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  1. herong2x

    Theater Arts Research Investigation

    It originally wasn't an International School, nor was it IB. Theater Arts was just recently added so they really lack resources. I've been there, through everything and it just disappoints me everytime. So I've just ordered three books and they'll be here by January. Philippines isn't that open to IB yet except for International Schools. I only have a total of 3 books, 1 thesis paper and a person who is a director of Theater of the Absurd. Would that be alright? I really want to have a variety of sources but I just have no choice but to settle with this.
  2. herong2x

    Theater Arts Research Investigation

    These aspects seem sort of unrelated. Are you sure there's a link? Are you going to be able to analyze them both thoroughly in 2500 words? The point is not to tell the Director how to do his job. You are giving him historical or cultural information for him to do with as he pleases. So you're going to say: "Well, traditionally IF you were going to do it in true absurdist fashion, you would do it like THIS". Then you are perfectly free to be as specific as you want on what/how to do, as long as you're historically accurate and you support your statements with research. THEN it's up to the director to say "OK, that sounds good, we'll use that" or "forget it, I don't like it". But you don't have to worry about that. Hope that helped. This research investigation is really awful as I do not have much sources except one book and I know that is just not enough. I've ordered 2 more books but then it will only be 3 sources. I know I can use some of the websites as sources but as for now, I have not found any that was helpful to my research. This really sucks. My teacher is on leave and I really really want to get this done but I just see no way.
  3. herong2x

    May / November 2010 Examinations Timetable

    I can't believe that I'm taking History HL Paper 3 and Chemistry SL Paper 1 and 2 on the same day I better study hard!
  4. In both years, we have a total of 54. There were only 34 last year and it keeps growing. Some people dropped out, and some were expelled.
  5. herong2x

    What was your IOP topic?

    I did mine on Of Mice and Men and Oedipus - a talk show interviewing George and Oedipus, how the death of Iocasta and for Oedipus, how catharsis affected him. It was alright though I almost went over the 15minute limit.
  6. herong2x

    Theater Arts Research Investigation

    Thank you for your reply Because I had a hard time finding a play of Theater of Cruelty, I chose Theater of Absurd with the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. I've also decided to concentrate on how the actor (Lucky) will act (such as body movements) and the stage/set. I'm having a hard time in this too as its the first year of our school having Theater Arts I was wondering if it will be fine if I investigate on how absurdist actor acts and provide the movements of Lucky? I know I am not supposed to suggest the movements to the director, but I have no idea how I can place it in my research paper without trying to propose it or suggest it
  7. herong2x

    UK Applications

    Good day. I am currently an incoming IB Year 2 student where our schoolyear starts Aug.24. After my IB, I am very interested to apply in UK universities. I am aware that the UCAS Applications in the choices of my universities start September 15 to October 15. I have also read Aboo's thread about UCAS Applications which helped alot. However, I am not very sure whether I should start applying in 2009 or 2010 since I am a May 2010 candidate. I prefer applying through UCAS in September 2010 since then, the results of my externals will be available which will narrow my choices down. Please help me in deciding whether its better this year or next. Thank you.
  8. herong2x

    Theatre Research Paper (HL)

