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  1. group 4 project is a failing condition if you don't do it
  2. i just logged into mine and it was still working
  3. what jobs are you applying to that need to see your diploma? for context, I received my results in january and so far have not received my actual diploma but i've received certificates from my high school and certificates from the association of australasian ib schools in early february
  4. you can do it with math studies in australia you also have to take the UMAT and overall get like a 44+ score or a 45 and no UMAT
  5. past papers past papers past papers past papers past papers past papers past papers
  6. if you're in sydney theres a fb group called ib sydney 2016. there's also a ib subreddit ib recently did a large copyright case online so a lot of material has disappeared in the last 6 or so months so there's not too much available. there are resources on this forum which will be really helpful to you though
  7. The irony is, when I first stepped foot into his classroom, everyone in my class was told that we would be getting 7s. So far only about 3 people are getting solid 7s with 5 getting 6s and the rest are 5/4s which is highly disappointing. honestly that attitude from teachers doesn't help anyone. that break down of 7's 6's and 4/5's in your class is totally normal. I'm pretty sure ib is marked on a bell curve so it only makes sense for the very top people to receive 7's and the majority receiving 3/4/5's
  8. i went from 33 to 42 in 1 semester so you can definitely do it ))
  9. use a website like http://www.benegg.net/grade_calculator.html to calculate what grade you would need to achieve your desired grade in a subject. if your teacher is marking you up due to attitude that's kind of stupid because in your official ib results you're not marked on attitude so unless you're applying to uni with only your predicted that will likely end up disappointing you.
  10. hey buddy don't feel like that you are literally made of the same things that lions and stars are made from. you have the power to be the most amazing, powerful and beautiful creature in the world. Regardless of if you feel like you don't mean anything in the eyes of the universe, you mean something to me and to every other person on this forum. i love you <33333
  11. independent variable: is marijuana legal (yes/no/medical) =therefore qualitative data dependant variable: crime rate (percentage per capita?) =therefore quantitative data so for the correlation coefficient i'm pretty sure you want two quantitative data sets. A more suitable test would be the x2 test because that can process qualitative data. your textbook should be able to show you how to do this and i'm sure there are ways online as well. you can do it in excel
  12. to me it seems extremely immoral to sell notes that didn't cost you anything to make but to each their own. it's 1000% allowed i also got a 7 in psychology and i'm giving my notes away for free so feel free to drop me a private message with your email and i can send it through
  13. ok so kinda confused about how you're getting letter grades but US school system to me is confusing af so i don't know what to really say about that but anyway. Before IB I was getting on average a C, but some D's and some B's as well so I was a pretty average student. In IB1, my predicted grade was a 31 (out of 42) which is not bad but it was a lot worse than i was hoping for. I was literally so sad about having a 31 that i thought i would drop ib but i spoke to some teachers and they were like yo you're crazy you're one of the better people in your cohort so i stayed. during my ib trial exams in ib2 (the very last set of exams before our final exams), i managed to push my grade up to a 33 (out of 42) which i was still not pumped about but i received early entry to uni so it didn't really matter at all. come the final exams, i got a 42 (out of 45). I did that basically by studying like crazy between september to november so yeah, you can get your grades to improve a lot. your exams are a year and a half away so tbh if i can bump up my grades by 9 points in 2 months you can get your b average to a an a average with some hard work and dedication ))
  14. vodka is an excellent way to start a tok essay (which title are you responding to? because that's a lot more helpful than you telling us you want to talk about pot)
  15. reminds me of a quote i heard a few years ago, "fighting for peace is like ****ing for virginity". we will never achieve peace through war because the existence of war immediately destroys peace. we will also probably never achieve a completely peaceful world because as long as their is fear, their will be people who will want to go to fight to protect what they believe is theirs peace and war don't need to be mutually exclusive because life isn't black and white like that and really most of the world is grey around these things
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