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  1. sophiaspitz

    French B SL - Texte D

    Hi all! As you know we have the paper 1 of French B SL tomorrow. For texte D, it is no longer an essay, correct? But just simply an extra text with a few questions. My tutor said we won't have a texte D section anymore. Is this true? Can anyone confirm? Merci beaucoup et bonne chance!
  2. sophiaspitz

    Would you rather...?

    Comfortable car! Would you rather travel the world with no money or be stuck in the same country for the rest of your life?
  3. sophiaspitz

    English Literature Paper 2 Discussion

    We had to answer the novel section. I mentioned three books in order to talk about the importance of a story being told in first or third person. Here I mentioned three novels: "No Country for Old Men", "The Innocent", and "The Wars" as they are old told from different perspectives. No country is first person, The Innocent is third, whilst The Wars is a mix of the two. I think I easily wrote between 8 - 10 pages, not too sure though. I just remember having three answer booklets. Didn't know we could have Streetcar for paper two, I did that for my IOP
  4. sophiaspitz

    Philosophy Paper 1 Higher Level/Standard Level

    Glad I wasn't the only one who found ethics tricky then! Which theories did you use for the Twins? I went into Descartes' Self (Cogito Ergo Sum, etc)., then counter argued it with the different physicalism; identity theory, eliminative materialism, and biological naturalism. Which theories did you use for number 8 on autonomy? I mentioned Kant, Utilitarianism, and different determinisms. How did you find paper 2 and 3? Paper 2 went into Plato's tri-part soul, and in Paper 3 spoke a lot about de Beauvoir
  5. Hey all! It's been over 24 hours since we've done paper 1 of Philosophy (yikes). How did everyone find it? Section A was great with regards to the photograph of the twins! What did you guys do for Section B? I had ethics and political philosophy. I found ethics to be a little bit tricky, whilst breezed through political philosophy. Good luck everyone
  6. sophiaspitz

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    Did you happen to find any reference to war in that poem? I saw the date Church wrote the poem was 1955, so I immediately thought about WWII and how that would be an influence on the poem, and how a lot of the poem is symbolic for other aspects of war. What do you think? Because a lot of people in my class said they talked about destruction of nature. I only mentioned War briefly, nothing too major. Mostly about nature :/
  7. sophiaspitz

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I also did "The Pigeon". I discussed structure, but not the visual structure, sounds pretty interesting though - I would never have thought of it! For structure, I took more of a traditional approach with it, discussing the use of a variety of accents, line lengths and caesura/enjambment etc. What themes did you pick out? I also did The Pigeon by Richard Church! I took into consideration the images of the 'concrete jungle' against nature. He had used certain onomatopeia like 'hiss' and another word I cannot remember right now (pretty drained from Philosophy HL paper 1). I played an important emphasis upon religious imagery also. How the construction workers are referred to as 'serpents' (this is also animalistic imagery), as well as how in the last stanza (I think it was the last stanza), Church utilised the phrase of a deflowered bed, symbolising a sort of funeral to the nature that once lived in that area. To me this was quite a powerful poem, and the title was quite deceiving considering one would first think that a pigeon is to do with something peaceful, yet in the actual poem, it plays a minor role until it leaves the imprint within the concrete displaying the new world vs. the old world. I also mentioned how the people stopped and watched the construction workers as they went about with their job, the fact that the people passing by were 'fascinated' by the workers could symbolise that they themselves were 'pigeon-brained' a common expression in the English Language for when someone is not very knowledgeable overall. These were just some of the things I had mentioned within the poem! Hope others had similar or interpreted it in their own way I did not focus upon the physical structure. However, I did point out the common use of punctuation as well as the sibilance in the first stanza. Good luck to everyone else sitting for the rest of their exams!

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