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  1. natalia.karidi

    What happens if i dont quote any historians in paper 2/3?

    For SL, your essay may be perfect but if you don´t mention at least one historian you can´t get a 7. However you shouldn´t mention random historiography, this is seen as something bad and evaluators dont´t like it...If they think you are forcing a quote they won´t like it.
  2. natalia.karidi

    Spanish A literature

    Yo escogí el texto en prosa "La escopeta" y escribí que los temas eran el olvido y la soledad. Escribí que habían muchos simbolismos (escopeta, pajaro azul, bosque vs. pueblo, etc). También habían muchas metáforas, lenguaje descriptivo, narrador omnisciente, suspenso, etc... A mi curso le pareció bastante fácil el examen y la mayoría escogieron el poema. Qué tal te fue?
  3. natalia.karidi

    Math Studies Paper 1

    I think it was very easy, pretty straightforward.But in my class nobody understood the last question (I don't remember my time zone)
  4. natalia.karidi

    Grade 9 PP help?

    I made an exposition about street art at my school
  5. natalia.karidi

    The UCAS Thread

    I know that I need: -Personal Statement -2 Recommendation Letters from my teachers -Prediction IB grade Do I need something more for my UCAS application? Do you know if school tell you your prediction grade?
  6. natalia.karidi


    Our teacher always says that it is very risky to make an experiment ourselves. It is best if you find your data on the internet somewhere and you take it from there. Apart from that it sounds more like a biology experiment...Consult your teacher. If you really like this topic present it and if he doesn't like it, change it, no big deal! I have to turn in 20% mine on Tuesday and I haven´t decided my topic yet I think a pretty safe option is economics, you know you use sequences. Another interesting thing is to work populations, like use statistics, you can easily find data from the World Bank. You can have a problem like: "Predicting the spread of a disease"
  7. I am planning to do a presentation on language and communication. I am bilingual(Spanish and Greek) so my example is that the existence of different languages can create misinterpretation. Any ideas how to develop this?Areas and types of knowledge??
  8. natalia.karidi

    TOK Presentation suggestions? (about love)

    i love it. You could talk about sciences and talk about the bain and how we change when we see the person we love. There are so many options. You should create a more specific question maybe with a situation, for example: How is it possible to kill the person you love? (we read a book in 9th grade in spanish called: "El tunel" by Ernesto Sabato and its about the question I mentioned). You could talk through psychology, through history about the different concepts of love. Make sure that your question does not have technical word of an area (ex. cerebellum). You must also counterargument your statements...maybe you could talk about how indigenous societies perceive love. You could think about what you want to talk about first and then formulate the question. Make sure that you don´t ask a yes/no question. Make it complex but with limitation. I suggest you watch some ted talks on the topic: https://www.ted.com/topics/love
  9. natalia.karidi

    BC Teacher Strike?

    hmmm then it depends on your teachers...Maybe you could email them and ask...I recommend you start organizing your time...like read the syllabus of subjects and IA(Internal Assessment) criteria..start thinking about your IAs and your Extended Essay. I have history and we are doing Authoritarian and Single Party States by cambridge. I know they have done books in history in more options so when your history teacher tells you, try to find a book from them!( if you don´t mind using torrentz, you could even download them).
  10. natalia.karidi

    BC Teacher Strike?

    I know that for biology for example you can find many sources (ibnotes, bioninja, crashcoursebiology on youtube, khan academy(for all sciences and maths) You could just look for your syllabus online and maybe find out the books that you have to read and start reading them...
  11. natalia.karidi

    how to improve my biology

    do many past papers!
  12. natalia.karidi

    How much work is given in IB ?

    Lately I've stayed up until 3am. But this is due to procastination...You should put priorities. When you have 5 things to do and one of them is extended essay and IA, you do the EE and then the IA. Since you need to put more effort(=time) into it, then the other things will seem like a piece of cake...
  13. natalia.karidi

    Tips on Group 4 presentation?

    Can anybody give me tips on my project 4 presentation?? The theme is "science in the kitchen". We already did the experiment and the presentation is next week. In the team we are 2 students from bio HL(i´m from bio), one from Chemistry SL and one from physics SL.
  14. I had the same problem, but the first year of my Diploma. I had HL history and wanted to drop to SL and do Bio HL instead of SL: It was really hard to persuade my coordinator, and we were like in the second month of school. He told me that if the Bio teacher accepted me there was no problem. I had to study a little bit and present a lab report and a few homework. I think that they will tell you no. You could do it if you are a genius in biology if not I wouldn´t suggest it. I don´t have art but I think it´s easier from what my friends say. I mean you just have to work hard and give in artwork. In biology what you need is study study study and a VERY good memory. The other thing is that second year is not really a whole year because you spend time giving in IA in all subjects, extended essay...Most of what will come up in the exams you should have covered in first year of diploma. (at least this is how they do it in most IB schools I know)
  15. natalia.karidi

    Studies in language-linguistics

    I am so sorry I got confused with the guide in spanish... I meant to say Group 1 category 3! This is what the guide says on Group 1 category 3, my comments are in red. Category 3: Studies in language Where appropriate, students may compare and contrast different languages and cultures. However, the main focusof category 3 extended essays should be on the language and culture(s) of the language in which the extendedessay is written. (although I am mixing Greek and Spanish language I am focusing on the effects on spanish language so no problem there) I am really confused with the rest... Category 3 extended essays emphasize the production and reception of texts in cultural contexts, and essays of ageneral cultural nature are not appropriate. They must involve close textual analysis. It is emphasized that texts areconstructed and understood in specific cultural and historical contexts; meaning may be contested. Students have the opportunity to explore how language develops in specific cultural contexts, how it impacts onthe world, and the ways in which language shapes both individual and group identity. whatever area of language study the student chooses for their extended essaythey will need to give focused and critical attention to the text or texts being considered. This close analysis mustbe integrated into a wider discussion of the contexts in which the text or texts are produced and understood.Students are encouraged to adopt an analytical, critical position, and to show awareness of potentially conflictingviewpoints on texts and their meaning in a wider social context. Straightforward descriptive essays areinappropriate. Students should aim to be balanced, argue coherently, and present relevant supporting examples.Students should develop a focused and manageable research question, approaching it critically and independently. When writing the essay, students must bear in mind that any narrative and/or descriptive material included shouldbe directly relevant to the critical analysis. A précis of the student’s reading is not sufficient.

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