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  1. I'm at uni halls.. I've got so much stuff on my desk, I've even forgot what colour the table is! Hey, got easy access to my stuff though
  2. As long as you did that activity during your IB program years (grades 11 and 12) then you should be able to count them.
  3. Maths SL would be fine, and taking Business would be preferable over Geography. Good luck!
  4. Random books, junk, more junk, water, and extra supply of food to eat in class when I get hungry
  5. If you need the graph/table, then yes as long as you cite it correctly!
  6. My maths teacher has changed 3 times withiin the program... just don't worry man, not that big of a deal. Just continue focusing on your work and you'll be fine. Good luck!
  7. Well I've never done Chemistry before doing it at HL in the IB Diploma - didn't turn out so difficult. Honestly, it's completely doable until you start slacking off. You shouldn't have any worries at all Concerning the 4 HL subjects, my advice to you would be to drop one subject to HL after a few months if your grade is low or if you're finding it difficult, or if you don't need that subject at HL for university (to release some pressure, etc.). Good luck!!
  8. I suggest you check out the rankings man. Even though a university may be really good for a subject, it may not be overall. You have to take into consideration your grades, location, tuition, student support, social stuff, etc.
  9. Try not getting too tied up on it - just say what you did, using what and then state why it's important. This way you could also focus on other parts of your essay. For your second question.. well, it depends what kind of machines I guess but it would be good to explain what it measures if it's kind of vague-sounding. For your final question, ,yes you do Calculations probably not if you're doing your EE in geography, etc. But if it's a subject like chem or bio or physics, etc, then yes you should. Good luck!
  10. You should be fine.. go for it. Good luck! They'd most probably ask you to fly in for an interview too
  11. It actually depends on the uni and the course itself too actually. Even if you do find a course in English, you might have to learn German aside from your studies. I advise you to check out different university websites and see what course structure is most suitable for you. Good luck!
  12. We did it guys! Woop woop :D
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