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  1. Lara

    IA Survey :)

  2. Hey there, if you need our help you need to tell us a little bit more about the business you've selected and their current standing in the market. Do they have problems with the workforce, is productivity at a low? Or do they have cashflow problems? Tell us a bit more and what you think should be the area of concern and we'll give you our opinion.
  3. Hey, I remember when I was doing my IA my teacher specifically told me to keep the research question focused. So I suggest you change the question to something like 'How could company x increase their annual profit by *doing so and so* in a competitive market?'. Make sure you mention a strategy to increase their annual profit so that you're entire research project becomes focused. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
  4. I can totally understand what you're afraid of. Although in the beginning of the program I was very casual, towards the beginning of the second year I had the same fear as you i.e not doing well even after studying and working hard. But what you need to understand is that if you put in the work and produce good quality assignments and essays there is no reason you will do poorly. My advice to you is to dedicate a few hours everyday towards your coursework and try not to procrasitnate because if you do then the quality of your work suffers. Relax, plan your days and weeks and follow the schedule. Don't be lazy. I'm sure you'll do well. Best of luck. P.S Also don't forget to have fun
  5. Lara

    Business Management HL IA

    To be very honest, documentation that won't directly contribute towards your IA isn't necessary. Some documents can be missing but unless it's crucial to the process and conclusion of your IA it shouldn't matter much. Also, since yours is a higher level IA, the focus should be on primary research instead of secondary research. If you're looking for documents for the financial analysis then I think a summary of all the records attested by the owner of the firm should suffice. You should consult with your teacher once also.
  6. Lara

    French SL AB Initio Paper 1

    I chose the 2nd question from Section A and the 4th question from Section B. What about you?
  7. Lara

    French SL AB Initio Paper 1

    Do you remember the answers for the Vrai/Faux question?
  8. Since I cannot see any other topics for this subject, I thought I'll start one. How was your French AB Initio Paper 1? For me it was good, although I am a little doubtful about my answers to a few questions.
  9. Lara

    Todos os Mercados

    Human Resources, obviously. But more specifically the motivational theories; Pink, Herzberg, Mazlow etc. Also, in the case study there is a line that says 'Henri was shocked at the ratio analysis', something like that. So we have to be thorough with ratio analysis and what each result implies.
  10. Lara

    Math Studies Paper 2

    I don't exactly remember what their answer was but it was within 100, it was definitely not 1200. Let's hope 1200 is the correct answer.
  11. Lara

    Math Studies Paper 2

    I got 1,200 cars as well and I've been worrying about that question because nobody else in my class got that answer.
  12. Lara

    Math Studies Paper 1

    I got -1/2 for the x-intercept as well so did another classmate of mine. So I'm hoping it's correct.
  13. Lara

    Math Studies Paper 1

    I was in TZ2 and I definitely made a few minor errors in Paper 1. But apart from that it went really well. For my classmates, a lot of them did not get the question about the grouped frequency. If any of you remember the answer you got for calculating 'a' in that question, please let me know I'm really worried about that one.
  14. Lara

    Math IA Data bless up

  15. Lara

    Business Management IA

    It's perfectly fine to choose your father's company for your BM IA and no, IB does not have any restrictions as to which company to choose.

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