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  1. How did you guys find it? My Paper 2 (novel) questions were very easy.
  2. there's less materials to cover in History/English HL compared to Math/Chem/Physics HL
  3. lol, yea my grade 7 teacher hated me and didn't write me a recommendation letter for admission to private school because in his eyes I was a "soon to be McDonald's manager' student. Guess what Mr.W I'm slayin' in IB.
  4. Wow. this is so me. lol I dropped out of Ib1 Math HL after getting 5 as well
  5. Thanks. Too bad my supervisor is IB Coordinator and I have no classes with her She also has to manage 150+ IB Students in our school so she's really busy as well. I guess ill just settle with a 6.
  6. Is there any way to get a 7 as a predicted grade, or is it a fixed 6 for everyone?
  7. I'm doing self taught Korean A1 Literature. PM me if u have questions
  8. Hi I am planning to do my TOK presentation on 'Religious Cults' and needs feedbacks on it before I present it on Tuesday. My real life situation is my experience in a religious camp in summer of 2014. My knowledge question: How does religious cults mislead people into believing and how can we tell it apart from religion? The main WOKs are Emotion, Perception, and Language. For each WOKs, I will include one real life example and compare it to religion. Any feedback will be helpful
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