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  1. I did already, this is not homework, I'm studying for mocks and asking for help with problems I struggle with, no need to be salty sheesh
  2. Show that 1/1-sinx + 1/1+sinx simplifies to 2/cos^2x
  3. Thanks but btw how do you solve these two problems; what will an investement of 10000 dollars amount to after 5 years if it earns 8% pa compounded twice annually?
  4. I don't really know to be honest, I mean torture is quite cruel and Inhumane. I mean doesn't torturing a terrorist put you down on their level? You know the saying: Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster
  5. What are some good websites to study HL Biology from and give quite good information?
  6. So I am an sl chemistry student and for my mock exams, I really want to do well on my exams like at least a 5. What would be the best method to do so?
  7. Are predicted scores what you'll get on exams or what they think your final score will be?
  8. For those who have taken mocks, how did you study for it?
  9. SO my mock exams are like in a month and I am really worried about them, especially biology since it is so much to memorize. What would be the best way to study mock exams in a month, like a good schedule?
  10. For my math IA I've chosen to try and explain certain patterns within pascals triangle for example such as the square pattern. I know I need to use the binomial theorem to explain the pattern but I am having a little difficulty showing why the square pattern exist using binomial coefficients. If anyone could offer some help, that would be very appreciated.
  11. 1. Consider the function f with second derivative f"( 3x-1) The graph of f(x) has a minimum at A (2, 4) and a maximum point at (-4/3, 358/27:. Use the second derivative to justify that B is a maximum.

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