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  1. all the time! I struggled (and still struggle) with feeling "average" among the other students in my IB class because it always seemed like they were so much smarter. But, my IB scores were fairly average (for IB) and I still achieved the diploma! what I'm trying to say is that every one learns differently and at different levels and not matching up with certain expectations doesn't change anything - as long as you give it all your effort, there should be no cause for regret or doubt because then at least you knew you gave it your all.
  2. At my school, we were the only IB school in the state and it was in a school that students went to by choice in order pursue higher level and challenging classwork. Basically it was a school for AP and IB curriculum and some people (like parents and district administrators) thought the coordinators of the school/IB were trying to favor IB coursework over AP so that may have fueled some of the tension but other than that the actual students got along very well. There were always jokes about elitism in IB since the classes were so small and AP vs IB rivalries but they were always just jokes between the students.
  3. Just checking to make sure, but we don't have access to each individual IA's scoring, right? We can only see the subjects as a whole and their boundaries?
  4. Thank you!! You definitely helped me accept that it was not a good topic to pursue. I may have been in denial a little Anyway, I've decided on researching whether or not Hitler was a globalist in regards to his Lebensraum policy and this time I'm sticking to it. I feel significantly more confident about this topic. Again, thank you!
  5. I'm trying to narrow my IA topic down. My starting research question was: To what extend was Hitler's attempt at Lebensraum successful? That's super broad and general, I know :/ I've narrowed it down to: To what extent were the Germans and Poles' relationship affected as a result of Hitler's Lebensraum policy? I'm still working on the wording but basically I would go in to talk about all the factors that impact the relationship between the two I was just hoping to get some feedback and maybe critiquing of my topic. I'm worried that this isn't the best way to go, that I won't be able to get enough research to succeed, and that I could do better with something else related to Lebensraum
  6. ok so I wanted to try a CAS activity (because I am extremely lacking in CAS and am awful at it) I wanted to make a photography portfolio of IB students from around the world doing things not-IB related, or rather, having fun/doing things to escape school life and take a break from it all. I wasn't sure if this was a great focus for the portfolio or if I should do a more academic and IB related one? Either way, this would be a great way to learn the cultural and global aspects of CAS that I can never find where I'm at. Anyway, then once I started compiling the photos, I was going to make the portfolio on a blog (probably on tumblr) instead of having a hard copy portfolio. Then that could be my evidence for CAS and other IB-ers could see it in the future and it'd be awesome and wonderful and perfect If anyone is interested in this topic or has other ideas that'd be amazing
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