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  1. melliflower

    Neuroscience MSci

    I want to apply for Neuroscience MSci in the UK. I'd like to apply for UCL and Leeds for sure (I don't know what I'm predicted yet - 38-39 probably), but I am not sure about the rest of my list... Manchester? Glasgow? Nottingham? KCL? Sussex? Help me please... Which would be the most expensive option in terms of accomodation, nutrition? Where would I be considered, while I have no experience in the field (my Bio IA is on lipase; my EE is in English Lit, never shadowed a scientist, I only once went to open lectures on cognitive sciences in use at Warsaw University; I read maybe 3 books about the topic - I can read more; however, I play the violin semi-professionally and always was very curious about the brain processing the notes, music, etc.). Usually they all want roughly 34-36 points, except for UCL, which wants 38 points. Thanks in advance!
  2. melliflower

    Did anyone write data based analysis IA

    No, that's not true. It is in the syllabus that data-based IA are allowed. In the Oxford course companion published in 2014 there are examples of analyses of GenBank or Alfred data. Oh I don't know. My teacher said they were okay
  3. melliflower

    IB1 subject choices

    Geography SL is fun. Very creative. And it's definitely one of the easiest subjects out there. I highly recommend switching Chemistry for Geography.
  4. melliflower

    Did anyone write data based analysis IA

    I found our answer.
  5. melliflower

    Did anyone write data based analysis IA

    Hi! I have a similar problem, so would also like to know the answer.
  6. melliflower

    Best textbooks for the IB

    For German we use Deutsch im Aufsatz and I find it very complex and helpful. But you need an extra grammar book with some tasks, because there is not enough of this in there to learn to write properly - and writing is key to the exams.
  7. I play the violin for creativity, I tutor primary school children from impoverished families and I do some sort of pilates under the supervision of a P.E. teacher from my previous school, while she teaches her class Wednesday evenings.
  8. melliflower

    How to deal with CAS diaries

    Actually, at my school we only write one entry a month per each activity. So I think it depends on the school's organisation system.
  9. melliflower

    What Do We Need to Know for the New Sci. Curriculum?

    I'm of the opinion that yes, we are supposed to know those sections. However, I think that the new syllabus provides more information in contrary to the old one. Using your example, now we are required to know causes AND treatment of diabetes I and II, not just a few differences between them, that could be anything. I am personally happy with the new program outline, however, I can't be sure until my exams in 2017.
  10. melliflower

    Chemistry HL/SL help

    I have a question on the topic of the flame test/AES (atomic emission spectroscopy). In the lab report, I was asked to give wavelengths that are responsible for the colors in the flames after putting different elements in the Bunsen burner. Are those wavelengths equal to the wavelengths of intense lines of elements? Here I found them: https://books.google.pl/books?hl=pl&lr=&id=5VApgsCUL_IC&oi=fnd&pg=PA221&dq=atomic+emission+spectroscopy&ots=sr-bx4Gxz7&sig=8AWor1kGLRiDVQdHm1IrIL-QKKE&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=atomic%20emission%20spectroscopy&f=false (p. 225). I know that some of them are for sure (for example for Na - 589 nm), but some of the intense lines are in the not visible spectrum... Will be grateful for a quick answer
  11. melliflower

    Should I inquire about an exam re-mark?

    How much does remarking cost?
  12. I have a friend who leaped the other way. Predicted 38, got 31. It's sad when it happens.
  13. melliflower

    No A1 subject?

    But there is something like a bilingual diploma, isn't there? And if I don't have Polish A1 I won't get it. Does having a bilingual diploma gives you any bonus points when applying for universities?
  14. melliflower

    No A1 subject?

    I have a question. Do I need an A1 subject? I wanted to take A2 English (there's no course based strictly on literature offered at my school), French ab initio and German B, because I wanted to ditch Polish altogether. Am I allowed to do it or not?
  15. melliflower

    Bio Curriculum

    Thank you very much. I'll probably take HL Biology, because the teacher is said to be the only one in our school who really knows what she's doing

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