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  1. Hello people, I am in IB2 and taking the IB exams this may. I really want to leave my boarding school because of severe personal issues but its too late to transfer to another IB school as I really want to get my diploma. Is it possible to get all the IA's marked at the school and finish CAS, leave the school, and then take the exams at a another country (home)? Are there IB exam centers? or can you only take them at your school?
  2. Hello everyone, I made a self-study summer plan for myself for getting ahead in schoolwork and I wanted to know if there were other people doing it and how they were. My plan is to: -Learn integration for Math SL. -Finish (or almost) the rubric for Chemistry HL in my own notes (combining them with my practice exam ones to have personalized notes for the entire rubric). -Make some notes for Physics HL and finish the option unit (astrophysics). -Finish my EE (Economics) to a point that I can just revise it with my advisor for small details. -Read the play that we are reading in September for L&L SL (I wanted to read a book but the teacher doesn't know yet). What are your plans? Whats your opinion about summer self-studying?
  3. Hey I am having the same problem as you (also with a neutralization reaction). How did you figure it out?
  4. Hey guys, I would like to know if I am allowed or if it is recommended to take the SAT subject test for Spanish (my first language). I have been living in Canada for the past 5 years and my nationality is Italian, even though I was born and raised in Venezuela. Also, I have never studied spanish as a class since primary school. What do you guys think?
  5. Yes that would be great, but we shouldn't really share our facebook accounts here so I'll message you so we can talk about it.
  6. Hey guys, I really like the idea. We should create a group chat or something like that so we can plan it!
  7. You don't have to do the TOEFL since you have been studying in an english school for more than 3 years. It is still recommended to do it since you can get a really high score and impress universities, but you don't have to. In my school you only write it if you have less than 3 years of studying in an english school.
  8. if you are stressing about IB and have 4 HLs, just drop an HL...
  9. My name means beauty and I do not know how I came up with it
  10. I am latino and dont eat beans everyday (even at home)
  11. I was wondering the same thing but about SL Math...
  12. My sister studied grade 10-12 in Canada and was still asked to write the TOEFL. I have been in Canada since grade 7 and will be starting IB1 in September, the guidance department at my school said I do not need to write it since by the time I graduate i would had at least 4 years of education in a full english school. Me and my sister are from Venezuela and studied in a full spanish school before coming to Canada. This could change for you if you were in an international school before going to New Zealand or because the IB Diploma (my sister did not take IB). It could also change by where you are applying to. Hope this helped you.
  13. Ridley College, Ontario, Canada
  14. As far that I know you need at least Math SL and Physics to do Architecture. Some universities are more into the artistic side of architecture so they would not mind as much if you grades are low if you show a really good portfolio and have good art or/and tech design grades, some universities tend to be more on the technical side so you should know well the universities you may apply to. Hope this helped you!
  15. I thought the same for Architecture until I looked it up (at least for universities in Canada), the only requirements are Physics, Math, English and a Portfolio (which pretty much you can only do it if you take Art or Tech Design or spend your free-time drawing but nobody does that). About the HL Math: My school does not allow students who did grade 10 math during grade 10. In order to take SL Math you need to do a summer course of grade 11 functions ... they say that a summer course is not enough for HL Math.... Thanks for letting me know that you can do the local curriculum to fulfill the requirements... I am going to do the HL Tech Design option and then decide which to apply for later on
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