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  1. you'llneverknow

    Practice questions P3

    How can we find the specimen papers??? I haven't seen them
  2. you'llneverknow

    IB Physics HL P1/P2

    I agree! Let's ace those P3s!!!!!!!!
  3. you'llneverknow

    English A HL Lang Lit Paper 1

    I chose the second one. I did not have time for proofreading though. I hope it was ok
  4. you'llneverknow


    Same! Physics HL and Math HL will be the death of me. I am a bit scared of Chem SL as well because of the syllabus change. But nothing scares me like Physics and Math. I feel you. May the IB Gods be with us
  5. you'llneverknow


    I am done with my first exam!!! Hooraayy This week is not really a big deal, but next week... All my sciences and math coming at me... GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!! WE DID NOT COME THIS FAR TO WALK AWAY WITHOUT VICTORY!!!!!!!!
  6. you'llneverknow

    What is your dream IB score?

    My university expects a 36 from me, and I was predicted a 39 at the beginning of this school year but I have no idea what my score will be a 38 or above would make me really proud though
  7. you'llneverknow

    Not Sending and IA?

    I do not understand it either. I have no idea whether I will submit a page or the design part or anything at all. It is due tonight. I basically have 4 hours left and I can't even decide :((((
  8. you'llneverknow

    Not Sending and IA?

    My point was whether I would get my diploma without sending my ia or not. As I have mentioned above, my teacher is highly condemnatory when it comes to ia's and will mark mine down even if it could get a 2 at most. So I cannot even get a 2. I mean what's the point in sending it? Will I still get my diploma if I don't send it or not?? :'(
  9. you'llneverknow

    Not Sending and IA?

    Hey Guys! I was just wondering if I would still be able to get my IB diploma if I I do not send my Physics IA? Our final drafts are due tomorrow and I am not sure whether I should send it or not(it sucks and the most I can get is a 2 probably) And my teacher is a bit of a perfectionist and will most likely add on negative comments as well. I am so indecisive and it is depressing me. Please help me out :'(
  10. you'llneverknow

    Refractive Index

    Hey all! We have been learning about refractive index and light lately. I was wondering if temperature affects the refractive index or not. Does it really? My teacher went into this but I couldn't understand. Also is the refractive index of substances dependent of their density? How? I would really appreciate it if someone can come up with some answers; my teacher tries to explain it but my brain just wouldn't get it Thanks in advance
  11. you'llneverknow

    What time do you guys sleep and wake up during IB?

    I go to bed at 12-1 every night and wake up at 6:30-7 am most of the time. The struggle is real. If anyone has good tips to stop procrastination and going to bed so late, please kindly share
  12. you'llneverknow

    You know you are an IB student when...

    Agree You know you are in IB when you procrastinate on an IA for 6 hours
  13. you'llneverknow

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

    I would use the formula y=a(x-x1)(x-x2) Our x1 would be -4 as the graph passes through it. Our x2 value would be 2 as the line of symmetry(x= -1) should be at equal distances to the points where the curve meets the x-axis. so far our equation is: y=a(x-(-4))(x-2), y=a(x+4)(x-2) To find the value of a we should substitute the point (0,4) 4=-8a a= -0.5 So the equation is: y= -0.5(x+4)(x-2) I don't know if I was a bit of help and got the answer right, but you can message me for your further questions, I'll always try to help
  14. you'llneverknow

    Study Group?

    I would love to join as well!! Can someone send me the link please? )
  15. you'llneverknow

    Feeling Down

    Count me in! -but also get ready to listen to some boring/ depressing IB& application stuff

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