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  1. filmjolk

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    It's a good start, you gotta keep in mind that you might tweak the title/rq as you go on, and hopefully you will narrow it down even further.
  2. WL2 På en bar i tanger, extra kapitel till Alkemisten av Paulo Coelho Grade: 7
  3. Betydelsen och inverkan av socialt anseende Grade: 6
  4. The Bolsheviks blame for the lowered agricultural output in 1917-1920 Grade: 7
  5. filmjolk

    Apartheid extended essay

    An assessment of the Apartheid years, leading to the insurrections of 1983-1986, and second state of emergency on June 12, 1986 Grade: A
  6. filmjolk

    Body Mass Index

    Look at the gaussian function as a bell curve, all you have to do is flip it horizontaly, shift it a little bit, and then add a new y-intercept. I would suggest to the guys who do use a gausian to invest some time in an inverse gausian, unless you feel it is way outside of the syllabus, in which case you could briefly mention that an inverse would perhaps have an even better fit due to it's exponential nature. But do investigate how bell curves will fit the data, they don't go negative unless you want them to
  7. filmjolk

    Body Mass Index

    and I would strongly recommend you to get lots of software. you will have to find lots of roots and other stuff in this assignment. software ex: autograph graphmatica microsoft math maple 12 there are many more, but I managed with theese and microsoft office.
  8. filmjolk

    Body Mass Index

    Parameters = the units etc representing the x and y axis. In this case the BMI and the age are parameters, and they need to be on the graph. A question that I wanna raise is if you need to make a curve on the first graph, it only tells you to plot the data points on a graph. Define all variables??? such as a, b and c? or in terms of defining the age/bmi with domain. Ex: age cannot be less than 0 Edit: remember that x-axis is controlled.
  9. filmjolk

    How to define love?

    Been there done that The question is how to define love. It comes in so many forms, so are we really content with only saying love? Love doesn't really describe a certain group of things. I would like to compare love to art.
  10. filmjolk

    The Birthday Thread

    I missed my birthday happy birthday me, 10 days late
  11. filmjolk

    How to define love?

    It's an old old old question, and there are so many definitions for it. But why is there then only one word to describe it? (in English there are more, and there are more in other languages). Go listen to some Chinese songs (Especially Hong Kong with its many sad songs. And yes, china is not the only country who produces love songs.), they are so cluttered with metaphors and definitions, or just go read some love poems. Maybe the real question is if we all want our "own" love to be special and different from others, or if we just view it that way and try to make it look as if it's different from others love. If it's so, then why is it so important to have a "special" love?
  12. What were the underlying causes for the unrest in 1983-1986? An assessment of the Apartheid years, causes leading to the insurrections of 1983-1986, and state of emergency on June 12, 1986 I need help :/ I have looked at my topic for too long, so I have become blind to its flaws. P.S. My girlfriend in uni has presented me with an ultimatum. Either I finish EE tonight, or she will leave me It's my birthday in 3 days, happy me EDIT:Don't worry ppl I managed to finish it. but I still have to fix my RQ
  13. filmjolk

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    When I was in DP1 my teacher just gave us a schedule. And then one day in January, 5 months into DP1 we were given information on IA, and were handed a few example investigations. We were free to any topic/RQ.
  14. filmjolk

    The key to getting a 7 in History

    Yes, this is very true. IB history is not just about learning lots of "historical facts", it is about learning how to analyze and be critical.
  15. I finished one historical investigation on how the bolsheviks impact on agriculture 1917-1918 affected the early end of war communism. now... on to my next historical investigation . You see, I'm not really content with the one mentioned above, so I started working on a new one. Depending on how my new IA will turn out I might trash my old one. Why did the UDF fail to emerge as the ruling party of South africa? I think this is really weak. But I really want to study UDF and what they did wrong (if they did anything wrong ) And it is obvious that ANC had way more support than UDF, and therefor I find my question weak. But then... should I do: Why did UDF not have a greater number of supporters? I'm gonna narrow it down later, right now I need to settle down on a topic :/ All help is much appreciated P.S. I also appreciate any tips on good reads/websites etc

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