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  1. Hello! So I'm having a bit of a problem with my Chemistry Internal and my teacher isn't being much of a help. I would seriously appreciate any help with this. You see, my problem comes from my IA ideas.Our teacher asked us to think of IA ideas for Acids and Bases but I've been questioning its feasibility both practically and IA-wise. I really am in a bind here with the topics. I have some amount of time before our Chemistry IA idea is due, but I would prefer I finish my idea and do the experiment as early as possible to account for anything unexpected going by. My first idea is about rate of change in percent ionisation and its relation to temperature for various household acids. It seems a bit silly, but I think it's simple yet broad enough to allow me to investigate a relationship. Obviously, I could expand on this, but I'm not quite sure how. This experiment should be quite feasible, My second idea is about rates of absorption of gases in water. The setup for this is quite complicated, and I very much doubt we have any of the materials or equipment necessary for this, but I'm trying to find something around it. So far, nothing. Those are my two ideas for acids and bases. Frankly, I like the first, but I'm not sure if it's complicated enough. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  2. Habash

    Physics and Maths HL

    Hello! I'd like to share a plight with you. I was originally supposed to be go to Math HL, but, after I applied, it turned out our school cancelled the course due to lack of participating students. Now I had no choice in the matter, and certainly did not wish to transfer to Biology. I've been sending emails to some colleges in the U.K about the requirements for Math HL for entering Chemical or Mechanical Engineering or, to a lesser extent at least, Physics and Astronomy, and so far the replies, although small, have been devastating. Apparently, Maths HL is a requirement for many colleges. I still have some colleges who have yet to reply, but I'm losing hope quickly and am looking for contingencies. My subjects are Maths SL, World Religions SL, Arabic A SL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL, and English A HL. As far as Math SL is concerned, I can easily nab a 7. Though, I'm not sure if I can go into anything relating to Physics without Maths HL. I'm certain SOME colleges would accept me if I manage to pull off a 7 in the externals and have some documentation from my school explaining my situation, however I'm starting to get worried. I hadn't originally intended to enter Engineering or anything Physics related. However, things changed, and I wanted to know what I can do with the subjects I have in the UK. I know that it differs from University to University, but in general would lack of Maths HL prevent me from practising something related to Physics most of the time? Or is it just for specific colleges? My guidance councillor is of little help and he hasn't responded to my emails lately. So I'd like to know whether or not I should consider pursuing other things to major in or shift towards a university outside the United Kingdom. Thanks!
  3. So I've been working a bit looking up Venusian transits for my IA ideas and I found this video (It's only 7 minutes long). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwP8wCzbFLc Unfortunately, I've been having trouble understanding one part of it which I hope someone might help me get. What exactly is delta T? I understand it's the time difference, but time difference of what exactly? Would it be considered the time difference between the duration of observations at A and B from external ingress/egress (or could it be internal)? Or is it the time difference between egress of Observer A and egress of Observer B? Logically speaking, it should be the latter, because we're measuring how much the Earth moved in a certain amount of time. However, if you work backwords on the derived equation in the end you should get about 11 minutes and 23 seconds as the time difference. I very much doubt this would have much of an effect, making the calculated angle the Earth moved between the two observations negligible. Right? I'm terribly sorry, but I'm still very new to the whole Astronomy bizz and am having a bit of trouble. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  4. learn russian finish all my internal assessments except math EE draft finish CAS reflections uni preparation therapy
  5. Habash


