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  1. One thing I'd like to mention with Cambridge university press book for maths HL is that sadly it contains quite a few errors - both in the examples and in the answer book. It's a great book with the assistance of a teacher who can help if you were to come across a mistake. With it I recommend the solutions manual which gives a step-by-step guide for most of the questions. Overall a very good list, definitely am going to use it!
  2. I think it is still a bit too early to speculate on the predicted grades, but it's good you're planning early! Since you apply to the UK, remember there are many other factors they look at in terms of your application - entry tests, personal statement, work experience, extracurriculars, and even interviews. Since we know so little about you except for your good, hypothetical grades, we cannot really advise you further. We can't see much of your passion in what you provided us with (the grades, really...), which is something unis look for in an applicant! All of the universities you mentioned are very competitive, especially for the named courses. You will compete with many others who have similar stats, so you have to prepare for that. I have been advised, however, to choose universities as followed: 1 exactly on your PG (i.e. Cambridge wants a 42 and you got 43 predicted), 2 which are requiring a score you'll most likely going to get (range between 38-40 maybe) and 2 which are below of what you expect (34-36). Of course, this is just a rule of thumb and doesn't apply to every situation and context. Just something worth thinking about. Good luck!
  3. I am not qualified to make such judgements, but this might help you out: It's not like the IB is going to just ignore any appeal you make, they're not that terrible
  4. Well, strictly speaking not cited work of others will be seen as plagiarism. Talk to your coordinator ASAP and try to figure out what to do. Definitely do not stay silent about it, as you don't want something that could've easily been avoided...
  5. The workload that comes with art HL is huge. Whilst I do not take art myself (and therefore what I say should be taken with a grain of salt) I definitely see my friend struggle with it despite her absolutely loving the subject to bits. She takes 3HLs and a regular diploma with no sciences at HL, so taking 2 science and art HL would probably be very hard to manage and do well in at the same time. Whilst the difficulty of each subject varies from person to person, I can tell you that 2 sciences at HL are not easy. Since you do not want to pursue an artistic/creative career in the future, I highly recommend you keep doing art as your hobby to unwind from the IB and your HLs rather than make it something that might end up in you absolutely resenting the lone idea of art due to the unnecessary additional workload and stress it will give you. There's no reason not to continue with art as simply something that lets you relax and allows you to do whatever you want to do, without certain aspects needed to be fulfilled for a good grade. I understand your teacher might be disappointed/sad/mad but in IB you truly have to prioritise your time and spend it wisely in order to do well. Good luck.
  6. Well I already take my DP in a different country, but I do not necessarily think it's only for out-of-country universities. I personally hope to go to England, though I am also applying to certain German universities as well.
  7. I agree with what @Gabysaid. In my opinion physics and maths HL are much more important than chemistry HL for engineering. If you want to pursue a chemical engineering route I'd advise keeping all three at HL and take geography as your 4th so you can see how you cope with the subject combination. If you start struggling drop one of them to SL, though it definitely should not be maths. I know of cases where people studied biomed engineering with maths sl but maths hl gives you a very good prep for engineering. Good luck.
  8. I definitely would recommend SL LangLit in your case. I am a rather STEM student myself (though I love languages ) and find LangLit very interesting and engaging. There's less pressure on literary analysis, and the amount of books you have to read is lower as well (I am reading 3 books and 20-ish poems for my course, compared to something like 8-9 books for SL Lit). SL Lit is in no way shape or form needed for your future career and would therefore only distract you from the tough HLs you chose. Hope this helps!
  9. As a matter of fact, yes I did. Most of the technical stuff went/will go into the appendix, but it helped me justify my final method - its development is very important (according to my teacher, at least. But it's also good to know why you do what you do ).
  10. Really depends on school. Usually they're not written on the records if they're for something "small", but it varies from school to school. It may affect some of the schools you apply to, but that would also depend on the uni itself, the course you wish to pursue, as well as the reasoning behind the suspension. I know about someone who got rejected due to the (repeated) physical fights they had with students.
  11. Would you mind telling us what your point is...? I don't see the correlation.
  12. I think language B you're fluent at is quite easy to get a 7 in. Geography SL is quite an easy 6 or 7 as well. Know your case studies, make specifics up (not all, obviously) and you're good to go. From the subjects I take I'd say german, geography, and chemistry are the subjects I struggle the least with. For chemistry I practice quite often and it does the trick (for now, at least ).
  13. Experiments involving animals must be based on observing and measuring aspects of natural animal behaviour. Any experimentation should not result in any pain or undue stress on any animal (vertebrate or invertebrate) or compromise its health in any way. The last few few words are the key. You'd compromise the mice's health, and you are not allowed to do that. For this reason I am almost certain you are not allowed to use mice.
  14. I do no think doing Chinese self-taught as language B is possible for the IB. As far as I know it's only languages A that can be done this way. You might want to try out Pamoja, an online school for IB subjects which has other courses such as economics which could be beneficial for you in the future. 5 weeks aren't that bad at all, so don't worry. You'll definitely be able to catch up! I had friends switch courses after 2 months and they still managed to keep up with the work
  15. Hi there! I'm doing my EE in chemistry, and I was told it is important to make small "trial" runs before you do the experiment. For me the issue is/was that I wasn't sure which variable I wanted to change during my experiment - I didn't know what would have the greatest (or any, really) effect on the experiment to allow me for conclusions. I would advise you to do small trial runs, so that you can change your topic accordingly if you realise you can't really do your EE on the initial topic. Cheers!