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  1. traveller

    Prescribed Titles 2016 Discussion

    Titles - 2, 3 Okay well I am at a crossroad. Mainly, I really like title 2 and 3 both and now I seriously cannot decide between the two. And then I also like title 4, but Im convincing myself that I like it less so the process of elimination is easier. For title 2, I read the many very interesting perspectives posted earlier on this discussion. At first, I thought that the question referred to natural selection from the POV of the more useful (hence 'stronger') knowledge being the surviving knowledge and the less useful knowledge going 'extinct', so to say. But then there comes the issue that the usefulness of knowledge is highly subjective; the knowledge of art may be useless to a mathematician, for example. I particularly liked what someone previously said about natural selection being based on chance whereas knowledge develops by humans consciously seeking it out; could that be related then to artificial selection? Whereby we choose which knowledge to keep and survive, and we scrap outdated or falsified theories? I dont know if it's just me but I feel like this title relates to the 4th title; knowledge with no application is valueless and hence does not survive (and this can be later argued on). What are your thoughts on this title? For title 3, I see an endless ocean of possible spins to take on this question. But I feel like my interpretation is wrong. I'm thinking that the knower's perspective will greatly alter the way he interpret's the knowledge. For example, a religious person may interpret something, lets say rain during dry season, as a miracle; whereas a non-religious person might interpret the same event as a coincidence or something more scientific based. Or another example; the concept that history is written by the victors. Does that mean that the knowledge we study within history is solely from one perspective? Can we ever have knowledge in history WITHOUT a perspective? Again I feel like this question is related to title 5; the perspectives we have, ergo the bias we have, greatly changes our pursuit of knowledge. You could argue that every knower's perspective IS essential because combining all of these perspectives together will give us a fuller picture. I am also trying to figure out how I can relate this back to personal/shared knowledge. Help guys! I dont know which of these two titles to pick! Im sort of leaning towards 2, i dont know...
  2. traveller

    Most underrated books?

    So I saw a post about the most overrated books and started thinking about some underrated books. Sometimes people are very taken up by popular works like Shakespeare, which no doubt are genius, but less infamous works that are also very genius get overlooked. My first choice is the Lies of Locke Lamora, one of a long series. It does have quite some fame but I dont think it has just enough. I adore the series and it is so elaborate and thrilling. Another one is the Autobiography of Malcolm X; this is an autobiography so I dont know if I can put this under literature? You cant really judge a biography by literature terms, can you? It is however a brilliant read in terms of inspiration and it is life changing. What books have you read that you think are underrated?
  3. traveller

    Most overrated book/series?

    Brave New World was a bore for me. The first few chapters were terribly long and complicated, the middle was ok, but... just felt really empty. Didnt like it very much at all.
  4. traveller

    What subjects should I choose?

    I would go for option 2 because becoming anything in the medical field, be it dentist or doctor or psychiatrist, its good to know how to run a business. Especially for dentists and psychiatrists where you'll likely end up opening your own clinic. Having a business background is useful. Biology and Chemistry are definitely things you need to consider. Whether you take them as HL or SL depends on you; I take them both as HL and I adore biology, its my favourite and easiest subject. But I have many classmates who hate it and dont do well in it. So its up to you to decide whether you are strong at biology or not. Chemistry HL is quite difficult in my opinion, I struggle with it but its definitely NOT impossible to score very high. Hope this helps
  5. I was actually hoping on doing an internship but dont think i'll fit that into all my study and leisure time. I plan on doing my English Lit EE (still haven't finished reading the books required), my biology IA because I cant do it at school anyways, and editing my English Lit written task (our draft is due before the break so i'll edit it during). I'm travelling a lot this summer too so I hope I can get good work done while i'm on those 14 hour long plane rides.
  6. No, cigarettes burn without the need for a person to smoke them, as long as there is some air around which I will ensure. Does anyone know of any plants that grow very fast, other than bean plants? Alternatively, does anyone know any plants that are highly susceptible to smoke?
  7. Hello everyone! So for my biology IA I intend on investigating the effect of cigarette smoke on plant growth. I will be exposing plants to filtered/unfiltered cigarettes over prolonged periods of time and periodically measuring their growth. What do you think of this idea? Will it be successful and good at getting me a high mark? I have back up ideas which are investigating the effect of acid rain on plants (using vinegar to lower pH of water of plants), or effect of overpopulation on plant growth (by planting a lot of seeds in a certain area). Thank you for your feedback
  8. traveller

    Please help my IBDP Schedule!

