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  1. Need assistance for the 2015 ITGS case study. My exams are really soon, if anyone is doing the 2015 exams for ITGS, please PM or reply.
  2. Hey there, Just sent in my ITGS IA two weeks ago. From what I see, you are correct. Although with Criteria B, the justification of the proposed solution is counted in the word count.
  3. Wow, thanks so much for the ideas, and would it be ok if i message you in the future in regards to this IA, if i have any queries or difficulties along the way, since my physics teacher isn't on demand as much. Thanks once again, you're awesome!
  4. True^ however, since it'll be hard to pull and shoot the elastic band on the force meter, would it be a good idea to measure how far i pull back, while the elastic band is ont he force meter, then discard the force meter and just do it with my hand. Also what are some of the things which would be regarded as the extraneous variables. Thank you so much for your assistance!
  5. Thats a good one, although how would you measure force, would you just measure it in regards to how far you pull back?
  6. Thanks for the reply, how about something to do with, Investigating the relationship of Hooke's law to elastic bands. For example, adding weights to several trials of elastic bands, to see where the breaking point initiates. Have you got any ideas or clues as to what may be a fun experiment to do with elastic bands?
  7. Count me in, sounds like an awesome idea – Hope this works out
  8. Hi there, So soon I'll be starting on my first Internal Assessment in physics. I need some suggestions for an experiment / investigation I'll be completing in regards to: Rubber Bands, or Elastic Bands, whatever you like to call them. If it's possible, suggest something that would be rather easy to out take, with a few variables, you could suggest it in a form of a investigation question. – Thank You!
  9. Correct, Im doing IB, so it comes with it. Next poster likes motorbikes
  10. I reworded my EE question would this be better ? An Investigation into the efficacy of treatments for OCD such as biological treatments as opposed to psychotherapy. By the way, I searched google for some empirical studies done on this question, and I couldn't find any studies done in the past, could you please assist me in this. Thanks
  11. Are there a number of empirical studies done on this topic? By the way, thanks for you time, I really appreciate it!!
  12. Could you please recommend some ideal EE topics associated with OCD, since I have to give in my research question in ASAP. If you or anyone else could help me out, it would highly be appreciated. Also I looked into this research question : "To what extent does school as a stressor play a role in the development of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?†Although Im not sure if there is much empirical research done into this topic, Please help me with finding an empirical study or if thats not possible, with a new topic?
  13. Hmmm. What sort of a EE question could you formulate from that?

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