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  1. My teacher predicted me a B :'o for DT. Davita, I believe it comes with our diploma certificate What's DT? ooh okay, thanks! Only in July? I thought results came out the 6th of June :\
  2. I have a really useful questionbank for math SL. It's organised by topic and in PDF form so mac users can access. Am I allowed to upload this (not my work, don't know whose it is)
  3. My teacher predicted me an A for English lang/lit. When do we know the actual grade? (exams may 2016)
  4. I had around 5000 words for my draft but was able to cut down to just under 4000. I think after cutting unnecessary "the"'s and "that"'s, you can always try to make a sentence more concise. For example, if you have a sentence with a lot of commas try breaking it up into two sentences. This saves words like "and", "but" etc. As a last resort, don't be afraid to cut out paragraphs. I was reading an EE for a friend and she had an entire paragraph giving information about a movie, even though her EE was about something else. Although the information was interesting, it definitely wasn't necessary for her to make her point.
  5. I study for most of my subjects, a few days in advance for the tests. Especially this year (second IB year) I feel like there's so much work to do. I wouldn't be able to score high at all were it not for studying :\
  6. As the title suggests, I was wondering if anyone from the forum is applying to/planning on studying in the Netherlands. And what universities?
  7. Hey guys! I'm in my first year of IB, started it a month ago and I thought it would be a smart idea to start thinking about/working on my extended essay. For one of my extracurriculars I'm participating in something called SEASFiRE (something very interesting, learn more about it and what we're doing here). With SEASFiRE we go on diving trips of a a week twice a year and basically plant artificial coral reefs etc to help improve marine life, something not everybody gets to do. So for my EE I thought that it would be really interesting to do something with this, experiment under water to get data. I thought chemistry would be the best subject for this as I'm interested by it and it's the most logical subject for conducting actual experiments 18 meters deep under water (I guess physics or biology would also work but I'm not very good at either). The only problem is that I have no idea as to what would be a good experiment to conduct, so I was wondering if any of you could have an idea. I'm going to talk about it with my chemistry teacher ASAP, but I have IB retreat tomorrow so I won't be seeing him for at least until tuesday. Any suggestions are really welcome! Thanks in advance, Lyke
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