    Do you mind sending one for me? I PMmed you my email ad. Thank you very much
  9. Hi. I am currently debating on the Theater Practice I should do in my Research Investigation. After researching, I have decided on the theater practice: Theater of Cruelty. However, I have two problems regarding it: 1. I am concerned on the play I will have to do on. My school does not have much resources therefore I am limited to the following plays: The Cenci Faust Waiting for Godot Since Faust and Waiting for Godot both are tragic play and tragicomedy play respectively, I am more inclined to The Cenci. However, please do not hesitate to give me your comments. 2. I am concerend on my research question. I know I will have to formulate it on my own, which I have. However I have two of them and I would want to go with the one that will probably be more successful even if it requires hard work. The following are my ideas, though the titles will be have to be revised: 'How do the lights, sound and stage contribute to a play of theater of cruelty?' and for the second one, I am planning to do something on the actors in theater of cruelty, more specifically, a character in The Cenci, but I still have to think about what aspect I am going to cover it on. For my first title, I am afraid that it might be on the production and the directorial side more of the dramaturg side which IB requires. I am afriad that it doesn't go along with what IB requires. From my research, there aren't much kinds like my first title. Many students have inclined towards the actors or the puppetry in their specific researches. I have just drafted my ideas and I am not so sure if they are good. Please help me by leaving comments. Thank You
  10. I suggest that you read the books you are most interested in from the start till the end. After that, you might be able to find a part that you are most interested in or find it peculiar in some ways. It is also important that with the topic you choose, you should be able to do a certain comparison with it: similarities and differences. For mine, my books were Like Water for Chocolate and the House of the Spirits where I will be examining the issue of dominance (LWFC - Mama Elena to Tita, HOS - Esteban to Clara) and the influence (or significance) the oppressed have on the two major settings of the books (LWFC - Tita to kitchen, HOS - Clara to the House). I actually stumbled upon this topic when I was discussing some ideas for it with my classmate, where she mentioned a number of topics. After some pondering, I have decided to combine the two topics into one. Also remember that you have to research on the significance of your topic in the books.
  11. herong2x


    Though I have managed my first year in IB without a tutor, I am planning to get one in Math SL and Chemistry SL because I know I am not excellent in Chemistry and I got a 5 because my teacher was kind. Those are the subjects I dread in the externals, therefore I decided to get extra help since my teacher rarely has time for me after class. I am also getting a tutor in Math SL because I am aiming for a 7. I personally would also want to get a tutor in English A1, though I am not sure most tutors will know about the existence in IB in this country, unless I find an IB teacher in another school.
  12. herong2x

    Late nights or Early Mornings :)

    I personally work better late at night. When it wasn't vacation, I used to sleep right away after coming home from school, then stay up till 2am. However, during finals and midterms, I usually make myself sleep at 11pm and wake up at 5. I think that if you are trying to memorize something for a test, wake up early in the morning to do it. The memory will be fresher compared to late nights.
  13. herong2x

    Help for Theatre EE!

    Like what Aboo said, I strongly encourage you to do your EE on a subject you are most interested in. Or else, I am afraid you will lose the "motivation" doing your EE which might result to a bad score. Anyway, I have thought of doing an EE in Theater, and my rough title was: The effect of Great Depression on the Play Death of a Salesman. If I have pursued on this subject, I would also have found other plays that contains the topic great depression. If you are going to pushthrough with your title, I suggest you concentrate on two to three specific plays. However, do ask help from your EE supervisor together with your Theater teacher. Good luck.
  14. herong2x

    To what extent does IB affect you?

    I doubt anyone will answer 'No' to this question. Though I do not have it often, if I haven't finished a homework or anything that is due tomorrow, it hunts me during the day that I will actually have trouble sleeping at night. Well it was our finals this week and the test in Chemistry was supposed to be yesterday but our school got suspended due to H1N1, and I actually had a dream with a paper named 'Chemistry IB 1 Final Exam' following me! It was awful. I guess IB affects us in everyway during our lifetime here in IB since we are to take this seriously and make this opportunity out of it, to the extent that it actually feels weird and you feel like a bum when there is nothing to do when you come home (which is rare).
  15. herong2x

    Relaxation methods

    It is soon my finals and since all the finals are commutative, I do stress out alot these days. Though exercising and moving around does make my mind and my body relax, I try to refrain from exercising for relaxation these days. One reason could be that I will get tired and will not be able to concentrate studying at night. Therefore, I try to sit down and get my favorite books and read for awhile or skim around. Music also helps. Or I also like to take a good bath then sit in front of the computer for awhile then get back to my work.

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