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  1. \amazing/

    What is your hardest and easiest subject?

    Easiest: Chemistry SL and Geography HL The concepts in chemistry are easy to grasp. Geography is just fun to learn (despite there's actually a lot of work) Hardest: English Lit SL It's such a struggle for me to pay attention to all the details and come up with some interpretation. Also it is a subject that is really hard to improve in since I keep on getting the same mark
  2. For my geography EE, I've just formed my research question but I found my phrasing might be a bit weird/not dead on target? And is my research question too broad or too general? My topic is: Which of the government intervention on cultural hotspots is more successful, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia or Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia? Any advice is appreciated Thanks!
  3. \amazing/

    What goes into your IB school bag?

    Handwritten notes for most of my subjects, like for chemistry it's easier to hand-draw the diagrams Electronic notes for geography because it's easier to put in maps/graphs
  4. English,French,Chinese,Latin,German,Japanese,Indonesian (but no one is doing it in our cohort)
  5. \amazing/

    Questionnaire: IB Study habits

    1. Geography: make notes and discuss the topics with friends, do past papers Chemistry: make notes,do a lot of practice questions,read through the textbook and...MAKE CHEM JOKES BASED ON THE TOPIC (they actually do help!) Maths: practice questions 2. In my school we start our HL topics in year 12 so sorry I can't really help...but for geography SL and HL have the same paper for paper 1 and two 3. Probably not for the ones that has changed a lot? (Like geography) But I've used some for English and French.
  6. \amazing/

    What goes into your IB school bag?

    A massive homework folder,huge pencil case with pretty much everything in it, lunchbox,umbrella,maths workbook,english class set,tissues, phone,iPod and water bottle I think that's it...?
  7. Hello, I have my IOP coming up next week. I would appreciate if someone can read my IOP speech and give me some feedback and suggestions. My topic is "Social hierarchy in A Cup of Tea by Katherine Mansfield". Thanks in advance!
  8. \amazing/

    What is your dream IB score?

    40-45 is my dream but I will be satisfied with a 37+ (need it for commerce in Uni Melb) Subject specific: English: 5-6 (probably my weakest subject) French,maths and economics:6 Geography and chemistry:7 TOK+EE: 2-3
  9. \amazing/

    Yum or Yuck

    yum! Bananas?
  10. \amazing/

    How to prepare for these subjects?

    Thank you for all your suggestions
  11. Hi everyone I am entering IB next year and I am taking these subjects: English A Literature French B Economics Geography Chemistry Maths HL I am just wondering how should I prepare for IB1 in the upcoming holidays Any advice? Thank you in advance

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