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  1. A Levels! The principal in my school had asked us to practice maths from A level books because of the similarity.
  2. ibsurvivor92

    Interview the person below you

    No, had a rabbit but we let it go in the mountains :/ Q: How's IB? =))
  3. ibsurvivor92

    Reasons to date an IBer

    You both can break your heads understanding TOK
  4. ibsurvivor92

    You know you're in IB when...

    When you rather miss a field trip than an english class
  5. ibsurvivor92

    Funny Class Moments?

    Grade 6 Me and my friend are going crazy in maths class and the teacher couldn't do anything about it, he also started to get crazy with us All of a sudden my friend starts dancing and my teacher has enough of it! He yells "Okay! no more studying today" closing his hand in his face and looking as if he gave up all hope =))
  6. ibsurvivor92

    Stereotype that you help negate

    I'm an indian who barely knows anything about india and have never been there *Though I love the food
  7. ibsurvivor92

    Economics EE Hints/Tips/Advice

    Thanks! I'm deciding whether to do my E.E on Business or Economics, definitely keeping these points in mind.
  8. So I have a problem I really enjoy learning biology and was one of the best in my class in 9 & 10. However, like all if us can relate, IB is not 9&10! Biology is getting tougher and its not that I cant cope with it except I have noticed that chemistry is being introduced into the syllabus and there's only one problem with that. I'm a commerce student! I dont know a thing about chemistry and I dont know whether bio HL is for me. My other option is to take foreign language HL ( Which i might die ) and CS sl or take CS HL and not take biology entirely Now I need you guys to discuss with me Should I take Biology HL having no background of chemistry or take Computer Science HL having no background of computer science =)) #lifeofanIBstudent Any input is welcome, honestly, I really enjoy this forum and the people in it seem to have great ideas!
  9. If you think you can do 150 hours of CAS, An Extended Essay, Multiple IA's, TOK, and end of the year tests, by all means. PS - I also like to live dangerously
  10. ibsurvivor92

    Free timetable software?

    Just add it to your phones calendar with an alarm a few days early. Works for me!
  11. ibsurvivor92

    How many languages do you speak?

    English French Indonesian =))
  12. ibsurvivor92

    IB question

    Understand that IB is what is definitely not as easy as gr.10 Igcse and Boards. Its a totally different environment with coursework as important as final tests. Its literally uni for 11 & 12.
  13. ibsurvivor92

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    Another point would be to make sure you have amazing notes of diagrams by your teacher! Textbook ones are not as simple and have extra features that could confuse you.

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