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  1. Hey guys! I was wondering if anybody was willing to share the Bio HL specimen papers with me. My IB1 exams are just around the corner and I'm pretty certain my school will use this year's examination papers, which I'm frankly quite worried about... I want to therefore at least try to become familiar with the new structure and possible content as much as possible. Thanks
  2. Looks absolutely doable. Although I do agree with both Sciencefreak and Aurelia: If I were you, I'd switch to Spanish B, simply because it's an easy 7, and this is something you will be really thankful for, considering how stressful the IB can be. On the other hand, I would definitely at least try to go for Maths SL, because it opens a LOT more doors for you, should you opt for a science-related career. Hope this helps
  3. Hey guys, the subjects I have chosen so far (I'm starting the DP in August) are: HL German Literature HL Biology HL Economics SL English Language & Literature SL Mathematics Originally, my plan was to take French B SL as my sixth subject, since I am an absolute language person, but this is no longer offered as not enough people have elected it. Now, I am not sure what to pick. The possibilities are: -Drama -Spanish B -Geography -Chemistry I really cannot decide! Right now, I've opted for geography because I've heard from multiple sources that it is fairly easy, although I am not actually interested in it at all. I don't believe that drama would suit me, because, judging from my own experience, it is an immense amount of work and can also be quite tedious. I'm not sure if I would manage Spanish B, as I only had it for years 8 and 9 and I don't know whether I could catch up to the required level, although I do like languages a lot! Lastly, I'm simply scared of chemistry, although from what I've heard there's not a lot of memorising you have to do. What would you guys recommend? And also, what do you think of my subject choices in general? Would you say that it's fairly well-rounded, considering I don't really know what to do yet? Thank you so much!
  4. Hey guys, my IB subject choice forms are due pretty soon, and I am not quite sure about which English course I want to pick yet... I'm probably gonna go with Literature, although I don't really understand the difference between this subject and Language & Literature - can you help me out? Also, is there a tremendous difference in terms of workload between HL and SL? What's your experience? Lastly, I must confess that I have cheated quite a bit in the past english/history assessments (anything to do with essays, really), simply because I couldn't cope with the short time period we have to complete a complex essay. In our school, we usually get 2 periods (50 mins) to complete the test, so I go home on the day which I started my assessment on, finish it at home on the paper I smuggled from class, and bring in the new parts of the essay the next day. I feel awful about it every single time, but I cannot work under pressure and end up panicking every single time. I am a very good English student and write excellent analyses and creative pieces at home, but as soon as I write an assessment in school, my mind goes blank. Do you have some advice on how to organize my time better and more effectively? Thank you so much.
  5. What do you think? What is the easiest combination in terms of both workload and content that you can come up with? Help a lazy IB student over here!
  6. Hey guys, yes... I know... another Pre-IB student asking for some advice on course selections So far I have chosen: German A Lit HL English A Lang&Lit SL Economics HL Biology HL Mathematics SL Geography SL To be quite frank, I absolutely loathe writing essays. It's not that I'm particularly bad at it, I just dislike writing in general. So here are my questions regarding this: -I've heard a fair amount of older students say that Eco HL is hell if you do not like writing essays. Is that true? -Secondly, I'm not quite sure which English course I want to pick yet: English Lit or Lang & Lit? Which one is more manageable in terms of workload/essays? Which one is more enjoyable? -Lastly, I haven't really decided on my sixth subject yet - I randomly chose Geo because I heard that it was quite easy going in terms of content and workload. What do you think? Would you suggest something else? Also, let's just say that I'm not always the most productive or organized student ... Is my subject combination manageable with a medium work-input? Don't get me wrong, I have a GPA close to a 7, but I'm pretty stressed out right now and plan to take things a little easier next year for my health. Thank you
  7. This might be quite late, but seriously, SWITCH TO CHEMISTRY! I know how nerve-wracking DT is, and luckily, I am in my last year of MYP and will not have to choose it as a subject next year. Chemistry might be a little hard to comprehend at first, but trust me, it is A LOT less work!
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