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  1. Yeah, 24 hours after the exam they are given your exam booklet so they can look at the questions and such. And I just found out today that they also receive electronic copies of your answer booklets at some point.
  2. I did an analysis on the presence of the seven deadly sins in the Great Gatsby and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
  3. I think they both have potential to be good, but I would tighten up the KI a bit for both. Maybe "what role should religion/history play in ethics?" By saying women's rights, your question is not exclusively about knowledge.The second one is a bit trickier, and you could come up with a bunch of different knowledge issues depending on the direction you want to take it. Maybe "to what extent should reason be more influential than emotion in making ethical decisions?" Hope I helped! And best of luck!
  4. The thing is, I want to talk about why the pope supported Mussolini, and compare historical arguments on whether or not he should have. For example, I want to discuss the Lateran Treaty (gave the church a whole bunch of stuff it had been asking for for years in exchange for Vatican recognition of the Italian state), the tense church-state relations prior to Mussolini, etc. I'm just not sure how to word the question in an academic and concise manner.
  5. I'm fairly certain the IB deadline is sometime between March and May, but talk to your adviser. You're school does the actual final submission to IBO.
  6. Hey guys! The rough draft for my EE is due Thursday and, naturally, I procrastinated a lot and only have 100 words so far. While trying to format an outline, I was having trouble with my original question - What role did Pope Pius XI play in the rise of Italian fascism (1922-1939)? Based on my research, I could only find one real historical opinion on the question. It seems to be generally accepted that he played quite a large role in the rise of fascism, and I was misled by one inaccurate article early on in my research. I am considering tweaking my question and making it 'to what extent was Pope Pius XI's role in the rise of Italian fascism justified?' instead. However, I am not even positive that that is an acceptable history EE question. I have tried to contact my adviser, but he is not available. If anyone could let me know how that question sounds or maybe give me advice on what to do, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hey guys! So, I just found out my math IA grade (that my teacher gave me, yet to be moderated) and I am not very happy with it at all. I got a 12/20, but I feel like at least 4 of the points I lost were for kind of bogus reasons. For example, I lost two points on personal engagement, but I wrote my entire paper on the correlation between asthma prevalence and air pollution levels (I'm asthmatic, want to be a pulmonologist, and am an ES&S student). Other people in my class scored poorly as well (someone got a 2). I was wondering if any of you knew the likelihood of IB moderating the scores up. I've only heard horror stories about them dropping the grades, never the other way around. Do you think this could happen? Thank you
  8. I'd say history. It's easier, and more enjoyable (at least in my opinion). But it really depends on what you intend to do university and career-wise.
  9. My teacher wouldn't let even just two people use the same topic
  10. You should do this. I ended up having to change my topic at the last minute as well. I did mine on The Great Gatsby and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. Originally I intended to discuss the motifs of love and lust in both novels, but it just wasn't strong enough. Instead of scrapping it completely, I just added more to it and made it on the presence of the seven deadly sins in the novels. That way I was able to use some of the work I had already done, and even though I only had like a week I still managed to get a near-perfect score. Don't stress, you'll do fine! Just make sure you put the time and effort in this week, and rehearse it before you present!
  11. I took ESS because it had many benefits at my school (mainly that it had the best teacher, and we do it in one year instead of two so I got to take the exam as a Junior). I only got a 4 on the exam, which was much lower than I was anticipating. However apparently no one did much better then that at my school. That being said, I have many friends in bio who absolutely hate it. I'm not sure if that's the course's fault or the teacher's. I suggest talking to some IB Seniors or alumni to see which they would recommend.
  12. I have a week till I start school, and I feel like I've been doing homework all summer, but I still have so much left. I keep sitting down to work on it, but I can never get much done. Any one else have a similar problem, or any suggestions on how to remedy it?
  13. Pretty much everything that everyone has already said. Just a few tips though: 1 - ALWAYS get the signature right away. I am about to start IB2 and I just realized I need to track down some people for signatures ASAP before my adviser realizes I haven't done so yet. 2 - Writing the reflections is so easy and quick... as long as you do them right away. It sucks to have to write a bunch of reflections in one night, especially because you know its taking time away from homework and such. 3 - Unless your CAS adviser says otherwise, pretty much anything can be counted as CAS. Go bowling with your friends? That can count. Paint a picture? Sure. Babysitting? As long as you aren't paid. So make sure you keep track of the little things that you'd be doing anyway. Good luck! And don't stress, CAS is the easiest part of IB. It's like mandatory fun-time.
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