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  1. I have now found a webpage where I was able to do a paired t-test, which I hope works. I'm just wondering exactly what numbers I should mention and if you think the results seems reasonable??
  2. This is a part of the "procedure" section of my IA: " Each participant was presented with four different photographs separately, one from each of the four groups established in the pilot study (attractive male, attractive female ,unattractive male, unattractive female). The size of the photographs were measured to the 15x20 cm big. The participants then rated each photograph on likeability, trustworthiness and attractiveness using a 7-point scale (0 = not at all, 7 = very). The final question displayed all four previous photographs (see figure...). Together with the set of pictures, a hypothetical situation was presented. The participants were asked to choose which of the individuals on the photographs they would trust the most, if they would lend the person money with the promise to return it with interest. Every participant rated the same pictures and was presented with the same hypothetical situation." I'm not sure what measurements you were thinking of, but anyway - this is the calculated mean, median and mode values: Mean; Trustworthiness Mean; Likeability Person 1 (attractive male) 4.88 4.63 Person 2 (unattractive female) 4.5 3.88 Person 3 (unattractive male) 3.94 3.63 Person 4 (attractive female) 5.25 5.38 Trustworthiness Likeability Mode Median Mode Median Person 1 (attractive male) 4 5 5 5 Person 2 (unattractive female) 4 4 5 4 Person 3 (unattractive male) 3 4 3 3.5 Person 4 (attractive female) 5 5 5 5 And this is the (individual) result of the hypothetical situation (hence which of the four people they would trust the most): 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 2. 4. 3. 1. 4. 4. 4. 2. 4.
  3. Thank you so much! Now I'm just wondering how I will use the t-test and what variables that are considered then. (I researched if there was a correlation between attractiveness and trustworthiness and likeability.)
  4. Thank you so much! It makes more sense to me now! Just another question - my teacher took my results from the experiment through a statistical programme called SPSS, should I in any way mention that in my essay, or should I just display the results and raw data?
  5. Hello!! I am writing my psychology IA right now, but now I'm at the result section and I don't understand a thing! My teacher does not explain this well, and he doesn't seem to be certain about what he's doing. There was actually a few people last year who failed their psychology, mainly because of their IAs so I'm a bit terrified! I'm a HL student, so I will need inferential statistics but how does that actually work?? For example, my teacher said I should use the General Linear Model, but I don't know if I'm allowed to use that.. I haven't found anyone who have used it before, but it does calculated the level of significance. Also, do I need a graph or something similar for the inferential part? (I already have graphs in the descriptive statistics section of the essay) Thank you so much in advance!
  6. Hello! I want to do my EE in English B (english as a second language) and I've been thinking about writing something with crimes. For example comparing Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple but that's more psychology, so I asked my teacher and she gave some examples like comparing how they describe crime scenes and so on. I was wondering if anyone else have any ideas on what I can focus on? It doesn't have to be a specific research question, just something to help me decide! (I love Midsomer Murders and especially Sherlock (BBC), so I wouldn't mind writing something with that! )
  7. Hi! I've just got my schedule for this year and I have long days and some early mornings - do you have any tips on how I can keep my energy up after a long day in school (when I will be studying) and how to basically just plan my day after my schedule?? (and how should I find time for CAS?? Should I try to do much on weekends or what?? :/ I'm totally confused, I know! )
  8. Hello! I've been starting to plan CAS, but I'm not sure how I should plan it for each week - should I do e.g. 2 hours of creativity the first week and the second week 2 hours of service and have approx 1 hours action/week and repeat it the whole year? Do you have any advice on how I should plan it and how did you manage to do all of your CAS hours AND homework?? (I imagine that it takes a lot of time!)
  9. Hi! I've been thinking a bit about university and where I want to go after the IB (I know it might be early to think about it, but I don't want to get a shock next year!) I almost know that I want to study psychology (haven't start reading the subject yet, but I find it interesting!) and I would really like to study in the UK. I have looked at some psychology programs in London (and nearby) but I don't really know which one that's best. Anyone have a clue?? I mainly think about how the students feel about the program/school, but also what others (maybe newspapers (articles), statistical things etc) think about it
  10. Hi! I will start the "real" IB in a couple of weeks (have been in PDP the past year) and I don't live at home with my parents, so I have to cook everyday, wash, clean, shop etc while I have homework, tests etc. The past year have been manageable, but I want to have some tips since it probably will be a lot of studying during these years! Does anyone have the same experience and/or any tips?? Both about how to be efficient with cleaning, cooking etc and how to manage all the things to do
  11. Can anyone explain internal assessments?? When do you do it? How? What exactly is it? etc. I'm a bit confused!
  12. Hi! I will start IB1 the 18th (have gone PDP this year) and I was wondering if IB1 is harder than IB2 or does it depend on if you do all your homeworks/assignments or not?? The difference between the homeworks, assignments, tests, CAS and everything else you can think of! Is it true that if you do everything properly the first year, the second year will be easier?? If you have any tips, write them!! (Can help me and my class alot - we get very tired of school early!)
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