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  1. wihteunxi

    May 2014 Results thread

    I don't know about your school (maybe email them?), but you should definitely get VA remarked if you've got the money. Nothing to lose, really yea! thanks for your opinion ! its really mean a lot
  2. wihteunxi

    Need help urgently. Regrades

    How about Visual Arts ? I'm 2 marks off to a level 4, does remarking va will worth the money?
  3. You can retake the subject individually, or the one you want to improve, and you don't need to redo all of your IA, EE and TOK.
  4. wihteunxi

    Mark Boundaries

    The boundaries in MAY and NOV will be different right ?
  5. wihteunxi

    May 2014 Results thread

    does anyone know, does Les Roches international school of Hotel management accept people who're not awarded a IB diploma? My HL subjects gain fewer than 12, I got 11 only, which cause by my VA...I was 2 marks off to the upper boundary, should I remark or what ? I'm really confuse now...
  6. wihteunxi

    May 2014 Results thread

    when will the subject component results release ?
  7. I just want to know does remarking English B HL papers will have a bigger chance to changes your grades up? I'm just 3 marks off to the next boundary....so should I do a remark?
  8. wihteunxi

    How do I request a remark?

    Thanks for your reply, Since I'm so close to get the diploma, I think I will be remarking English and Visual Art ! hopefully either one of them can go up or both, so I can get the diploma and go to uni.
  9. wihteunxi

    Should I remark my HL ENGLISH exam?

    i received a 3 in my Visual Arts ( same as your case) I'm 2 marks away from getting a 4....and 3 marks away from getting a 5 in English...I'm planning to remark as well but i scared my grades will went down. Should i remarks those ? ><
  10. I am 1 mark off for my design technology SL, 2 marks off for my english B HL and Visual Arts....The IBO said i couldn't get the diploma because of all of the HL subjects were fewer than 12, (which thanks for my VA) Should i get a remark ? I scored pretty high in others SL subjects even for TOK AND EE .....I don't know why i can get a 3 in visual art .... when the result released, all of our grades went down by 1 to 2 grades...i was predicted a 5 back then! but I only got a 3 , I was ridiculously upset with all of my HL subjects.... I had send an email to my IB coordinator to request a remark for this, cause I was two marks off for my visual art to get a 4...and getting the bilingual diploma...do you think you guys think Ishould do a remark on my HL subjects?

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