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  1. gokturkv

    Knowledge Question Help

    Hello Can you give feedbacks about the knowledge question? Is it ok? What can be the developments? What can be the claims? Also my real life situation is about "Gezi Park Events" which happened in Turkey. Knowledge question: 'to what extend can our knowledge on certain events be manipulated?'
  2. gokturkv

    Geometric sequence

    Hi guys, I couldn't solve the "b" Can you please help ?
  3. gokturkv

    Sequence question

    Thank you so much sir
  4. gokturkv

    Sequence question

    Hi guys, I couldn't solve the 14th question. Can you please help?
  5. gokturkv

    Studying engineering in Germany

    Thank you ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  6. gokturkv

    Studying engineering in Germany

    Does anyone have any idea? Or is there anyone who wishes to study engineering in Germany with IB Diploma?
  7. gokturkv

    Join me for CAS?

    I am also interested I live in Turkey
  8. gokturkv

    Complex Numbers question

    I understood Thank you so much
  9. gokturkv

    Complex Numbers question

    Hi guys, I am struggling with a question and I couldn't solve it. Can you help me ? z=
  10. gokturkv

    Studying engineering in Germany

    Hi guys, I'm from Turkey and taking Turkish A HL, English B HL, Math HL, chemistry SL, physics SL, Turkish Social Studies SL I,m interested in studying electrical engineering in Munich Technical University or in RWTH Aachen. Do they accept IB Program? Actually, I went to Aachen international office 2 times and asked the same question; but the woman, who I talked, didn't have any idea what the IB program is!!!
  11. gokturkv

    Foreign Students Welcome

    PM me whenever you want I'm from Turkey
  12. Hi guys, I finished my CAS hours, but I also want to join a worldwide project. 😊I am from Bursa, Turkey.
  13. gokturkv

    Name Your IB School

    TED Bursa College

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