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  1. BrianHQ

    Extended Essay

    Mine was in Maths: "Comparative analysis of the personal and academic satisfaction levels of IB students".
  2. BrianHQ

    Would you rather...?

    I would rather have giant moths. They are probably less dangerous than spiders. Also, hopefully if I turn a light on they will just go for it . So yeah, moths, even though they are freaking huge. My question: Would you rather have a guaranteed $100,000 or a 50/50 shot at $1 million?
  3. BrianHQ

    What exactly is a bio IA supposed to be like?

    Hello, I'm not completely aware about how HL biology goes, I did SL biology and now they changed how it was marked. However, I believed that any project (I will call them this way) can be good enough if you study the right things and focus correctly on what really matters. So I believed it should be OK if you do the project that you mention. For example in SL Biology, I did a database project, which basically measured, through the Simpson index, the biodiversity from a nearby "beach", that it's also considered a natural reserved. It was not that complex (skipping the fact I had to count every species there ), but I achieve a good mark with it. So, I guess everything it's fine, if you know how to explain it and can obtain results. However, don't worry, you can take a common topic and give it a twist trying to change the way you study it or something else. I hope this might have helped a little. Kind regards, Brian H Q
  4. BrianHQ

    Should you take the IB?

    Sorry for the pictures quality, I couldn't figure out how to post HQ pics.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm writing to post some data I collected up that might help those who pursue the IB Diploma Programe in a future. A long time ago, I decided to do my EE in Maths and I chose to study the academic and personal satisfaction levels of IB Students from 2012 till nowadays. As I said in my survey I would like to post as promised a brief summary of the answers I received. Basically, I will published some basic graphics filled with raw data in percentages. Before that, I want to clarify that what I'm about to upload is not directly related with my EE, let's say I will published the "raw thing". Kind regards, Brian H Q INFORMATION:
  6. BrianHQ

    Has anyone ever doubted themselves in IB?

    In my opinion, you shouldn't feel bad, everyone is different and I can ensure that if you don't follow the steps of your brother, it doesn't mean you're less than him. Probably you are better at other things or you will be. Everyone has flaws, so keep happy .
  7. BrianHQ

    how many of you guys watch anime

    I've seen a few, and some like Soul Eater, Mirai Nikki, One Piece, Attack on Titans or Fairy Tail, are between my favourites.
  8. BrianHQ

    Has anyone ever doubted themselves in IB?

    I doubted a lot because 90% of my IB class left before reaching 2nd year. But, actually, I regret nothing of staying in IB, I finally achieved the diploma and got really good grades in my national baccalaureate.
  9. I really, but really hated The Catcher in the Rye. It's so pessimistic and boring (at least for myself). I won't say it is not interesting, because you can analyze in depth many details from the book, which is utterly surprising talking into account the plot. However, in overall, I hate it. I even had you use an audiobook to finish it.
  10. BrianHQ

    May the 6th be with you

    Diploma awarded! Spanish A HL: 5 English B HL: 6 Philosophy HL: 4 Maths SL: 5 Physics SL: 4 Biology SL: 4 EE+TOK = 2 Total: 30/45 I was quite disappointed with biology and philosophy, because in class I got always straight A's in those. I think I might ask to remark them. Taking into account that I'm part from the first IB prom in my school, are this grades acceptable? Nevertheless, I should be happy . Same here.
  11. BrianHQ

    Word Count does not always matter...

    Research question: to what extent Islam is tolerant of non-Muslims living in an Islamic state? Wow, that's a really nice area to research on. Actually it was one of the topics I was researching on (nothing official, just curiosity). I would love to read it hahahaha.
  12. BrianHQ

    Accessing Results

    I will add that you can't access from an iPhone not matter what you use, or maybe mine is lazy.
  13. BrianHQ

    Word Count does not always matter...

    What is the word count requirement though? The requirement is actually an upper limit of 4000 words. Not a word more (literally). That is, unless you're writing one for Mathematics. The word limit for that is around 2500 (not sure though). So yeah, 3084 might seem short, but OP's just trying to prove that word count isn't everything. For maths is currently 4000 words also.
  14. BrianHQ

    May the 6th be with you

    You can get that info in candidates.ibo.org, you just need to login and, when you do so, select the results tab. Then you will see the time when your results are being published according to your location. THANK YOU!!!! and all the best Same
  15. BrianHQ

    May the 6th be with you

    You can get that info in candidates.ibo.org, you just need to login and, when you do so, select the results tab. Then you will see the time when your results are being published according to your location.

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