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  1. beatriz

    Chemistry EE topic help?

    Heya! The IB loves students that know to be safe in the lab. So when they read SO2, they'll inmediately gasp and open their eyes a little bit more. Those eyes are going to be watching out for any signs of unsafe procedures - so you are going to have to be super super cautious (almost in an exaggerated way). Google the risk assessment for SO2 (most unis and research centers have risk assessments for all the common substances, they are very reliable) and make sure you have all the equipment you'd need to handle SO2 in a safe way. If for some reason you aren't going to follow the guidelines that appear in the risk assessment, don't do it! I'm sure you value your life and/or grades enough Then show your supervisor the risk assessment and prove that you have all the material required (gloves, masks, whatever you need) and that you will follow the indications. Make sure you write it out in your actual EE as well - maybe create an appendix with the risk assessment of the experiment and you'll be fine. Gooood luck!
  2. Hi there! I think it is a good topic. You already seem to know that it is said that a research-based science essay tends to get lower grades - I want to clarify though, this is not just an unjustified popular belief, it is expicitely mentioned in the IB EE Guide that Biology is an experimental science and hence it is strongly recommended to do an experiment. However, you can definitely get an A doing a science EE just based on research. You only have to make sure you analyze, make links and get your own conclusions, they hate ´copy and paste´kind of paragraphs or people just reading and typing information (even if it's been collected from different sources and synthesized). You can research about the different methods for controlling the HIV genes but then YOU have to be the one deciding which one is best and give reasons for it and be able to really really analyze everything you are saying. Good luck!
  3. beatriz

    Biology EE

    Sounds like a very interesting topic! But do make sure you read the guidelines on doing lab work with alive organisms, the IB is usually very strict with that (you could actually get penalized). You can find that and more in the IBO Extended Essay Guide (Google it, you can find it online), read the general section + the specific one for bio it really really makes a difference!! I don't really know what you mean by outline, I'm guessing it's the actual content of the essay? Research about the elements you are using, write about the significance of your experiment, describe your experiment and analyze the data making conclusions. Read the mark scheme (it's in the guide) for a more concrete idea on what they want. Good luck!
  4. beatriz

    UQ Vs QUT

    hi Yuri! I don't know how justified it is, but UQ is usually better regarded than QUT - it's bigger, older and more consolidated. QUT is usually good for modern and technological careers (as the name indicates) such as industrial design. UQ is also better placed in Rankings which may indicate it's a better uni overall (although not always!)
  5. beatriz

    Universities requiring 3 sciences

    Hey! I am familiar with med schools in England, Ireland, Spain and Australia, and I have never found a university asking for all three sciences. Most of them require chemistry and either biology or physics, all of them in HL, they sometimes accept biology in SL with a really high mark (7). I have only met one person doing the 3 sciences and he said it was really really hard - but not impossible! For medicine you do need to achieve a really high IB score so I'd personally recommend focusing on the two sciences rather than trying to do all three, but if he's already decided then best of the luck for him.
  6. beatriz

    Personal pronouns in Chem IA?

    Okay that's great then! Yeah evaluation is an important part, the more you analyse your experiment the better. Sorry if I'm breaking the bubble, but the IB doesn't usually want you to go into unchanted territory in your IAs (it's still high school, they want you to learn how to do it befi properly before you go on and prepare a tarnish removal revolution(. That's the IB but hey I think it's great to go a bit outside the box
  7. beatriz

    HL Topic for SL IA

    It is possible to do a HL topic for an SL chem IA - as long as it is connected to the SL syllabus. I mean: if the topic of chem HL is an extension of SL syllabus, then yes you can do an IA about it. If the HL topic is a whole new topic, not connected to the SL syllabus, seems risky and I wouldn't do it
  8. beatriz

    Chemistry Internal Assessment

    Last year, you had to have 3 complete IAs (3 designs, 3 data analysis, 3 conclusion and evaluation) but could be from different experiments. I think they've changed it now and you have to do two whole experiments. Some people from my class prepared the experiment, set everything up and carried out a couple of trials but made up all the results - they got away with it.
  9. beatriz

    Chemistry IA Help please :(

    You have to use quantitative variables in your IA. "Type of milk" is not quantitative. What's different between the types of milk? Something you can measure quantitatively? Difficult. % of fat? Search what factors change the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. Maybe you get people to taste them and rate them 1 to 5 strongest flavour to lightest one and see how it correlates with amount of calcium? (which is technically quantifying the variable but mmm a bit borderline).
  10. beatriz

    Personal pronouns in Chem IA?

