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  1. Hey there, This sounds like a really good idea (I read the novel last year). Make sure you explore Phoebe as a character and maybe her opinion on Holden etc. Also make sure to include typical conventions of a diary (date etc). Good luck!
  2. IBProcrastinator

    UK offer cancellation

    Hello all, Currently I have applied to universities in several European countries, and have received offers from several UK universities. My issue is that, as I am applying to other countries as well (Ex. Switzerland), I will only receive a decision based on my application in July. Since I need to confirm my UK choices by May, I am interested if I may drop out of the university position at a later time (ex. July), if I decide to attend university in another country. It would be great to get some people who have knowledge and/or have experienced this situation Thanks
  3. IBProcrastinator

    HL Geo vs. HL Bio

    Hey I take both, Bio and Geo HL and I can tell you it's hard to compare these subjects. Geo HL is more "easier" as it requires basic learning of concepts and case studies. The course it also pretty interesting as you find out about things happening in the world. (workload is rather small) Bio HL is a 100% memorisation subject. The syllabus is big and you have to invest quiet some time on just sitting down and learning the information. However, Bio HL is not difficult either.
  4. IBProcrastinator

    Favorite IB subject?

    I like Business Management SL. It's easy and very interesting.
  5. IBProcrastinator

    Offers taking a while

    No! not true. Different courses at different universities take different amount of time to respond to applications depending on factors such as number of applications/admission officers etc. As long as you have not received a rejection, your application is still being considered. Don't consider how long others take to get an offer. Universities have deadlines until, March, or May to respond.
  6. IBProcrastinator

    English B HL Paper 2 Section B

    Hey here are some personal suggestions: 1. Make sure you select a text type you have studied. 2. Use text type conventions that are relevant. 3. Argue both sides of the argument (advantages and also disadvantages) 4. Create a clear introduction/conclusion 5. Proofread at the end to see if you clearly cover the statement. Good luck
  7. IBProcrastinator

    Improve in IB

    The mock exams are always worse, than the finals. It's normal, because you are training for the May exams and it is good to make mistakes to know what you know and what you don't. I haven't performed too well on the mocks either, but with practice you will be ready for the may exams. The finals are always much better than the mocks!
  8. I don't quiet agree. Write the EE in the subject that you enjoy the most and you would be interested in writing! It in no way effects anything to do with university.
  9. IBProcrastinator

    Any personal statement tips?

    Hey here are some suggestions for you. 1. Make it personal. Tell something about yourself, add information that is personal and specific about you. Tell what makes you stand out from others. 2. Create a balance between your academic and external activities. 3. If you have work experience, write about it. It shows you are committed to the subject area. Consider answering questions: Why do you want to study this course? What are your plans after you complete the course? What skills do you bring to the course? Good luck
  10. IBProcrastinator

    German B SL?

    Then you will probably not have any problems. As Lovelife mentioned, the boundaries are a bit high, but the course is worth taking and is interesting.
  11. IBProcrastinator

    How much sleep do you get?

    I think each person needs a specific amount of sleep. People like me need 5-7 hours of sleep to feel fine. Some can survive on 5 and some need 8-9 hours. Not a lot of sleep doesn't mean you are a lazy procrastinator in my opinion.
  12. IBProcrastinator

    German B SL?

    Hello there. I'm doing German B HL. HL and SL are both fun courses. Did you take german class in the past?
  13. IBProcrastinator

    Supporting documents for Business IA

    Yeah that's how I was instructed. Simple copy and paste your supporting documents. In case they are too large, simply cut in the parts of the document that you have used in your commentary.
  14. Sure sounds like a nice topic. Make sure you use the blog post conventions and also maybe provide your own opinion on this topic.
  15. Remember Written Assignment is something creative (A creative piece of work). What text type did you use? 540 words seems fine.

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