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  1. mathpoet

    Intended Majors

    Mathematics and minors in actuarial science or risk management and saxophone at Duke.
  2. mathpoet

    HL Maths P3 ~all options (MAY09)

    Even though the s&de was awfully easy, the most of the people in my school screwed it up. I personally left 30 points blank. I really hope for a 4. And I was predicted a 7. And I am gonna study Maths at Uni... Kill me please.
  3. mathpoet

    Math HL All TZ - Papers 1 + 2 ONLY (MAY09)

    Paper 1 easy, paper 2-no comment (wth Q12?!) (TZ2) Don't have a clue about series and diff. equations and I'm doing it in 3 hours... =/
  4. mathpoet

    Interview the person below you

    Hate to admit, but strong pink which supposed to be red... (even more hate to admit I actually like it). Favorite sport and team/player?
  5. mathpoet

    Duke vs Amherst -Help

    [b]What would you choose?[/b] Ok guys, I need your opinions. I got accepted to Duke and Amherst with almost identical scholarships, covering all of my expenses. Right now, I believe I'll major in Maths, with two minors, in some part of Economics and in instrumental performance (saxophone). I'm a huge sports fan, coming from a small city in Bosnia with warm climate... I am not truly familiar with strengths and weaknesses of specific US Unis so I'd really appreciate all possible help with this dilemma. Thanks!
  6. mathpoet

    The Music Thread

    Someone? I like them. Actually, they are in my top 3 bands, if not the top one. Something wrong with that?
  7. Harvard. Predictable, I know, but it's my childish dream. (Mathematics, as anywhere else I'd go) I had an interview and the woman told me how I'm great academically and out-of-classroom, but I don't have enough self confidence to study at Harvard. Her bad. Going to Duke most probably, even though still waiting for Yale's decision. Bite it, you b****!
  8. mathpoet

    Intelligent TV Shows?

    Big Bang Theory for the intelligent ones; it is brilliant! But except that, House, Dexter, Weeds (maybe not so intelligent , but great)
  9. mathpoet

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Since you're taking English A1, I think you need more on reading for Cornell. I got 2010 (760M, 610R, 640W), and got into Duke and Amherst (still waiting for Yale), but I have English B, and come from Bosnia.
  10. mathpoet

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Thanks Forester and eblake! Really sorry for you and Amherst eblake. Hope you get somewhere nice! =)
  11. mathpoet

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    I got into Duke! =) There are different criteria for international students, especially from Bosnia (and UWC). =)
  12. mathpoet

    Further Mathematics Book

    Further Math is only offered as a SL, since it is usually combined with Math HL (as 6th or 7th subject). It is harder than HL since it covers the additional, mostly uni level Math.
  13. mathpoet

    Canadian Universities

    I don't know almost anything about Canadian Unis, except that a large number of people from my school applied for Simon Fraser and got accepted with scholarship offers. Any good?
  14. mathpoet



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