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  1. I'm not sure if six thinking hats is in the syllabus, but consider using it. Then if you can get estimates for the cost, payback period for training would be a good start (compare that to how long they expect the nurse to stay at his clinic before taking off for a better job). Check out his liquidity ratios to see if he has a high enough ratio to bear the initial cost of training. My 0.02$
  2. Is error/uncertainty propagation necessary for EEs? Just to clarify, I meant if I'm finding the circumference and use a ruler to measure the radius as 1±0.5cm, do I have to use the ±0.5 for all my calculations, or can I leave it out for EEs?
  3. Hamartia

    How good do my essays have to be

    I was just trying to get an answer to "what are my chances" without the usual "depends on your essay" answer I *do* plan on putting a lot of effort into my essays. (Proof being my 10000th re-check of my UIUC essay)
  4. Hamartia

    How good do my essays have to be

    No, what I meant was that if I was applying to a really horrible uni with these scores, I wouldnt need to spend as much time on the essay (for that uni), right? So if you guys dont get what I mean (Im sorry ), then can you just chance me instead? Thanks
  5. for the following universities? Details: SAT 1: 2030/2400 SAT 2: 1600/1600 (Math 2, Physics) IB Predicted: Math HL - 7 Physics HL - 7 Chemistry HL - 7 BM SL - 7 Eng SL - 6 Hindi SL - 6 TOEFL: 109/120 (iBT) ECs: 1) Student Council (Head Boy) 2) Attended the Global Young Leaders' Conference 3) Appointed as School Mentor in School Mentor Program 4) Headed the execution of national Mock UN 5) Attended various mock UNs 6) Placed first at a few band competitions 7) Designed websites for a few events 8) Volunteer with Greenpeace 9) Volunteer with a local NGO 10) Awarded 'A' in community service 11) Internship with an engineering firm 12) Volunteer at a hospital _____________ Ill be applying for Mech Eng. and the way Ive put the above ECs is only so you can get an overview. So how good do my essays have to be to get accepted to the following unis? (I ask this because people always say that admission depends on your essay. So instead of asking what are my chances, I think Ill get more helpful answers this way ) Now here is my list of Unis: 1) CMU 2) Cornell U 3) JHU 4) MIT 5) Purdue 6) Stanford 7) UC: Berkeley 8) UIUC How good does my essay have to be for each of the above unis? And Im sorry for the horrible grammar, its really late at night
  6. Hamartia

    Physics - Momentum etc Help Please?

    Oh I tried alrgiht, for quite some time too. Alright, Ill show some working next time. Thanks!!! Trying this way. Youre using Tsokos as well? Could you help me with problems 10, 5, 13 as well? Been trying since I put this thread up Edit: Oh and please dont tell me the answer. I wanna figure it out on my own. Hints only
  7. Thanks a lot guys, this clears everything
  8. First off, thanks a lot for the reply By not giving credit for B&M, I meant that if I got a 45 overall(wishful? I know ), and 7 in BM, I'll actually be counted as having only 45-7 = 38/45. Is that true? I'm a bit sleepy, so I'm gonna go off to sleep, have to get up for CAS at 6 tomorrow I shall edit this post again/make a new post tomorrow when I'm back from school, thanks
  9. If during any of this post, I come across as immature and confused, its because I am. Sorry, please bear with me. I'll get directly to the point here. 1) Someone said that a few universities dont give credit for Business and Management, is this true? 2) Can someone tell me the recommended calc for IB? Some fx7900 slim I think it was called. Also, how much does it cost? 3) The whole IB format of IAs and Labs, I DO NOT understand, but its only my third day tomorrow. Is this normal? Can someone explain this to me please??? 4) I want to do civil engineering/architecture, I've taken Physics, Chemi, Math at HL, B&M, English, Language 2 at SL. Can I still do architecture if I havent taken visual arts? 5) Can someone link me to the percentage required for each credit in each subject? (Eg. 80% for 7 in Math HL. I know its not correct, just an example) 6) Can someone tell me the of entrance exams I am required to give for studying in the following countries, and what they will test me on? USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Australia. Edit:- I mean stuff like SAT, TOEFL and stuff. I have no clue what they are Non - IB questions. 1) How is the quality of life as a civil engineer? I mean on work as well as off work? 2) The same as above, but for an architect? 3) Can someone recommend good universities for me to pursue an architects/civil engineers degree??? I am very confused, so any additional help about any of these things is appreciated. Thanks guys
  10. Hamartia

    Extra Classes

    So I need to know if I need tuitions for the following subjects... Phy Chem Math HL B&M English Hindi SL What do you guys recommend? P.S. IB Starts in two months for me...
  11. Hamartia

    Physics Chemi Maths HL

    Sorry, I wrote 'tis because I was studying Julius Caesar some time back and its stuck in my head. And I might consider shifting over to economics then. Thanks guys. But what exctly does economics cover?
  12. Hamartia

    Physics Chemi Maths HL

    I dunno if this makes sense but I ENJOY (to an extent) doing phys and maths =S Chemi i dislike I think i AM going to need it. (B&M) Im opting for B&M because ultimately its my dads business that im going to join (redevelopment and construction and all) We have PHY CHEM BIO Environmental in Applied science or whatever English is compulsary at hl or sl hindi, spanish or french maths is compulsary visual arts B&M , eco, psychology and other history civics rubbish which i will take only over my dead body =P
  13. I'm planning on going into civil engineering/ architecture. Phys Chemi Maths HL Business & Management, English, Hindi SL [ Already know hindi, am indian] Is it manageable? P.S. Idk if 'tis the right forum, its my first post =P P.S.2.Edit :- I love phys and maths.

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