    I'm assuming BM is business. Neither business nor psychology are 'soft' subjects, they both involve a lot of work. No subject in IB is a soft subject really, it really depends on what you enjoy vs. what you do not enjoy, so it is highly subjective. Admittedly, math and physics tend to be considered as the "hardest" subjects. As far as I know, you do not need any prerequisite highschool subjects for business degrees or law degrees. It would probably be easier for you to go into university with good background knowledge of business or economy, so yes taking one of these subjects is better. As far as which one to choose, I think they are both essential, but perhaps choosing business is more relevant to corporate law. Keeping all this in mind, make sure you don't load yourself with 6 subjects you do not enjoy. Make sure you have subjects that you will enjoy, because that will help you cope with the IB workload. Hope this helps Also if I've said anything wrong or inaccurate feel free to correct me
  9. Hello everyone! So I'm doing my English Lit EE on works in satire. The main works i'll be using are Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, and Erewhon by Samuel Butler. I would like to analyze how effective these two works are at conveying their message to the readers, if the readers have no background knowledge on the context/history of the book. The question i've thought up is: To what extent are the societal satires Gulliver's Travels and Erewhon effective at conveying their message to people of the 21st century? I intend on discussing how these two novels reflect Gregorian and Victorian society, and what implications do they have on people who would read them today. What do you think of this question? Should I change my scope on these two works?
  10. traveller

    Are You a Feminist?

    Some people say that supporting gender equality makes you a feminist. However, I find that somewhat unfair, because I support gender equality but I don't want to be considered a feminist.
  11. Hello all Im in the preliminary phases of planning out my TOK presentation. At first I thought up the question "To what extent can conspiracy theories be trusted?" , but then I thought this would be too specific. I changed the question to "To what extent should theories be trusted?" so that not only would I encompass conspiracy theories in the area of politics and history, but I could also mention theories in the areas of mathematics and natural sciences. Im also considering how I could link into ethics and religious knowledge systems, perhaps by claiming that these two are often based on theories. I plan on then elaborating on what differs a theory from a truth and when can a theory be considered a fact. What do you think of my ideas so far? Is the question TOK-appropriate? Do you think i'll be able to elaborate on it for ten minutes? Any comments/ideas/tips on changes I should make?
  12. traveller

    English EE help?

    Pride and Prejudice might have a good amount of content on relevant themes, although my memory is somewhat weary of the book. A Thousand Splendid Suns would be great for your themes, and it's a very meaningful and enjoyable read. One of my favorites. However you might want to ask one of the more IB experienced users if A Thousand Splendid Suns is a good enough book in terms of literary complexity/IB standards.
  13. traveller

    Dystopian Literature

    I'm a huge fan of Orwell works. I actually read 1984 when I was fairly young, and I hardly remember much, and to me the fact that it didn't leave any impression on me tells me it's not worth a re-read. I do love Animal Farm though. We recently read a dystopic novel in class called Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. To summarize, it's a book in which books are forbidden and society is very materialistic. People have varying views on the book, but I believe that our world really is not too far from that world. I mean with all the technological advancements going on, the younger generation is not reading as much as it should. As I said, it's controversial and both sides of the argument make valid points.
  14. Thank you to everyone who replied! I think I will switch back to English Literature because I love reading and I love analyzing things. Our teacher told us we read about up to 15 texts (poems/novels/everything) total. I'm kind of looking forward to reading all of that. Also, the teacher for Literature is simply awesome.

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