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  1. It sounds like you're doing a very interesting and worth-while project. If I were you, I'd drop one of the HLs if it would affect your performance too much. Personally, I dropped one of my HLs couple of weeks ago despite doing very well in it purely because I knew I would be able to focus on my extracurriculars and have more time to 'breathe'.
  2. I also believe you should be more than fine with the quote. Since it is literature, there should be no reason as to why you shouldn't be able to use the direct quote. After all, the author found it important in order to use it in the first place
  3. Dear IB Survivors, The day has come. After two years of hard work, you will finally get to see your IB results. Whatever the outcome, remember the endless hours you put into your IAs, EEs, IOCs... It's your time to celebrate. You're finally free! Feel free to share your scores with others, so that together we can embrace your achievements. And while you're here, you can share where you're off to for uni! Good luck!
  4. Have you considered doing maths HL through Pamoja Education? They offer an online maths HL course, which I think would solve the issue. You could take an HL certificate outside your diploma if you wished to as well.
  5. Hi there! Welcome to IBS I am not quite sure what the question you're asking is. Since you have already received the diploma, and your IAs have been (possibly) moderated, you are free to do what you want afterwards. It is your own work and IB cannot stop you from even publishing it online after your session has completed. Of course, this may be different when it comes to remarks etc.
  6. Hi guys, it's me again. I have a topic which I hope is going to make some of you interested. So, lately I've been thinking about human existence. As far as we know, there is not a single reason or purpose for us humans to exist. We don't have to do anything, we have free will (more or less), and we do what we want. But why? I mean, why us? Out of all species, it had to be us. We are the most intelligent specimen we know of, and we are self aware. Is it a good thing? We are able to do literally anything we want, yet we are stuck because of technology and laws and whatnot. What's the point in living? The more I think about it the less life seems appealing to me. Family, friends, coworkers etc. - they're all going to die too. And their existence will end too. And they will never find out their greater purpose. But is there even one? Or are we just a biological mystery which has to deal with its own self awareness and agree with the fact that our sole purpose is to survive and, in most cases, reporduce. I have a set number of days left. I might go to uni, get a great job, live a great life, but then I die. And it's over. Nothing. I had no purpose, I won't have a purpose after I die either. Why bother then? Why not just end it now? How can one petty existence somehow influence this huge world and the society? Even if I discovered something, the question of existence still remains. I don't mean to come across as negative. I'm just curious and am frustrated that there's no clear answer. I can't wait to read what you guys think!
  7. Quite often it's about the clash with certain holidays, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Teachers might simply be against the idea of staying for exams during holidays, which is a valid point to be fair.
  8. I'll disagree with you on that one. By studying business you have to be ready to work in international companies which might have locations in other countries such as Germany, France, or Russia. Being able to speak more languages makes you a stronger applicant in the future. Business isn't only abou the mathematical side - communication is key in this field.
  9. This really depends on how you feel about taking a course which will not teach you much during the two years and feel like a waste of time. By speaking the language for 13 years I am confident you speak it fluently and exceed the level of HL Spanish B by a lot. Then again, many native speaks take the course causing the boundaries to be inflated (90-ish for a 7 usually), so it's up to you really. Personally, I take German B which is a language I've spoken for almost 6 years now. Despite spending only 2.5 years in a German education system with no prior knowledge of the language I still don't feel very challenged by the HL German course despite my less-than-perfect grammar and expression. Without being more obvious... you will be bored throughout the course. Massively. You might even see your language skills deteriorate to some extent, as you won't be using the more complex language in your studies. In the end, it's up to you. Taking HL Spanish B would be an easy 7 on your side. It is debatable whether taking language B a person is fluent in is something one should do, as those who truly take the language because they want to learn it struggle to reflect that on their diploma due to the sheer amount of natives taking such classes to boost their score.
  10. To add to what @inriya said, biology HL is going to be quite a lot of memorising. In order to stay sane I suggest you keep tract of all the notes, powerpoints and lectures/classes. As you go through with the unit, start making flashcards where you condense all the information from the book and the notes/handouts. It will take some time to complete, but when exam season rolls in you will just have to study from your handy-dandy flashcards. They were my lifesaver. Good luck.
