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  1. =-=

    History HL

    Hey, believe it or not, I was actually in a even worse situation..My teacher during 11th grade was absolutely the worst and we spent one year learning about Lenin--which I didnt even need to know according to the SL syllabus. Basically the whole class relied on IGCSE and self-studied knowledge for the exam--and it turned out pretty good for everyone in our class, so dont worry too much! Paper 1: Personally I didnt use any kind of guidebooks for Paper 1, so I'm not sure about the Cambridge one. But there are several threads on here that I found pretty useful, so you might want to look into those. IA: that sounds like a good topic with plenty of sources and evaluation points:) Although I would narrow it down a little bit more given the word count limit, because its very easy to fall into the trap of too much description and not enough analysis. Historiography: it basically means "the history of history". I wouldnt spent too much time memorizing sources word for word, but it is useful to memorize a few prominent historians and their respective views. For example when it comes to a question about Hitler's rise to power, I would try to bring in the debate between Structuralist historians(who believed Weimar was doomed from the beginning) and Intentionalist historians(who believed in the "Hitler myth") to support my argument.
  2. =-=

    History HL

    Hi:) I completely understand your pain...this was exactly how I felt throughout my two years of IB history. I've been getting 4s and 5s during 11th grade, but I ended up with a 7 in the actual IB exam. The most important thing I must tell you is, Don't despair! With Paper 1, the most efficient way for me to study is just practicing tons and tons of past paper, because as you said, the questions tend to be very obvious and brief. Usually I like to compare my answers with the mark scheme provided, just to see what kind of information IB wants(they tend to vary from year to year). Also, another key thing with paper 1 is the time constraint, so try to practice under exam conditions. With Paper 2, it honestly sounds like you are on the right track..I have always struggled with the structure of essays in paper 2. One thing I would advice you to do is add some historiography along side your argument, this really shows IB examiners that you understand the different perspectives and the significance of these perspectives. Another thing is to try and pack in as much dates and details as possible for your evidence. My prescribed topics were Single party states(Hitler, Castro)and causes and effects of wars(WW1, WW2, Spanish Civil War). Hope this helps:)
  3. Thank you:) I dont think I did too well on that question...just hoping the other question and paper 1 would get me marks.
  4. Thank you:) I dont think I did too well on that question...just hoping the other question and paper 1 would get me marks.
  5. Thank you:) I dont think I did too well on that question...just hoping the other question and paper 1 would get me marks.
  6. Thank you:) I dont think I did too well on that question...just hoping the other question and paper 1 would get me marks.
  7. I thought paper 1 and paper 3 were relatively easy if you studied. But paper 2 had some unexpected question( although it was all based on material from the syllbus). As to difference in trends, Paper 2 tend to focus on the "application" portion of the syllabus more, while paper 1 leaned heavily towards nature of science. Hope this helps:)
  8. Wow that sounds really good! Although I was really worried about the phrasing of the question, because it says "outbreak of war", I didnt really refer to the actual outbreak of war( invasion of Poland in 1939), but I interpreted the question as how did ideology contribute to the origin of the war, leading to the outbreak...not sure if thats okay:(
  9. Did anyone do question 1? The one about ideology contributing to the outbreak and expansion of second world war until the end of 1941? I am really worried right now because I feel like I did not concentrade on the "outbreak of ww2", but rather the role of ideology in the "origin of ww2". I also felt that one of my points wasnt that relevant because I wrote about the role of ideology in Hitler's rise to power as he played the most important role in the start of ww2. Help guys😕😕😕
  10. What do you mean by "contrasting views"? If you mean historiography, no, you dont need historiography to get a 6( at least thats what my teacher said).
  11. I did the TZ0 papers and I didnt understand the data response questions...if ur in the same timezone as I am they were about embryonic stem cells and umbilicalcord stem cells. The question about the evaluation of the effectiveness of stem cells in treating type 1 diabetes was soooo confusing...unbilical cord stem cells arent embryonic stem cells right?😂😂 also, question 5a was totally confusing--the activity of enzymes. I wrote about enzymes lowering the activation energy and talked about some other stuff, but my friends talked about the induced fit model and lock and key hypothesis. Anyways, hoping for a lower boundary:((
  12. Hey inriya:) Thank you so much for you advices, REALLY helped me a lot. Right now I am just going through the book and focusing on things I am not that familiar with. Good luck and I hope you get into your dream school!
  13. Hey guys, My exams are in May, which is A MONTH away! I have been trying to review for economics by doing past papers. The problem is...whenever I read through the questions I have minor(major) panic attacks because I realize I have forgotten all the information, arguments and diagrams from previous chapters(Micro, Macro, International), and I then immediately resort to my textbook. However this is not the case for some of the other information-based subjects I am taking, like Biology. I was just wondering, does it happen to any of you guys? Also, what do you find to be the most effective way to review for Economics? Another slightly unrelated question: does theory of the firm appear in EVERY SINGLE HL paper 1? If so, would you prioritize the HL topics because they seem to appear more? Please reply!:) Thanks in advance!
  14. How did you manage to switch? Can I PM you about this?
  15. Awful indeed. Thanks for you advice tho!
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