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  1. olofmaria

    Need one more simple process

    Hello! I am working on my IA, I chose to do a survey online and it is about gender vs diet. So I asked for gender and then left three options regarding diet. I have organized my data into a table of observed value (contingency table) to use for a chi-squared test, I will also find the percentages, but I am missing one simple process. Anyone have an idea what I can do with data that is for example: Option 1: 424 Option 2: 232 Option 3: 632 I am not sure if this makes any sense at all so feel free to ask further questions if that might help, thanks in advance c:
  2. olofmaria

    Comparative study Visual Arts

    I haven't done anything process related regarding the comparative study, but I have three books with sketches and investigation projects, if that is what you mean? It would be amazing if you could send me some slides! It would help me so much
  3. olofmaria

    Comparative study Visual Arts

    Thank you so much! This will help me a lot when I start writing this up. I also wasn't sure if this was something that we had to put in our workbook or not but I am glad I have that answered now haha You have no idea how much I appreciate you answering here, it sounds more do-able now than before haha I have a question though, is it supposed to be handwritten or does that matter?
  4. olofmaria

    Comparative study Visual Arts

    Hello! So yesterday as I was uploading my TOK essay I saw something in the art section called "comparative study", I had never heard of that before and wondered if it was one of the investigation projects we have done in our workbooks but after some research it turns out ... its not. I spoke to my teacher and she had never heard of this and another classmate of mine spoke to the IB coordinator and it seems that our art teacher has been teaching us the old syllabus the entire time, my exams are in May 2016, I believe we need to upload everything before April? Now, before I completely freak out because I have roughly 20 days to learn this, write this and upload it, I just wanted to hear how other people tackled this? Was it extremely time-consuming or is this something you can do well in a "short" amount of time? I am also a little confused about the screens, 10 - 15 screens ... are they talking about slides or something? I am just curious what experiences other students have had with the Comparative study and is it do-able in such a short time? (considering I am finishing up projects in other subjects as well) Thanks in advance
  5. Hello! My friends and I are wondering if we should include the prescribed title at the top of the essay or not? We have heard that we shouldn't include any information at all, only the essay but our teacher said to one of my friends that the title shouldn't be on the essay while another one was told it should be. I was just wondering what other people have been told? I don't believe it should affect the grading at all because we fill out a cover sheet where we state which title we picked and the word count, but if it does affect the grading I just wanted to know. Thanks in advance C:
  6. olofmaria

    English - Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded lit EE

    gahhh ****ing heart attack right there! I didn't even think about that x.x I'll take it down immediately
  7. The deadline for my EE is approaching quickly (one week) and needless to say, I am starting to freak out. I am doing my EE in English A and I read a book called Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded. I have an idea, I know what I want to write about, I am just struggling with organizing myself. I have about 2600 words in one document, and 2100 words in another document. In one of the documents I am arguing that Pamela is not a realistic character, what is and what isn't realistic about her and other characters. Second document, I am debating whether Pamela was indeed as good as she appears to be or if it is all just a mask for her real intentions, as in, marrying Mr.B and climbing up the social ladder. This may all be very confusing which I apologize for, my head is just working overtime and I am freaking out. A part of me doesn't even know what I need help with. But if I try to come up with something, I think I need help with: - Organizing the paper - Good thesis - Motivation?? (I'm desperate) If anyone has read the book it would be amazing if you could talk to me, maybe read over what I have so far, (heads up, it might make your eyes bleed), and help me a little bit? I think what I need mostly is just some confident boost and to know if I am on the right track or not. I attached the second document I have, which includes the idea I would prefer to go with. It is all a bit fuzzy because it is all over the place, but I hope it is not too hard on the eyes. I also apologize for the extremely informal language ... Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I will be forever grateful for any piece of advice you guys may have

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