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  1. Yeah, not too thrilled about paper 3 either.
  2. Well, the safest option would be to study the first section about concepts of normality and abnormality, etiologies and treatment of depression. However, i am also doing the Abnormal option and i have chosen to study the first concept of normality and abnormality and the treatment of depression only. There is a small risk involved in this one, but in every past paper i have seen there was at least one question i was able to answer 😊
  3. Hey guys! How did you find the exam? I am TZ1 and i thought it was pretty easy. I picked the long essay about factors that affect conformity.
  4. TZ1 On the exercise with the salaries what did you guys do? I calculated them both as arithmetic sequences but i am not sure :/
  5. Hey guys! How did you find Paper 2? I am in TZ1 and i thought it was relatively easy but i had trouble with the first question on the exercise with the pyramid.
  6. Me too! I thought about calculating the inverse and put as the area 0.09, but i didn't understand whether i was supposed to calculate right or left tail.
  7. Hey guys! How did you all find paper 1? I was in TZ1 and i thought the paper was just brilliant! I only had trouble with exercise 9 who asked something about the amount of money that he would have got without the commission.
  8. Study two sub-units for your option because i have seen in some past papers two questions from one sub-unit and the third from another. Be on the safe side
  9. Hey guys! How did you find it? What questions did you do? I did 1 and 4 and i think they were pretty easy!
  10. Overall i found it pretty good, especially the macro question!
  11. So happy with my economics exams and the fact that they are OVER!
  12. I am relating so much to this
  13. Freaking out. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US GUYS
  14. Studies!!! Don't do the same mistake with me. I took Math SL in IB1 and spend way too much time there (because it was difficult for me), which i could have alternatively spend in other subjects to maximise my overall score. Law schools don't care at all about the level of maths you have, they just want you to have a high overall score! A friend of mine wanted to apply for law in UCL and was predicted with a 4 (they require a grade 5 and above in all subjects) in math SL, so she called UCL and they told her that there would no problem switching to studies. So, save yourself the trouble and take studies.
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