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  1. whattheazn

    Biology HL2

    I am currently enrolled in AP/IB HL . the exam is in may 2007 but our class on meiosis and mitosis. Biology is so hard, especially for my class. My teacher is mean and strict. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/IB_Biology this is a really good sites with IB biology questions tha can helped to prepare for exam.
  2. For EE, the more analysis and more evidents to support the topic explain the effect and significant will earn a higher grade. I am doing my EE on the holocaust.
  3. whattheazn

    Do you guys have an IB club?

    Oh that interesting, we do not have student council but we have IB cabinets to organize all the IB events. Cool atleast we have IB spirits hehe
  4. whattheazn

    Do you guys have an IB club?

    for our IB club, we have several field trips. We have movies night every quarters. We have IB banquet every year. We go to broomballing plus. we do fun activities like cardboard boat race which is really fun. We do singing gram for valentine and other fun activities.
  5. my school have an IB club for IB members. we pay like 75 dollars to be in the club.
  6. Teachers does affect my performace because base on how they lecture make learning easier or difficult to understand the material.
  7. i volunteer at my library afterschool and tutor kids
  8. i recommend you do biology with topic about cellular.
  9. I need like 20 hrs left of my CAS hehe. So close to deadline
  10. whattheazn

    Extended Essay

    My EE topic will be on the Holocaust.
  11. Can any help help me think of replicated experiment i can do with cunitz and glanzer's study?

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