

    Help with physics EE

    Nice thing you shared here with us.
  12. peterwilliam

    Math HL Textbook Recommendations?

    Go with oxford it is the good one.
  13. peterwilliam

    IB Math SL vs AP Calculus AB

    This problem always happen with math. Very difficult to find math courses online college credit. I also suffered from it and think it is not at good thing. Although I found few good online sources where I got help for IB math but it was not up to the mark. Hope soon we will have some thing for it.
  14. peterwilliam

    Help with IB course selection!

    I prefer math as it has lots of benefits in future.
  15. peterwilliam

    Revision/Study Guides Maths, Chem and Physics

    Well superb yes revision is very important I too started with math homework help answers but looking for other course revision as well. Can any one recommend any source to revision full course for other subjects as well? I liked the link Bude shared here but wants more if any one can recommend.

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