  11. I definitely suggest you get economics and geography remarked. These can be quite subjective and thus allow you to boost your grade up to 25. The rest I would advise against, as it's pricey and won't probably increase the other gtades.
  12. Yes. If you do not receive your diploma, you will still receive a certificate for each individual subject that you've taken.
  13. I would advise you to take maths HL and avoid 2 Lang Bs in HL unless you would like to study linguistics. As @kw0573 has already mentioned, this will seriously limit your chances of getting into the STEM field (and certain specific degrees in parts of Europe and the US). Personally, I want to study medicine in the future so mathematics is not a necessity for me. Due to the competititve nature of the course, however, maths HL gives me a certain "edge" in my application. There are various other positive aspects of maths HL too - you become a critical thinker, and your problem-solving abilities improve greatly even over the course of a single year. The course itself is tough, I will admit that. Constant practice is a must, as work will pile up otherwise and therefore prevent you from doing well.
  14. Preach! Teachers sometimes have no idea what they're talking about. If you put the effort in you will do well, don't worry! You can always ask here when you're stuck!
  15. Hello everyone So, this part of the forum kind of died out, therefore I decided to make a topic about the thing that has been bothering me for the past few months. We all go to school, or went at one point in our lives. We were graded on our tests, and those tests gave us an idea on our knowledge about the subject… But can they really tell us whether we are/were intelligent? Nowadays the pressure on recieving good grades is so high every 5th high-school student confessed that (s)he has experienced school-related anxiety. I know people who get really good results and I know people who barely pass. Both of those groups act in a similar way, and their non-academic skills seem to be around the same level. I know there is a positive corelation between good grades and intelligence, but the argument that they separate the "good students" from the "bad students" seems wrong to me. Einstein failed school when he was younger, and even the teachers told him he would never archieve something in his life. Yet his IQ has been determined to be around 160 and he turned out to be one of the most known scientist in the world. Grades are important to get into good university, and to test our knowledge, but can they really define us and our level of intelligence? Isn't intelligence something much more complex than just a number on a piece of paper? I have arguments for both sides and I can't wait to read your responses. Mac117
  16. Hi there! I'm from Central Europe, but currently live in Western Europe, so I guess my mentality is a mix of both. In my school, most people are indeed satisfied with 32+ points. This isn't because they aren't capable of more, but this is usually the minimum cutoff for most majors in European universities. Of course, this isn't a rule of thumb here. Some need to be motivated to work harder, and some have to be reminded that it isn't all about getting the perfect grades. Personally, I am aiming for 42+ points, with 7776 in my HLs. It is roughly the condition for my dream university, and I would probably be disappointed if I were to receive an offer and then miss is due to an inadequate number of points. As someone who has a few friends in Asia (who either are Asian or moved there from Europe) I have to say some of what is told about Europeans doing the IB is exaggerated. Surely, our scores aren't nearly as perfect as the ones there, but we still strive for the best grades possible. Naturally, one's abilities and expectations might shift the definition of what such grades might be.
  17. Good morning (or good evening) ladies and gentlemen I decided to start a topic which I haven't seen on this forum before, but which can definitely make someone smile. IB and other education levels are hard - we as the youth of this world have so much pressure upon us that we break sometimes. Some of us fall hard but stand back up, where as some have troubles after trying to get back up a few times. There are also so many different reasons for people to be upset, and it's really a shame that people have to feel that way. Since the rate of anxiety, depression, and suicide has been rising in the recent years amongst teenagers, I thought that some small acts may help us all. In this topic you can write anything nice. Motivate people, say it gets better, maybe give an inspirational story. I would like this to be the piece of forum where everyone who gets overwhelmed with stress can read and maybe smile a little. Every small act counts, so let me begin: Every day is a new day, and a new chapter in your life. Try to make it the best one so far. You can write as little as one sentence. It doesn't have to be something specific, yet something uplifting would be... nice
  18. Depends on how much that career option appeals to you, really. I myself take bio chem maths HL and find it rather manageable. Maths is my hardest HL for sure, followed by biology. Chemistry is the easiest for me, though this is not the case with many of my classmates who take both at HL. Doing only bio and chemistry HL will definitely take a large chunk of workload away, but together with it many career options. I take maths and want to study medicine, which isn't maths-oriented at all, though it still is helpful during admissions. Weigh out your options, or start with 4 HLs and drop maths to SL if you struggle too much at the end of year 1. If you have any further questions, just hit me up.
