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  1. That is certainly true, going to my supervisor would be the best idea here but unfortunately i cannot contact him since the school email system is currently shut down and since its summer vacation. I also want to finish this EE during the summer so I wont have to bother with it during the year. I just wanted to make sure that i am not doing the work and research for no reason.
  2. Hey guys, I just have a small question about the chemistry EE. So I am investigating olive oils and im carrying out a titration. Now my question is: do you think I should include information on titration in my background information section of my EE? I feel as though the IBO might consider it as one of the core topics (since its taught in curriculum), since one of the requirements for the EE is not to include any theory that has been covered in the syllabus (or something along those lines). But I still think that it is very integral to my EE, and want to include it. So any thoughts? Thank you in advance!
  3. Wow, 1am for me too much procrastination (like this website for example )
  4. I feel like youtube would be the best help here. You should also ask your teacher if you are not getting certain topics, I know for sure it is mandatory for him to help you out.
  5. Go with BioNinja my friend, I am not very familiar with IB Guides but i have been told that Bio ninja captures the essentials of each topic. So if you are looking for a speedy revision, BioNinja is the way to go.
  6. It sounds like something dangerous, and going to mine could also put you at risk. Discuss with your chem teacher on whether it would be considered safe by the IB.
  7. I think you can make it! My friend had worse grades than you and he got into UBC easily
  8. With those HLs you could get some really good scores, but I know for sure that many unis would prefer that you take chemistry and physics at HL, if you want to pursue chemical engineering.
  9. I am sorry but HL math is really for the crazy people out there (in my opinion). With that in mind, I don't think math HL is a requirement for business degrees, I know for sure it is one for economics degrees, but thats only for the more prestigious universities like Imperial College. So drop it if you can and switch to something easier.
  10. Then you should definitely take physics and econ. I wouldn't recommend any of the other subjects, because they are considered to be 'soft choice' subjects. Maybe geography, but apart from that only econ and physics
  11. History would be a great choice for you, especially if you plan on doing law. I would recommend you take chemistry at SL because it truly is a hard subject to get a good grade on. Economics is also pretty useful, and not as difficult as the other subjects (physics). I wouldn't recommend taking psychology because it is also considered to be a 'soft choice'. IF you are good at physics then take it, it won't necessarily help but if you do well on it it will boost your overall score.
  12. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything! Your grades atm don't really reflect how well you will do on the ib exam, but they are still important for Uni applications, since unis look at your overall GPA
  13. You will need to make MANY sacrifices to carry out those classes. The HL english isn't that hard, but the combination of Chemistry HL, Physics and Math HL is near insanity. If you think you can handle it then go for it, but I would advise you not to, your main goal should be to get the best grades in the subjects you are best at.
  14. I wish I could've taken Japanese. But my school doesn't provide my level of Japanese though. But I'm still studying Japanese at school so I kind of get what you're saying. The best way to study Japanese (especially kanji) is writing the kanji itself over and over again. 助言をã‚ã‚ŠãŒã¨ã†ï¼Türk müsünüz? ã©ã„ãŸã—ã¾ã—ã¦ï¼ãƒˆãƒ«ã‚³äººã˜ã‚ƒãªã„ã€ç§ã¯ã‚¦ã‚ºãƒ™ã‚³äººã§ã™ã€‚I tried learning the kanji that way but my progress was really slow. Now I use a book called remembering the kanji by Heisig, which creates mnemonics using the primitive elements of the kanji in order to help with memorising them.
  15. Don't go over 4000 words, make sure you covered everything that you were planning to cover in your EE and you will be fine.
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