    Hey there! I would recomment not using personal pronouns in a chem IA. It is good to give out an introduction on the importance of the experiment and emphasize the relevance of your topic in the real life (and justify it). By showing its beneficial consequences and impacts, it shows you are engaged with the topic, have scientific and personal curiosity, and still allows you to keep the language technical and professional. But you don't need to go to much in-depth with that, to be honest. (Mind the max.number of pages too, they don't want a whole book on it!) Okay I don't want to scare you but you have a huge problem if you did not get any results. Having weird results is okay, you can always try finding justifications for it, but not being able to measure your variable is a big fault of YOUR experimental design. Maybe mass change is not the best procedure? Maybe you can borrow another balance from somewhere? They are not going to be able to give you any points for data analysis nor conclusion and that's going to drag you down quite a lot. Good luck!
  11. beatriz

    English A Literature HL/SL Paper 2

    My structure was really bad. Ended up with paragraphs that were one page long auch. That's not necessarily a problem if they're ordered thematically or in terms of the poems. I can't see you losing any more than a point for it. What poems did you study/use? I ended up using Ulysses and Break, break, break by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Blackberry-Picking by Seamus Heaney, and One Art by Elizabeth Bishop. I was sorely disappointed that I didn't get to use Follower (a Heaney poem) as it was my best analysis - but I think the result will still be pretty reasonable. Yeah, but the structure within the paragraph was a complete mess. I used 'God's grandeur' by Hopkins & 'The lamb' and 'the Tyger' by William Blake. Not my best analysis neither (Judith Wright was my favourite!) but ehh I guess it will be okay. I ended up talking about religion, not the most neutral/safe topic And I did feel a bit weird when I finished, after analysing and studying all the poems, then only getting to talk about a couple of aspects of a couple of poems! such is life.
  12. beatriz

    English A Literature SL Paper 1

    Yep - it's apparently grounded in the poet's experience escaping Hungary with his father as a child. I wasn't willing to make that assertation in the commentary itself as there wasn't any explicit reference to anything that might suggest it, but it turns out that interpretation is completely correct. oh yess thank god haha well it did mention the trenches and they were running away from 'something frightening he didn't yet know' or something like that. & then he was remembering when he was all comfortable and clean in his bed so I guessed the war had recently broke out and they were running away...but still pretty risky yeah. Uff!
  13. beatriz

    English A Literature HL/SL Paper 2

    I did the same! Poetry, question 6. I thought it was too broad, did not have time to write about everything so I ended up generalizing too much. I wanted to talk about 4 poems but only had time to talk about 3 in the end. I talked a lot about how the poet created the shift (i.e. shift from bright imagery to dark imagery, from perfect rhyme scheme to ****ty one..), but I didn't talk that much about the effect of it. Just explained the general purpose of the poets - the poets wanted to represent the complexity of the topic/main theme by presenting two different aspects, or wanted to emphasize/celebrate one aspect by contrasting it with another one. My structure was really bad. Ended up with paragraphs that were one page long auch.
  14. beatriz

    English A Literature SL Paper 1

    I did the poem, thought it was really good. It was about refugees running away from the war right? Please haha if not I messed it up
  15. beatriz

    Biology HL Paper 1/2 (no p/3 discussion!)

    I thought they were pretty good, not many surprises. I thought 'emergent properties' was ant because it can only occur with multicellular organisms. And the population curve, natality rate decreasing?, it was the only one who reduced population growth and made the curve plateau. Although I was confused with the immigration option too haha, I thought maybe they meant that when people immigrate (esp. illegally) it is dangerous, people can die and so the population can decrease :/ but that's way too complicated for an IB bio question right? and it wouldn't reduce the population that drastically (hopefully ) Or maybe the people are immigrating to Earth from another planet, and so the population increases? Yeah those were the only ways I could think of the immigration rates affecting world population. I decided to go for the automatic procedure of immigration = increase of population, & don't think how. But I'm not too sure haha

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