    Hello! So I've been told that we should begin picking IA topics for Chemistry. I have some ideas, but I'd appreciate any feedback. I'm having trouble understanding the calibre of complexity that we should pick, and am not sure whether or not I should pick an experiment with more 'umpfh' than this, but here are my ideas. I'm hoping that your feedback will help me better understand what i'm going to stick with eventually. Thanks! 1. An investigation/comparison between the H-bonding of Ammonia and Water Introduction: Basically, this is a common theme in science fiction. Ammonia based life, that is. However, for the most part, Ammonia is considered a possible alternative for alien atmosphere and alien-biology. It has similar to water, a Hydrogen bond, which allows it to share many similar properties to the life-giving substance. However, I want to investigate to what extent are they similar? 2. An investigation between the reaction rate of alcohols and HCl Introduction: I got this idea while thinking about the popular warning: "don't drink alcohol on an empty stomach". Most alcohols contain basically ethanol, but I wanted to take it a step further. I know the chemistry behind the production of acetic acids which cause the stomach problems when ethanol is ingested on an 'empty stomach', but I want to investigate this nucelophilic substitution reaction for different alcohols such as methanol etc.. and their rate of reaction with HCl which acts as a simulator of the stomach. 3. (Burning Books): An investigation between the rate of reaction (combustion) of different types of paper (biodegradable, normal etc..) Introduction: Many papers are often burnt. I want to investigate the release of carbon dioxide and other gasses per unit time
  6. Hello! So I had a question, my TOK presentation is coming up and I'd like to ask, is the question: "To what extent can reason be applied to any methodology" a good KQ? If not, my other idea is: "What should be the basis for determining figures of authority and experts?" but I'm not sure how to begin with the second idea. I'd REALLY appreciate any help! Thanks!
  7. Hello! So I have a rather silly question, but I'm a bit confused on what I can write my WT2 on. Would I be allowed to write it on a book/literary work that we haven't taken, but is in the Prescribed Authors list like 'The Stranger' or 'The Importance of Being Earnest'? Because I'm quite interested in doing some of my WT's on them, but I've heard from some of the seniors that it's forbidden. Thanks!
  8. Hello! So I recently decided to do my EE on politics. I've been quite interested in this subject for a while now. However, our school lacks a current Global Politics teacher, and I'm frankly at a loss on what to do. I'm quite interested in investigating something like direct democracy in Switzerland or collectivisation in China. However, what I'm more interested in is something slightly theoretical, but I'm not sure if this is allowed. For example, am I allowed to ask something like 'To what extent was Bakunin accurate in his prediction of the fall of Communism' or something similar to that? Like something whose basis is the evaluation of a political theory? To what extent am I allowed to do that? I've read the guide, but this is still slightly confusing, and I'd prefer confirmation over this directly rather from what I may read into something. Thanks!
  9. Hello, So I'm a Junior IB, and yesterday our school gave us our very first Physics paper 2 HL exam. I, along with most of the class, got a 3. It was terrible. This is arguably the lowest grade I've ever gotten in my life. I asked the teacher about the potential implications of a '3', and he told me that it's just the first exam, and he doesn't think it does me justice at all. But upon further investigation, I found out that this result will be placed upon my report card. Is this normal? Is a 3 out of 7 normal on the first exam? How will this effect my chances to go to a good college? I mean, a 3 is very, very bad. How 'bad' is this? Does this happen to most people? Should I just go Art Stream and change classes? Is my future 'set'? I'm the very superstitious type of person, what opportunities does this '3' deny me exactly? The exam itself was a bit difficult. It was entirely a paper 2 version consisting of 5-6 very large question to be solved in a time span of 40 minutes. Most of the class got extremely bad grades, with the exception of 3 kids who managed to get a 6. On our first exam (that was paper 1), I got a perfect 7. How is this fair? Why is our school using our very first paper 2 exam in our report card? Basically, my question is this; Am I ruined? Thanks for your reply.
  10. Ok, so I started my IB orientation today and, luckily, had a blast. I found myself rather excited at the prospects of the programme. However, at one point, I was finally told my Physics teacher's name. Now I never really had many problems with teachers in school, but in this specific case, I can safely say that I will simply be unable to continue. This teacher taught our class the past two years. Unfortunately, I find his teaching methods stale, redundant, time-consuming, and, frankly, just plain unhelpful. Many students constantly present similar complaints to everyone who's willing to sit through a five-hour lecture about this specific teacher. Honestly, I really do like the teacher, and find him relatively fascinating, but during class I have a very difficult time keeping up with him. My reasons for mentioning this is that my grades in Physics fluctuated greatly in the past, and I am currently attempting at stabilising it. However, I really not only find it rather impossible to keep my Physics grades high with this teacher, but also find it impossible to keep ANY grades high with him considering the amount of stress his classes cause me. Of course, the minute after finding out this tiny bit of information I immediately attempted to change to the other Physics HL class. My request was denied, as it was school policy to make the students stick with their teachers, and didn't really help me much with my concerns. I have tried several times to talk to the teacher nicely about the distractions in class, and they seemed to do very little. Of course, I'll wait a week or two and see how he's changed, but so far from what I understand, everything's still the same. Of course, naturally, I bet that these claims will eventually have another interpretation, and, for the most part, I'm beginning to think that they're are dubious. If so, I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to deal with this class. The teacher explains concepts and ideas perfectly but doesn't link them properly. For example, last year, during our lesson on electromagnetism, the 'beam of particles' and how the laws applied there was explained brilliantly, however, when the exam came, we had no idea how to link it to AC/DC currents. This is most likely because the concepts he explains are (for the most part) explained in great detail, and plenty of examples are given, but most of them of those examples don't intersect with the actual lesson, and those very IDEAS are treated as singular lessons. This is probably not so much the teachers' fault than it is my own inability to focus for more than few classes, but regardless I desperately need help, lest I have my IB breakdown on the first week. Does anyone have any advice on study methods for eliminating this problem? Is there anyway I can get something like a 'teacher's guide' so I can revise the lessons privately to get a better grasp of things? I'm sure there's a protocol for something like this, and considering I'm new to IB, you'll need to excuse my ignorance. Thanks!
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