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  1. hannah.c

    Math Studies IA

    I wrote my introduction while I was waiting to get all the responses from my survey. There is not specifically a format for it, however, I would include why you chose to do this topic, what your task is (how you will carry it out), and how you plan to figure out if there is a correlation (which math processes you intend to use). Hope that helps. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the information, guys! I guess I will be uploading it anonymously...
  3. For the Language B written assignment, I was told that we are not supposed to write our name or even our candidate number on the document we submit. I thought this was strange... Have any Language B students heard something similar, or did you submit the Written Assignment like any other IB document, with your candidate number, session number, school, date, etc. on it? Thanks!
  4. hannah.c

    Bowdoin or Wellesley? Help please?

    Both are very good schools. In my opinion, the major decision is if you want all womens or co-ed. Additionally, Bowdoin is in rural Maine, and Wellesley has a lot more going on around the campus because it is close to Boston. In my opinion, Wellesley is more prestigious, however, if you do not want to study at an all-girls school, then go for Bowdoin.
  5. Woah, this sounds like an awesome question! The only problem is that it is really broad and you might have way more than 4,000 words to write!
  6. Haven't finished the IB so can't answer your question, but I do know that if you can pull of a good EE in art or film, it is REALLY impressive. This can be taken in two ways, either: 1. It is really hard to pull off a good essay in a group 6 subject 2. If you can do a really good job, it may set you apart from the rest of the IB students in the world, which would be AWESOME. Sorry it doesn't answer your question but hope it's some helpful information. Good luck!
  7. What I have garnered from my IB History teacher is that IB is changing the whole syllabus for the course, which shows that it obviously has many quirks. Secondly, my school has some crazy deadlines too, and none of the students understand why we don't follow normal IB deadlines. I have a friend who did the whole EE in three weeks, so if you relax, stick to it, and build back up your confidence, you will definitely be able to pull out an outline in 15 days. Feel free to send me a private message with your email, as my school is a new IB school and seems to have many similar issues to you, as well as I am an IB HL History student and my EE is in history!! Let's make it through this together!!
  8. hannah.c

    Hebrew Language B

    Hahah very interesting! Thank you both for your insight
  9. How many IB schools in the world offer Hebrew B? Is my school the only one!?
  10. hannah.c

    Film Independent Study

    Does anyone know how to write a good rationale for the Film Independent Study? It must be 100 words explaining a 15-page script... Someone please help!!
  11. hannah.c

    Extended Essay Suggested Time Management

    This is really helpful!! As I am in IB Year 1, and approaching April, I should begin creating a rough outline. What is the best way to transform notes from research into a coherent, unified research paper?
  12. hannah.c

    Peace and Conflict Studies EE

    You definitely will be able to write 4,000 words on one country!! Seriously! My EE is about one person, and my advisor encourages me that I will be able to write 4,000 words just on one person even though I think it will be difficult. Typically, the EE advisor would probably tell you to choose one country, one aspect of poverty/malnutrition, and a time frame. Try to narrow it down that much, but if it sounds too narrow, then get rid of the time frame. I would really suggest focusing on just one country, though, or else it may be difficult for the reader to understand. Best of luck!!
  13. hannah.c

    Peace and Conflict Studies EE

    Sounds like a really cool topic, but too broad! Definitely focus on ONE aspect of poverty and malnutrition in Latin America. Narrow it down to one country. Additionally, your advisor will likely make you choose a time frame to focus on as well.
  14. hannah.c

    What do you think of my course load?

    English A HL really depends on your teacher, but nevertheless it's designed as a really great course! I think it's a very advisable decision to take HL, especially if you are a native speaker. For History HL, just speaking from experience, what I have realized in the last 6 months is that basically no one can get a 7 in IBDP History HL. If you can pull of a 6 that's really, really good. This is frustrating as the topics covered in the class are interesting and we have energized class discussions and debates. But if you are very conscious about getting a perfect grade--do not take that class! It is much easier to get a 7 in Economics or Business. Best of luck!

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