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  1. Still in IB, but... Change geography to psychology. Not that geography is bad, I just find psychology more interesting... Put less pressure on myself and try to find balance between school and leisure. Think a bit more about my EE. Realise that just because others find a class hard/scary should not dictate whether it will be the same case for you. This list will be longer by the time I graduate, that's for sure. Let's hope any of my HLs won't become a regret.
  2. I have not heard about such a possibility in the future - as far as I know ESS requires some practical labs which are hard to conduct over the Internet. You can always message them and ask about it, as it could be a possibility.
  3. Your subject combination is very much like mine. I was warned it'll be very tough and all that, yet I managed to pull 41/42 in first semester, with the 6 being in my SL subject. It's about the amount of work you're willing to pun in in order to do well - for the sciences you have to do constant revision (read your notes at least once a week even when you don't have tests so you don't forget what happened at the start of the unit). For maths study as often as you can. I didn't take maths seriously the second semester and I dropped from a 7 to a 6 - don't be me. But generally it's a good combo for medicine especially in the uk if you want to make your application more competitive (maths hl). I find chemistry more straightforward than biology as there's less memorising and more application of what you know, but it's up to the individual. Just wanted to say that HL Maths isn't a requirement for Cambridge for medicine. It is recommended in order to have a more competitive application, but according to the statistics 6% of all applicants got in with only 2 sciences HL and no maths HL. I personally know someone who got in with maths SL, though it was on a gap year and they did score a 45
  4. Your workload is going to be quite high, not terrible, but high. I am taking 3 of the subjects you take at HL (and a language B HL, if your english is B) and I have been doing fine this past year. I have one regret, and that is not doing enough maths when I should've, which caused my grade in second semester to go from a 7 to a low 6 - don't make my mistake and REVISE DAILY. I am not joking. The only way to learn maths is by doing maths, as you can't cram all the info the day before. It just won't work. You can study engineering (in some places), business, medicine, (bio)chemistry, neurology... a lot of things with your subject combination. Bio and chem are very manageable in my opinion as long as you make good, concise notes. Good luck.
  5. That's just the truth. There isn't an easier or harder option, they're all hard. Each person will find different options more difficult than others; that's just how it will be. But don't go in the exam and try to look at other options and answer those - you will likely not know the terminology ib is looking for. Do your option and it'll be fine
  6. The one you have studied.
  7. Make it infinity. Though one could argue that's not a number.
  8. More like 2cool4school amirite
  9. make it 10 days before I kill myself #Overachiever #AlwaysBeatsTheOdds
  10. Can't hear you over my 365 days I can chill before IB rips me apart
  11. You don't know me. You don't know my struggles. Now I want to drop out just to prove you wrong.
  12. It doesn't have to be my turn if I drop out beforehand.
  13. And remember: You don't have to write the exam if you run away from home.
  14. soz couldn't help it
  15. I thought you chose SL from the beginning? Is there a reason why you want to drop to SL? Unless you or your school state that you did maths HL and covered the relevant topics for an engineering degree, the universities will only see your exam scores which will have maths SL on them (then again, some ask for Year 1 report cards which might show HL maths was there). If you did HL maths and dropped, think about a justification for the unis you want to apply to - it might raise some concerns since an engineering degree involved a lot of mathematics.