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  1. Nope! I'm super lazy which means most of the time I'm just happy I didn't fail. Confession: I really hate IB and what it has done to my social life. NP will never have seen the ocean (which is really sad)
  2. I could totally use a time turner! I would use it to procrastinate more!! Confession: Its 9 o'clock on a Friday night and I'm sitting in the Art room at my high school working on my workbook because I have no life! NP will confess to using school work to get out of things at home or a bad date! (cause I do it all the time!!!)
  3. I am submitting 10 of my sudio works for assessment and I have to submit various workbook pages for assessment as well. I created workbook pages for various other art projects that I never followed through with due to limited supplies, models, and time. My question is can I submit workbook pages for art projects that I am not submitting or do I have to submit the workbook pages that directly correspond to the works I would be submitting?
  4. I love my sibling!! (most of the time) Confession: My LDR just got a gf (which if technically fine, because we have an open relationship) but it really bothers me. NP: Person prefers dogs over cats
  5. There are a number of paths he may take. Your teacher could be like mine and hates kicking people out of IB. If this is the case he my make you redo your presentation to submit and make you take a 0 for the classwork. This won't affect you chances at a diploma. He could call you out on plagiarism. In this case, You could face a zero for that assignment in your diploma points, or you could be removed from the program completely. It all really depends on your teacher and how closely you followed those sources. Good Luck!
  6. amber
  7. It's between being told I was my crush's "favorite super sexy bada** lifeguard" or the time my crush told me "If i was Cinderella he would search the whole world to put that slipper on me!" Both totally made my night!!! Do you see yourself getting married right aftr college or are you going to take a few years and explore the world?
  8. I have never heard of them. But will look into them after this post. The next person likes the beach more then the mountains.
  9. I have eaten Kiwi but I hate it! The next person is not from America.
  10. American Football Where is your dream house located? (City, State/Providence, Country)
  11. True. I think he's like those creepy old guys that think they are much cooler then they really are. The next poster can't swim
  12. pill
  13. well
  14. save
  15. I enjoy the rigor of the classes usually but I hate the amount of work I receive at once. Today alone I have 3 quizzes and a paper due. Plus art projects to finish. I am used to a very low stress lifestyle and have never had to study before so IB has posed a challenge and I like it! Best summer job you've had?