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  1. I'm doing mine on arabic too and I'm going to be writing it in arabic so I assume that yeah arabic alphabets
  2. You should definitely give Math SL a try! As everyone said, the first lesson is a repeat of Algebra 2 and you could see how well you understand it in here! (Definitely do not drop just because of one or a few bad grades in this class! My friends did that and went to Math Studies, which turned out to be harder in our school due to the teacher!) Do what you think your capable of doing!
  3. I think what my teacher does is she gets us practice problems from the IB math SL oxford book (I'm not sure if this is the right book) and makes us practice them. (They're normally so many problems it should be more then enough!) The thing is with this math problems that she gives us is that they're much harder then the test, so we normally ace the test if we can do the practice problems. As everyone else said, definitely get past papers and practice in different books (or online problems)! Maybe even get the questionbank if you would like to practice on a lot on math.
  4. Arabgirl88

    Is BMAT hard ?

    I definitely heard it was hard, but as Sandwich said, all exams are hard unless if you prepare for it. You could also consider looking at universities that require UKCAT instead of BMAT which is rumored to be easier (I wouldn't know yet )
  5. After checking with my supervisor for a Bio EE (the teacher is a new IB Biology teacher and is a little bit lost on how things work in IB), she said that she thinks this question is a good one, but she isnt sure. I would say that she didn't seem so sure about what she's doing. I would like to ask if this is a narrow enough question and if it is a good question? To what extent can the alcoholic extract of the Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) help maintain the growth of Salmonella and E.Coli better then the antibiotic, Kanaymcin? And if anyone could help me on this part, would it be better to change my subject into something that I believe the supervisor would be confident on what he/she is doing? Or should I stay in Bio and try? (My school only has one Biology teacher)
  6. http://papers.xtremepapers.com/IB/ I use it for Chem past papers too!
  7. By the end of last year (IB Year 1), for Biology HL we've done up to topic 5 only haha along with option E, and we're almost done with the syllabus this year. And you guys managed to do all the parts of the syllabus, like app and skills? That's a much faster phase then our class! That's the problem! We are going really slow and aren't even covering anything other then understanding and a few application and skills! We're also the new syllabus so apparently our teachers are supposed to go over the nature of science too and we haven't even been doing that! Our teacher plans to cover 1,2,3,7,8 and an option but so far we've only done 1 and 2 and I hardly doubt we'll get far the second semester The Bio SL class in my school is almost in the same topic as you guys I would believe. I dont think your behind that much but it really depends on your teacher's plan for the rest of the year.
  8. My IB Biology teacher is a new IB teacher and I feel like as if we've been going on a really slow phase. I was wondering where are all the other IB Biology HL (even SL) students are at right now and where does your teacher plan to be up to by the end of the year?
  9. I'm debating between two EE questions, one for a biology EE and the other for a group 2 language EE (Arabic)! I take both classes at HL level and my biology teacher is a new IB teacher, this year being her first year to teach IB Bio and she's the only supervisor I have as a choice if I pick Biology. Meanwhile, in Arabic we may not have the best teacher but the scores are relatively higher in our school with arabic. My arabic question: Does Nagib Mahfouz in The Thieves and Dogs share the same point of view on Egyptian Society as Muhammad Haykal in Zaynab? Bio question: To what extent can the alcoholic extract of the Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) help maintain the growth of Salmonella and E.Coli better then the antibiotic, Kanaymcin? (Any advice would be appreciated especially on the questions) Thank you in advance.
  10. I would definitely take HL Chemistry but I haven't took Chemistry before and in our school that is really a hard class to take! I dont know what to do, maybe I should take SL Chem and at the end of year 12 I'll take an AP Chem test with some self studying to fill in the gap with what I dont know! Is that a good idea? Whilst I agree that HL Chemistry is probably useful for medicine, it's not necessarily a pre-requisite for all medicine courses. Since medicine is post-graduate in the US, I'm not sure if you actually need HL Chemistry - though I'm not entirely familiar with the US system so I'm not sure. In Australia, for instance, HL Chemistry (and indeed chemistry as a subject even at SL) is not required for most medicine undergraduate courses. However, it is definitely the case that in the UK you need HL Chemistry to have a shot of studying medicine at the undergraduate level. In terms of Economics vs. Psychology, I didn't take either of those subjects. However, from what I've heard, eco appears to be one of the easier subjects you can take, especially at HL. What I've heard about psych doesn't suggest that it's that hard (I personally think history would be the hardest of the humanities, though that's just me), but it definitely does require memorisation and writing. It's definitely possible to prepare for SAT/ACT whilst doing IB - lots of people manage it! Personally, I did the SAT, and I didn't spend very much time preparing for it. IB is a far more rigorous and difficult course and syllabus in pretty much all areas, so you'll find doing the IB will already prepare you for the content of those exams pretty well. What you just need to spend time on is filling in any content gaps, familiarising yourself with the different test format, and hopefully doing a bit of practice. Whilst for me I knew that SATs and US applications weren't really high-stakes, I think that even if you do know SATs/US applications matter a lot for you, there isn't too much need to get overly-stressed about it. In terms of finding time to prepare, intensive blocks in the holidays are often good. I definitely found IB worth it! But ultimately, it does depend person to person, so I can't answer that question for you. Thank you for your reply! You have a good SAT strategy for studying! I do want to go on an accelerated program in the US and those are rather competitive, so I would guess HL Chem is required for that? But do you think taking an AP Chem at the end of 12th grade after having SL Chem?
  11. Hi! So I'm new here and I'm really not sure this is in the right topic but I'm a raising junior and I'm starting IB in August and I'm still debating on my schedule: HL: Bio Arabic Psychology (or maybe Econ) SL: Chem English Math I'm hoping to do medical when I graduate. I can't decide if I should take psych or Econ cause in our school psych is apparently the hardest ib class you can take from the humanities once. I was also thinking maybe I should take IB Econ and take psych as an AP class so it won't effect me getting my diploma! For everyone who finished IB, was it worth it? Do you feel satisfied that you took it? And how can IB students manage to study for SAT/ACT while doing all that IB work?
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