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  1. It really depends on your strengths, really. Every person would answer this question differently, though since you would like to pursue business in the future, I would suggest you keep economics at HL (unless you're really bad at calculations). If you struggle with the workload, I'd suggest keeping english HL since the difference between SL and HL are really books are an additional written task you have to write. I take English LL SL and it's really not that much easier than HL...
  2. I think the key lies in your question already, "... the English language". For me this seems like a good essay for English Language&Literature, but I am not sure whether you cannot switch between the two regardless of the course you're taking. I have not been interested in languages for the EE and hence cannot really provide you with a definite answer. I know for a fact english Language and Literature focuses a lot on the language aspect, whereas literature does not...
  3. What I would suggest is draw a line of best fit for points without the two outliers, and then add them two onto the graph so that it does not affect the gradient of the line. I'd mark them with a different colour, and use the legend to distinguish between the points and outliers.
  4. This is ridiculous, and you should discuss it with the coordinator or the principal if he still insists. Improving your abilities should be your teacher's aim. By knocking you down with accusations he does the exact opposite - he demotivates you because you don't get any kind of result from it. This shouldn't ever be the case, and this person shouldn't be a teacher if he doesn't know how to motivate students and encourage them how do to their very best. If the principal won't cooperate, ask to change a teacher. You can't study well in such an environment, instead of being pushed to your limits you're being put back into the 'box' he made for you in the beginning.
  5. We are not going to (or supposed to, for that matter) give you ideas for your IA. You have to be the one giving us the ideas, and all we can do is give you feedback or help you refine the question - not come up with it from the very beginning.
  6. Mine aren't that bad or juicy, sadly During our igcse mock exams my friends and I were sitting the add maths paper. Most of the questions involved asked about radians, so we switched our calculators to that mode. Later the next day we sat another (regular) maths paper where radians had not been used. My friend forgot to switch back to degrees and ended up with a worse grade in regular maths than add maths One time a friend of mine wanted to copy my answers for multiple choice in a chemistry test, but forgot we take different levels of chemistry, causing him to get 3/10 on that section... In a recent test we had a question asking for the Lewis structure of a certain polyatomic anion. Since I couldn't figure out at that point in time how it looked like I thought I'd skip the question. Too bad the question based around this anion was worth 23 marks (mind you the whole test was out of like 45), so without the structure there was no way to answers over half of the upcoming questions... Thankfully I figured it out in the end, but the stress and panic definitely kicked in.
  7. I do LangLit SL and chemistry HL, so the opposite of what you take but I hope I can still give you some helpful advice. English LangLit is all about understanding the texts and being able to thoroughly analyse the poems and literary works you're doing in class. There is also the essay structure you have to work on, as you need to write darn good essays in a short amount of time, especially at HL. Chemistry is my favourite subject so I'm biased, but SL should definitely be managble with appropriate notes and maybe a study guide (OCR I believe is the company my teacher recommended for the chemists). People who don't like chemistry in my class take it and still do ok despite the lack of interest for the subject.
  8. I did both igcse maths and add maths and am currently doing maths HL in IB. Despite having done both courses there was a jump I needed to adapt to - you'll feel a greater one without additional maths. That does not mean you're not legible for it. As @kw0573 already mentioned, it's up to your abilities and motivation. There's a girl in my class who didn't do igcses and the level of maths she did in her old school was more or less comparable to igcse, and she's doing fine. I also agree with the part where you need to take your time to do exercises on a weekly if not daily basis. I find myself doing exercises instead of actual homework in order to maintain my level of understanding in the class. Of course I end up doing both, but if I know I'm not struggling in let's say chemistry I'll do the homework after I practise maths. Try learning some of the content! I learned parts of the syllabus myself as I did the 2 year course for add maths in 7 months with the teacher, so I had less time with him and more time spent on my own studying the content. I hiiiiighllyyyy recommend the Haese Mathematics book for additional maths. You can only get it through their website and takes a while to ship but oh my is it a good book! Good luck!
  9. Everyone complains about maths HL, even at times where it isn't so bad. It's a running 'gag' where the students complain for the sake of it and the laughs. Sure, it's hard, but if over 20% of candidates take it each session I think that says something If you like maths and would have others to rely on at least a bit I'd say go for it! Definitely worth taking something you like and thing you would enjoy. Don't always listen to the internet talk, they don't know you and your abilities. And remember - maths HL is where numbers are imaginary but the tears are real
  10. Sharing such question banks is illegal and therefore not allowed on this forum. You are free to purchase these questionbanks on the official IBO store. Hope that helps.
  11. To what extent is this due to the lack of TOK that day? How I felt when I signed up for Maths HL..
  12. "We just have so much to do! It's about an hour of homework everyd-" Shut up...
  13. I did the IGCSE with the CIE board, and I have to say I felt very well prepared for the IBDP. The transition was mostly smooth, with some ups and downs but no real breakdowns. Since the amount of subjects I took was quite high (9 subjects which I took exams in + PE) it definitely made me manage my work more wisely. Looking back at my IGCSEs I wish I did German B instead of German A to boost my grades, but I don't mind the extra push First Language German gave me. It was definitely an experience worth while - I wouldn't have chosen Pre-IB over it.
  14. They're usually based on your progress in year 12 and the finals you take at the end of the year. They are usually not released by the school, but it really depends on the individual school and its policy. Same goes for predicted grades - if a teacher thinks you will do better than you did in your finals, they might predict you higher. They're out of 45, too. If you wish to apply for university in, for example, England, you will have your teacher put their predicted grades for you through UCAS. The deadline varies - it's 15. October for Oxbridge and medicine, and 11(?) January for all the other courses. Key point here is not to go and beg teachers to give you better predicted grades, as that's not the point. Unless you find a teacher to be unfair and worry they might not give you adequate grades, talk to your DP coordinator.
  15. I actually see no problem with the commute. My school is about an hour away from where I live by train, and I manage to have free time. If you believe the school would provide you a better education the you should make this sacrifice. There are different ways to spend the ride, I personally like to read through my notes before tests etc.