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  1. I'm writing my EE in English (Category 1) on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I'm so overwhelmed by everything I see (one could say extremely overwhelmed, but that's a tautology) and I need help. It's like facing a cliff with no place to put my foot in. My proposed RQ is "How does JS Foer explore the relationship between grief and language in ELIC?" I'm currently looking at the protagonist's bits and scouring for links between grief and language but I don't know where I'm going. I have to mention that I'm really late by school standards in writing and submitting my essay. Please help me find a direction! Thank you
  2. To me, you're not really researching on behalf of English A at all. This seems more like history, social/global studies. You don't have any specific piece of literature, you are working with? For example: poems, novels, essays. Well, I wanted to investigate how language and images are used in the media to refer to Muslims in the United States. I didn't go for "literature" because frankly I don't know what to do haha. I've seen an EE where this girl talks about sexualization of women in American Apparel ads.
  3. Hi. I take English A Literature but would like to do an essay on Language and Literature. I was wondering if IBSurvival has any tips for me in this regard. I would like to investigate the portrayal of Muslims in American media pre-9/11. Would that be counted as an English EE? It sounds like it will involve a lot of history. I would limit myself to a time period of fifty years (1951-2001). Do you think it's possible? Is it too vague? Thank you
  4. Hi! I'm doing my EE on English A and I have two questions: Can I do it in Lang and Lit even though I take Lit? If I could, I'd like to do the portrayal of Muslims in American media pre-9/11 Would I be able to do song lyrics for Lit? I'd like to do the theme of isolation in Simon and Garfunkel's corpus of songsThank you
  5. We see all nuances to a story, a one-person debate team
  6. IOP due in two weeks. For a practice IOP I did Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and compared McCandless to Shakespeare's tragic heroes. Teacher thought it was excellent. Would I be able to do that for the actual thing? Or should I only talk about the work? I was thinking seeing the characters in this second work as a tragic hero would put them into relief. Thank you
  7. So I take four HLs (History, English A Literature, French B and Economics). I'm worried that this might affect me next year with deadlines and exams. Right now I'm thinking of becoming a French teacher. Which one should I drop? I'm doing very well in Economics and French; Literature's alright. History isn't too bad, especially considering that I hadn't taken it for two years. Thanks
  8. In that case, does anyone have a copy of the Pearson ebook? I bought Oxford yesterday (same price as Pearson, and I rationalized that AHL topics would help, even if I'm in SL) and am regretting it big time. Can't afford another book Thank you
  9. Hi, I want to investigate either plant biomass growth or human memory. Which will give me better results (and marks)? I take Biology SL. Thank you
  10. We have IA RQs due on Thursday and I want to investigate the effect of a factor on either plant growth or memory. With plant growth, I'll measure biomass; memory will consist of remembering words and their location on a page. Which is better, IBSurvival? Thank you
  11. Friend asks me to host her debut (eighteenth). A DP2 student hosted our old schools reunion and apparently got CAS hours. Would this count? What if i helped out in organizing too? Grazie
  12. It was either IB and A-Levels (which are useful if you know what you want to specialise in) and A-Levels here didn't have French or History. I don't know which one to drop: I really like History and want to take it upon myself to do well. Literature so far is fun because I love poems and analysing them; I might have to take it at HL if I want to do History or Law in uni. I wouldn't want to miss out on French literature, and the HL content. I suppose it's Economics I can drop, but I read somewhere there's very little difference between HL and SL Economics.
  13. First month of IBDP, first time in an IB school. Worried about CAS, but I can handle the material. I take English Literature, History, Economics and French at HL; Biology and Math at SL. Will I survive? I have dubious time management skills and work ethic. Tips? I think I want to do International Studies in university. Thank you!
  14. I'm taking French B HL and our teacher wants us to choose two works in French for the Literature component. No translations into French. Can anyone recommend any books? I would really like to work with contemporary novels. I'm competent in French (6 years) and breezed through Le Petit Nicolas; Le Petit Prince was good too. What do you study for the Lit component?
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