  19. Hi there fellow future medic! As someone who is about to finish IB 1 and has both chemistry and biology at HL,I feel like I can give some tips! Biology: Now, I like this class less than I do chemistry. It is a LOT of memorisation, but it is not as tedious as it seems once you start to link different units/concepts together. I highly recommend the Oxford textbook and Revision Guide - they're marvellous and great for revision! Most importantly, however, you should make flashcards of each unit as you go along. Don't leave it all till final exams, as that will NOT work and only make the entire thing seem "pointless". Condense the information as much as you can. For this there are two options - light flashcards with key concepts where you fill the rest of the info with the book, or (my favourite) you combine all the books, handouts, powerpoint, etc. into the flashcards, making them more lengthy but at the same time the only resource you'll need during revision sessions. Since I commute a lot, this has been a life saver! Chemistry: Oh boy, did I hear a lot of negative things about this class! "You need to be a genius to get a 5." "There's no way you'll pass the unit test with moles - it's a killer." "Taking it together with bio just shows you're suicidal." IT'S ALL RUBBISH. Chemistry, in my opinion, is the most interesting class IB offers. It's not that in-depth, but the broad range of topics you cover (together with the history of certain concepts) is really, really interesting. In chemistry you won't have to memorise as much - certain structures, angles, reactions... but the rest is application of concepts and calculations (a bit like maths or physics). What's beautiful is that once you grasp the concept you will do well in the class. For this class I do a few unit tests I can find online (which you can do with a quick Google search to be fair) and then flashcards, just like for bio. But the key is the understanding of the concepts. Unlike bio, you can't just memorise them and hope for the best, because it involves a lot more logical thinking. Well, I guess you could memorise it without understanding it, but then you wouldn't be pushing towards the 6/7 boundary. I am far from a genius, yet with hard work and the methods I mentioned above I managed to get good grades in both classes. Persistence is very important, remember that! All in all, both classes are rather interesting, and whilst they will prove to be a challenge at times, you will definitely enjoy them. With any further questions, feel free to PM me!
  20. I'll tag @Gaby here... In my opinion you are starting your PS a bit too early! You have a long time before your application deadline (even if you apply to Oxbridge which requires an application before October 15), therefore a LOT will change before then. What you should do is write down points which you'd like to include, and see which ones are the most important roughly a month before the deadline.
  21. Can't advise you much on the topic of psychology, but I want to warn you about doing an "easy" subject for your extended essay. This might be one of the worst ideas you could have - doing something because "it's easy" won't get you far with the EE, unless you're passionate about your subject and are willing to spend roughly 40 hours doing it. If that's not the case, I would try a subject that's considered "harder" but actually motivates you to keep going. I was advised against a chemistry EE, yet I still chose to do it because it was something I would always want to work on, therefore making it a rather interesting journey and experience - even if I faced many, many difficulties and had to adjust my methodology countless times. Hope you keep these words in mind. Good luck.
  22. Depends on your budget and current "ecosystem". If you use mostly apple products, it might be wise to get a Mac. I personally am using a MacBook Pro, and so are most of my classmates. It's quite portable and powerful, and whilst it is expensive I think it's quite future-proof and I'll be taking it to uni for sure. If you have a lower budget or dislike Macs in general, I suggest Dell XPS 13 (or 15). Great windows laptops, and have a great built quality.
  23. Currently procrastinating on my EE draft, TOK, and a maths test on calculus I have later on this week. Won't even mention the fact I also have an IA due soon, and entry exams to study for...
  24. Two in depth is usually what everyone should be aiming for. Some go for 3 less in-depth, though it is something we have been advised against by out IB teacher.
  25. I believe 1 minute per mark is no longer accurate for 2017 exams onwards, as the number of marks in paper 2 has decreased from 120 to 100, whilst the time for the exam stayed the same. EDIT: Worth mentioning is the fact that many teachers choose to give less than a minute on the exam to add extra pressure and help you increase your ablility to work under timed conditions. My teacher gives us roughly 45 seconds for 1 mark on unit tests and gave us a minute for each mark on the final.